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[Introduction] is that dentist in dental institute a quack? I don’t think she must be, but why did she drill? Earn money after drilling. In order to make money, regardless of the interests of our patients, one of my good teeth was destroyed in her hands! I haven’t saved any money after 28 years ofRead More



My hair and the hair of the dumplings were wrapped in the fragrance of shampoo, and at the same time, they were fluffy and rolled up in the warm afternoon. The bright feeling of this moment is a bit like the moment of time and space crossing, happiness and dizziness. It was also like shaking,Read More



[Introduction] friendship is really regardless of the age and the young, regardless of men and women, and care is always there. At this point, when he recalled the teacher, he still felt deep pain in his heart. I don’t know when he can really wake up and no longer fall asleep like this, I don’tRead More



The sunshine shone lazily on the glass window, which was blocked outside by the curtain. The interior may be in a mess, where there is no place to settle down, or it may be very clean, and I can’t bear to settle down. One day, two days, many days, one month. The sting of coldRead More



I don’t know when to start, I always want to write something. No matter how I write it, it feels bleak and bleak. Maybe it is really a young man who doesn’t know the feeling of sorrow. Why not say sorrow for the new poem? I don’t know that I always want to get ridRead More