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For many days, I just wanted to record the leisure time after dinner, but I was afraid that my writing was clumsy and could not make us happy and carefree. Describe it vividly. Every meal: 6:30 — 8:00 is the common leisure time of the four of us. The distinct theme: exercise, personality needs: fat people want to be thin, thin people want to be fat, the weak want to be strong. Character: two teachers, the other is a close friend. Location: on the road from the south gate to the north gate of the unit, the environment is very elegant. On both sides of the broad road are neatly trimmed flowers and trees, separated by cypress trees dipped in green. This Road is the happy paradise that leaves our footprints, the world full of our laughter. We are very congenial. No matter how busy the teacher’s class is or how complicated our work is, we will keep on exercising, because we don’t like the noise of drums and drums outside. I like to release my thoughts, talk about life and taste life in this quiet evening. It is really all-inclusive. The summary of all kinds of knowledge and experience, this is the most relaxing moment for us, it seemed that they all went back to the age of virginity, without any cover, they all shed their usual masks and opened their hearts to communicate. We don’t have to face it in formal attitud and say every sentence without thinking, from life to work, from clothing to decoration, from ancient times to present, from poetry to songs,,,, I remember what impressed me most was the most important topic in life? Money is the most important thing for poor people, loneliness is the most important thing, happiness is the most important thing for painful people, playing is the most important thing for children, and work is the most important thing for successful people, but these are all for individuals. The most important thing for all people is health. A healthy body and a healthy mentality are the foundation of everything. How to be healthy is indeed a matter that we should seriously consider. First of all, people should have a healthy and optimistic attitude, so as to treat people and things around us calmly, don’t care too much about gains and losses, greet every day with a tolerant heart, treat everyone with kindness and sincerity, then what you gain is different mood, sometimes the health of your body is not what you can control, but at least you are in a good mood and often exercise. Some diseases can be avoided. Nine times out of ten disappointments in real life, which requires us to have a good attitude. Let’s give a long example: if a glass of water is spilled half of the time, someone will regret and grieve, but ascites is hard to accept! Some people think, fortunately, there is still half left. This is to consider things from different angles, and bring different moods to people. The Spirit directly affects the body, therefore, we must keep a good mood. We should explore fun in life and entertain ourselves. We should shout slogans while walking healthily. Happiness is everywhere and we should look for it from our side, I really feel that we are all crazy. A teacher is very talented. She gives us all kinds of knowledge about singing, dancing and fitness. She is small and exquisite, a little thin, and a little small, so we are the ones who envy each other. I hate da very much. That night we held hands and asked the moon to let us change, We saw that the Moon agreed. I squatted down and became shorter. She raised her arms and jumped high. We exchanged successfully, gained hope and happiness,,, the funniest thing is that we practice laughing, which is not an ordinary smile. It is the airflow rising from the abdominal cavity 1.1 points, and it is said that this kind of smile is the most fitness, but this kind of laughter that ordinary people can’t accept will be regarded as a mental attack at a glance. We don’t care, because at this time, the husband doesn’t go, and no one can hear it. In the darkness of the South Gate, we laughed at the moon as much as we could. We started to run and laugh like a whirlwind. Then we all sat on the ground with laughter. Tears came out and ghosts were scared away somehow. I really gained a lot from walking in the evening. I used to be much more depressed and lost a lot of weight. I couldn’t feel tired even if I sat in front of the computer for a while. Most importantly, I gained the harmony between people. [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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