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Yang Feng

Knowing Yang Fengshan is because there is a high-quality rice base there. That is in Houtang village, which is over 400 high above sea level, in, with the help of city and county agricultural bureau, a specialized rice cooperative was established to organize production according to the Green Standard, pay attention to the unified control of rice, and deeply develop the high-quality rice produced by the village members into high-quality rice, and register the brand of Yang Fengshan. Due to the implementation of green planting, strengthening the five unified management and attaching importance to brand building, the sales of high-quality rice in Houtang village are optimistic all the way in the market. Therefore, I went to Houtang village for many times to learn about the agricultural production situation there, and also made an indissoluble bond with Lin Jinai, the secretary of the Party branch and the head of the cooperative. Although Yang Fengshan has a unique natural environment and is often surrounded by clouds, the ecological rice produced by Yang Fengshan is very popular among consumers. However, every time I went to Yang Fengshan, I didn’t climb to Xiatang village, the peak of Yang Fengshan on the back of Houtang village. In recent days, I have seen the scenery pictures of Yang Fengshan sent by many online friends, and I can’t help thinking of going to the summit of Yang Fengshan and wanting to stay there for one night. It was an unusually sunny day after continuous heavy rains. I made an appointment with Lao Wang impression, Xinlin Association, yamatou boat, Gu this and other friends. Under the leadership of Xianju friend s, with the desire to see the beautiful scenery of Yang Feng Mountain, along the winding and steep winding mountain road, it took an hour and a half to detour through the back mountain to climb the top of Yang Feng Mountain. And stay at Lin Yuxian’s home, which is located at the best photography point. Climbing up the balcony on the third floor of the host family, Yang Fengshan had a panoramic view. Overlooking the high mountains in the distance, overlooking the layers of terraces at the foot of the mountain, the cement roads like belts, the rice seedlings swaying by the wind, the verdant vegetation in the mountains, the villages with smoke curling from the kitchen, we are excited about the new tile house with yellow bricks exposed. Feel the pleasant and cool air, treat each other with the hospitality of the host, the rich styles of local vegetables, the original taste of the farm, and the local wine we brought from the foot of the mountain, we are always immersed in curiosity and laughter. We remember that Shan Zhiqiang wrote in his article Calan Hua, terraced fields, two rare landscapes in China: I have been to LongSheng terraced fields in Guangxi. The mountains are very high, looking up, terraces are stacked layer by layer, directly connecting with the sky. Different from dry fields, the terraces of Longsheng and Hani are paddy fields, which are horizontal like mirrors and reflect the sky; The mirrors fall from the sky and are broken into countless pieces; Thousands of bright mirrors are inlaid with the Earth; Although there are many fields, different shapes; Not uniform, but twists and turns; No symmetrical repetition, but see balanced rhythm. Although it was made at will, each layer of terraced fields was on the same contour line, and the terraced fields in front of them were just like the contour line topographic map drawn by surveying and mapping experts. The terraced fields of Yang Fengshan, which shape its scenery, are also the same. Late rice has been newly planted here, and it has been irrigated. Through the cluster of seedlings, we can see the bright waves rippling. I didn’t verify that the terrace might be the product of the Dazhai period of agricultural studies in the 70s. The stone walls and ridges which are stacked with stones and inlaid with sharp edges and corners have long been covered by vegetation and Moss; The Tian ban, which varies in size, shapes, and is naturally enclosed by mountains and lying flat, it seems that there are many carefully carved drawing boards in front of the skillful craftsman’s operating desk. This is the artificial terrace, which is comparable to the natural masterpiece! It condenses the diligence, frugality and wisdom of Yang Fengshan people, and expresses the magnificence and magnificence of human civilization! We seem to have seen the real images of Yang Fengshan people, which are performed by terraces, of sweat dripping under the soil and of great joy brought by harvest! Yang Fengshan was quiet last night. The sky is extremely high, decorated with stars. In several scattered villages, almost no light can be seen. In addition to the sound of frogs, several dogs in the village below the mountain can be heard occasionally. Yang Fengshan is still quiet this morning. At dawn, the sky was still as clear as a wash, and a round of bright moonlight fell on the cement floor in front of the window, leaving a piece of golden yellow; Overlooking the distant mountain, the wind motor on the top of the high Kuocang Mountain was clearly visible; Facing the foot, it was hard to find a trace of cloud and mist we expected. Only the rooster was singing and returning from Yang Fengshan. We didn’t feel sorry. Because we saw the beautiful scenery of Yang Fengshan and made a trip to Yang Fengshan, we also appreciated the host couple’s hospitality, sighed with emotion that the neighbors were rude and unreasonable, and sighed with emotion that the children on the mountain were cute and naive, moved Lao Wang impression and other companions’s dedication and persistence spirit. Moreover, we also met with Chairman Sun of Taizhou Photographers Association and Xu Xiaofeng, a famous photographer from Xianju nationality, by accident! Yang Fengshan, we are looking forward to the day when we will go again, you will be surrounded by clouds! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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