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In September, Hefei gradually entered the rainy season, and the rain was so dense. But this didn’t affect our training. In the army, we did training when it didn’t rain. If it rained, we would do political education in the camp. To put it bluntly, it was brainwashing. Every night at seven o’clock, officers and soldiers will be organized to watch the CCTV News on time, which shows that there are millions of such loyal listeners in CCTV. For our generation, the influence of CCTV news has gradually faded, so according to the director’s instructions, we organized everyone to watch the video of new recruits joining the army every Friday night in the last month, we can’t see any smell of ordinary people from those new recruits. They are just like millet in early spring being brewed in distillery grains, which are becoming more and more mellow, but few people will taste it. Recently, films and TV plays in military field have been widely welcomed and sought after. What everyone is obsessed with is only the skill of soldiers and the special smell, but they don’t know how long it will take to brew. In fact, soldiers are a vulnerable group. If they are happy, they will pay attention to them. If they are unhappy, they will be left aside. Unless you take the initiative to leave them, they will not take the initiative to leave you. Just like urban management, they are the synonym for brutal law enforcement in our eyes. However, they also have their helplessness, the poor quality of citizens and the grandiose image of the city made them numb eventually. In fact, what this society needs most is not how to make money, but tolerance, tolerance among people, between man and nature, Bag and rong zhi. In the morning, the air was particularly fresh, and the fantasy in the air was not clear whether it was rain or fog. I only remembered that the aunt downstairs was still cleaning with the garbage truck, the scene that students who may have autism insist on self-study everyday, the sound of train whistle in the open space around the school… All this seemed to be carried out peacefully and rhythmically. At that time, someone shouted and disrupted my conversation with nature. Can you stop bragging? Disturb others to sleep. Do you know? My brain is sick.., a student on the opposite floor shouted. People on the opposite floor also started to shout, and even some even threw bottles downstairs. Blowing? Only in a trance did I realize that someone on the fourth floor was blowing Hulusi, and I never knew it was his wonderful music that dragged me for a long time. My dissatisfaction has accumulated. It is already over 9 o’clock now. At this time, he is completely sublimating and grateful to the most beautiful morning when he is blowing hulusiwa, it explains the vitality and vigor that young people should have. For those who were clamoring over there, there were not too many words. Students in the same university brewed different wines in the same environment, some of which were fragrant but some were inferior. Who on earth is abnormal? Who is normal in this era? I analyzed their shouting and found that the person who first booed could be called a dead man, because he had no soul, and it was more difficult to say the appreciation and tolerance of music. Those people who followed the heckling later could be called dead wood, because they had no ability to judge, and these children were used to making judgements and grew up, maybe they will do a good job in politics and be civilized. In fact, this is totally a savage nation, but it seems not. The meaning of human is explained alive and alive in this country. I still remember one time when I just finished my walk and was sitting on the grass for a rest, an ordinary student came over and smiled at me to show my friendship. I nodded, too, but I didn’t take it seriously. The following dialogue gives me the answer that has puzzled me for so long. Are you a national defense student? It’s right at first glance. You look handsome and elegant in that dress., I smiled bitterly and replied: Yes, is there anything wrong?, he lowered his head and said: It’s very kind of you. If you have something to do every day, we can’t do it. The air in the dormitory is too bad, so I went out for a stroll. No one cleaned the sanitation, I asked. I was still asleep and didn’t come back for several days. I wanted to clean it, but I didn’t feel it in my heart. Why should I do it alone? His face became serious immediately. By the way, I heard that you will expand your enrollment in sophomore year, right? He asked eagerly. I nodded. Is myopia OK? My degree is not high, only more than two hundred, he smiled proudly. I told him to make sure that the results are very good, and those who have the priority will be admitted first. He seemed very confident, and then kept his previous smile and motioned me to leave. It seemed that he got hope from me and what he wanted to know, but I knew that his chance of being chosen was slim, and I didn’t say anything about it. I just looked at the ground and kept pulling grass in my hand, breaking off one by one. Sometimes, the ugly side of human nature will be so superficial, which makes me yearn for Buddhism sincerely, but it is almost not a pure land. The desire to get rid of desire is originally desire, so that I can’t live without desire in my life. It has been more than two months since I entered the National Defense student company, but the state in my heart seems to have no change. It is still so calm, but the throbbing resentment has not diminished. Unity, a seemingly simple word, can be regarded as a great knowledge when applied. Even I won’t easily tell others that we are a united group! Company development pays attention to teamwork spirit, which is feasible for doing anything, but people are always greedy and always take some selfish desires to themselves consciously or unconsciously, and it has intersection. At this time, will anyone take a step back? I looked forward to it because of too much hope. The term “national defense student” has just appeared for a few years, and many developments are still under exploration. We don’t have a complete set of management mode, which will go wrong many times. For us, it is our own people who manage our own people. This is a very risky move, The same rank of students, living in the same dormitory, but holding different positions, to a large extent, it is difficult for both managers and managers to do it. There is also no lack of the pleasure brought by the expansion of his rights that some stupid youth will ignore friendship. In fact, for the life of National Defense students in these four years, what I like most is the friendship between classmates. As for Brotherhood, I don’t think I can meet it in college. Brother, these two words are too heavy. What I have for those who shout out at will is just antipathy and ridicule. Real friendship is more beautiful than anything else. It surpasses the transient hormone secretion brought by love, and there is no transient loss of family affection. Friendship seems to be comparable to the doctrine of the mean. Sometimes, dissatisfaction is more direct, more tangled and contradictory than satisfaction. We human beings are a mixture of contradictions, and we will always be dizzy when evaluating beauty and ugliness. In fact, beauty is still the majority. This afternoon, the whole company conducted physical fitness assessment, and the main items examined were 3000. Long-distance running is a very exciting sport, and I like it very much. In the process of running, you will experience the gradual weakening of human physiological limit, from your dominating body to your dominating body to running, only when people surpass the physiological limit or psychological endurance limit again and again can they gradually become mature and gradually gain the perception of life. It can be understood why there are so many desires in the middle and low-end consumption place like university, after all, they are human beings. No matter how rich the family is, it belongs to parents. If there is no continuation of blood ties, We are nothing. Imagine how cruel the days without support will be. 40 people in the whole company ran like this in the small South Stadium. The sun was still swimming as always, but compared with this tiny distance, it was a drop in the Ox. The air was filled with the smell of rubber, breathing has gradually become urgent and difficult. My consciousness was gradually blurred. I only knew that someone was coming behind, and there were only footsteps coming in my ears. I looked at the comrades in front of me and went beyond a little bit. At this time, I knew that if there was a little slack in my heart, I will be surpassed, which will be a failure of psychological contest. All by taking a breath, everyone ran like fools. In the eyes of ordinary people, these were just a group of fools, a group of people who only knew how to move rough, but they didn’t know that elegance could also be pretended, the emergence of civilization will be more or less hypocritical, while the brutal country is not only ferocious but also real. This team is united, because there is something called honor controlling them, and this honor is not imposed by anyone, because we have self-esteem, if one day we lose dignity, you can squander your conscience and do anti-social actions. Special forces all over the world believe in one principle, that is loyalty, because if one day they use their abilities to break their original oath, Then only one left the world. The distance of 3000 is still going on, and every footprint is the training of the soul. You can give up. No one forces you to run with a gun, but when you stop, you will feel unprecedented loss, and the feeling of being abandoned is heartbreaking pain. Yao ran in the fifth place. He was relatively tall, and his legs were naturally very long. He was born with a little eight-character legs, but he was very nice and very honest. At the beginning, he thought he was a little silly, but his science thinking was beyond our expectation. His memory was very good. From then on, I realized that all the forty people were gold, gold that can be found without screening is also their qualification to enter this group. Looking at Yao running, I didn’t feel relaxed either. When did my self-esteem become so strong that I couldn’t tell whether it was self-esteem or selfishness. But eventually it gradually disappeared in the view of chasing Yao. The distance was torn apart. One decimeter, one centimeter and one millimeter were all so haggle over every ounce. A small story happened in this storm, which was also what he said when he talked with Yao recently. Yao’s stomach went out of shape during the running. At that time Zhang ran past him. Few people noticed a boy squatting beside the playground. The severe pain forced him to hold his stomach tightly. At this time, Zhang gradually slowed down and glanced back. He recovered and went back. As for taking a few steps, he said he couldn’t remember it, I only remember that those steps seem so long. Zhang said hurriedly: Are you all right? I will help you.. Yao shook his head, and his painful expression betrayed his pretended calm heart. It’s okay.. You run first, and I will arrive later. Why stop you, Yao said. Don’t fucking talk nonsense, hurry up and give me your hand, help you up, do you think I want to help you? Who told you to be seen by me!. Yao still refused his kindness. Everyone was very stubborn. He insisted on getting up by himself. Zhang had no choice but to run away first. When the result came out, Yao ranked last and Zhang ranked last. According to Yao, they talked for a long time in Nanti that night, but they didn’t say much about the assessment during the day. Maybe they didn’t even know what they had said. He said that the support at least made him feel that there was a human touch in the fierce competition. I asked him if the smell was fragrant? Sweet? Or sour? He said there was not much smell and slight astringency. 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