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[Introduction] in the clear sky, colorful kites are flying in the blue, spectacular and exciting. The grass grows and the warbler flies in February, and the Willows are blown up to drink the spring smoke. Children came back early after school, so they were busy putting kites in the east wind. It is also very clear, to pay tribute to the old friend, to send grief from afar, sorrow, meaning, tears, Infinite Love filled the heart! Bai Juyi, a poet of Tang Dynasty, said in the poem “cold food and wild look”: Wu Ti, Crane, faint trees, who cries in Qingming festival? The wind blows wild paper money flies, ancient tombs are full of spring grass green Song Dynasty poet Gao Juqing once wrote: There are many tomb fields on the North and South Hills, and Qingming festival sacrifices are different. Paper Ash flies into white butterfly, tears and blood dye into white azalea. At sunset, the Fox slept at home, and he once went to Jiuquan! In the tomb-sweeping day, I wish there would be a spring rain. It seems that only the continuous drizzle can make the scene timely and follow people’s wishes. Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu a Qingming spread through the ages: Qingming, way pedestrians wish duanhun, heating restaurant where a, shepherd boy to see Xinghuacun. A spring rain, a cup of sadness, a restaurant, a cup of fine wine, scenery, people, things, feelings, so appropriately compatible, cast into the immortal classic of Qingming. Rainy and rainy, the road is moist, continuous, dripping and lingering. It was the spring rain that brought the distance between heaven and earth closer and melted the emotion between the world and life. The black umbrella and the plain clothes were all wet by the spring rain, rolling into crystal raindrops in the umbrella, then sliding down in series, just like missing for a long time. The steps of mourning, the moving car, and the slow pace of not taking advantage of this side to extend the continuous love; Why not take advantage of the dripping rain to release the sad love! It is also warm and bright, spring and Jingming, grass grows and warblers fly, red and gorgeous, Green is harmonious and warm, and the infinite spring is gone! Ouyang Xiu’s outing in Song Dynasty was vivid and vivid: during the half-outing in southern spring, the wind and the horse were smelling, the green plum went into beans and willow like eyebrows, and the butterfly flew day long. In the Song Dynasty, Wu Weixin wrote “body Qingming as soon as it happened”. The scene was magnificent: pear flowers flew up in Qingming, and the wandering people searched for spring and half went out of the city. The flute songs were cleared up at dusk, and thousands of Willows. In the tomb-sweeping Day, The Willows depend on each other, the flowers bloom, the bees sing butterfly dance, the birds sing, the spring is flourishing, and the mood is bright and clear. In this way, why not follow the example of the Ancients, call friends together, go on an outing, seek spring, explore spring, enjoy spring, enjoy spring, and build a harmonious Spring scenery of nature and nature. The sky is clear, and the colorful kites are flying in the blue, which is spectacular and interesting. The grass grows and the warbler flies in February, and the Willows are blown up to drink the spring smoke. Children came back early after school, so they were busy putting kites in the east wind. “Village residence” written by Gao Dingzhi in Qing Dynasty, with few strokes, fully displays the artistic conception of drum Spring breeze and flying kites. A kite and an axis involve the dream of flying, making all troubles and disasters float to the sky with the spring breeze. Let all dreams and hopes fly to the sky with the flying kites. Qingming valley rain is two-phase, soaking in the field is not delayed. A word of warning, in addition to paying respects to Qingming Festival and having fun in the youth, it is more important to think about farming and be busy farming. When everything flourishes, farmers should also Polish farm tools, prepare seedlings, or farm cattle, or machine sowing, gradually getting into the hard work of heavier work. Early in spring, people working in function should also raise morale, step up their steps and step into the tension of implementing the plan. Poetic and clear, also sad and happy, also slow and trend, numerous poems, love, meaning, infinite feelings imply clear and clear! [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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