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Rainy season

In that romantic rainy season, you met me unexpectedly, and your delicate and sweet face came into view. The gloomy sky, the flying drizzle, the misty clouds hit the plantain in the night, and the drops of Pearl and Dew sucked and kissed the green leaves of the green lotus, driving the silky hair to gently touch the moistening cheek. The cool breeze slightly slips across, Lingbo Heart Lake leisurely swaying a leaf boat, wisps of lotus fragrance pottery passing passers-. The soft willow twigs, the breeze and the soft dance lifted the blue waves of a lake, which made the ripples overflow silently. Sitting on the bank chair, you are drunk and beautiful, and your eyes are blurred and moving, which are integrated into this wonderful world. In such a romantic rainy season, you and I were lucky to meet you, your writing, your beautiful words and your tender feelings, I met your upright spirit, full of lofty sentiments and shining light, which made me forget nothing. Since then, I have your pain, you have my thoughts, and we walked into each other at the same time. From then on, none of us could not leave anyone, moved by the rainy season. [Who is alive for?]?] What is the reason why people live on Earth? For who? The answer is yes: for yourself. But how many people live for themselves in real life? For parents to realize their unfulfilled wishes, they are also not allowed to meet their own interests and hobbies. In order to raise, educate and guide their children well, until they become independent. To work well and earn money for the family. In order to live, we should be busy and busy constantly. In order… In order… For all this, I have to control, suppress and endure. How much is left to yourself in the end? Time has passed, time has passed, and youth has gone. Where is your true happiness? After all, there are two words: responsibility. What a heavy load and pressure this seemingly simple word contains! How many people are pressed out of breath, and how many people are pressed out of shape, pitiful? Pathetic? Alas? I dare say that 7% or 80 families in China are unhappy. Some are arranged for parents, some are not familiar with each other before, and some are forced by life or other forms and have no choice but to succumb… Can such a marriage be happy? Can such a family be happy for a long time? Can the lost be recovered? Can you continue to look for those that haven’t been found? Can I pursue and realize what I have found again? How many people have such courage? How many people have taken this step? For the sake of your true love, you can’t pursue it boldly, and for your true happiness, you can’t face and fight bravely, but you just fail to compromise or surrender to fate. Helpless, this is responsibility, cruelty, this is real life. Dare to ask: can we really live for ourselves? Can we really live for ourselves? [Unspeakable responsibility] on a certain day, a certain month of a certain year, Feng and Rui combined wrongly. They were actually friends who grew up together. Feng didn’t like Rui at that time, he was just attracted by Rui’s unique temperament. Among his peers, although Rui looked very ordinary, he was a very outstanding and excellent girl in other aspects. Feng appreciated Rui and thought that if such a good girl could be his wife, how many people would envy him to death? After a period of hard work, Feng’s wish came true and Rui became his wife. Rui didn’t love Feng either. At that time, Rui just came back from school and felt very empty. Feng looks good and can also be called the top handsome guy. It is just a little pity that Feng has no deep temperament and manner, perhaps to fill the void, under the rubbing of the old people of both sides, rui promised Feng to marry him. At the beginning, both of them were not in good relationship. They often bumped and bumped, and were awkward. Sometimes they got angry for several days. As time went by, the contradiction between Feng and Rui became worse and worse. Feng is a lazy and selfish person without any ambition. What he pursues is a stable, plain and ancient family. He only wants to own it, but he doesn’t want to pay and carefully care for the operation. Rui is a positive, broad-minded and ambitious woman. She pursues a family full of romance, warmth, sweetness and happiness at any time. Feng could not give Rui what he wanted, nor could Rui meet Feng’s desire. Rui also tried his best to change Feng and make him a better and more satisfied person. Gradually, Rui changed from helplessness to helplessness, then from helplessness to extreme disappointment. Finally, his heart fell to freezing point, and Rui thought of divorce. But at this time, the unfortunate thing fell on Rui Ying’s weak strength again. Feng suffered from the disease of mid-term legacy due to drinking for a long time, the already tense family relationship was covered with a deeper shadow. Rui shook his head bitterly and withdrew his hand to get the divorce green card painfully. Looking at Feng’s helpless and pitiful expression, his heart became soft and he couldn’t stop leaving Feng in this situation. After all, he had been a couple for more than ten years, for his son and for this responsibility, rui can only make Feng get better as soon as possible, and then he can make good plans for himself. Rui once again took up this heavy responsibility, letting himself continue to suffer and feel wronged. When is responsibility the head? When can my own happiness be realized? The core twisted the delicate cheeks. Your own happiness should be faced and pursued bravely, and your own happiness should be well grasped and realized. 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