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[Introduction] at this time, I was sitting in front of the window, looking at the dark night sky, with faint thoughts circling around my mind. Where will this hurried time Take Me? Is this season full of green? I think so. I like this light green, which unconsciously fills my tired heart….. The wind isRead More



A parent found several verses on his son’s old books. After that, every time he met relatives, friends and acquaintances, he would take them out angrily, this serves as the basis for scolding schools, teachers and education. I might as well transcribed these verses as follows. First, Qingshan Qingshui teenagers have been enrolled in juniorRead More



I don’t know whether I can really die at the moment I decide. No one can tell me at this time how to make myself reborn, waiting… waiting… waiting… waiting… the most people told me the most words, repeated the most words in my heart, the words that gave me hope in my days, repeated,Read More