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[Editor’s note]: pride, outsiders thought from superior. Prejudice, I think inference no less. Life, mixed, boredom and strife, has the more dreamy… every single piece, only combined into it all in depth. Author to father’s by and Wu uncle of enjoy summarizes two old man frozen half my life; Shown lines, on of the way of the world understand and works the elaborate symmetrical language charm, have to I admire, expect author again contribution! [Recommended dramas]]Father aloof to take with World World incompatible expense, therefore his life not happy. This non-artificial, but out of the pride. Unfortunately his life talent can only be used on his two-year-old since Highlights reiki daughter talk on. He’s losing me speech, on other minds silence and reserved and. Those words ongoing ring in my ears, but listen to not greasy, rich wisdom as deep-sea of refined. He hope that all high-minded loneliness share with me, then, I can only eyeful admire listen. I love him, he don’t know. From my area separation he with others not Meanwhile. He is my life can see most deep of men, him always inexhaustible, incessant use energy. And his temperament follow age more raving. This is his youth did not show of despair, his life underappreciated, say Wenwu both. He was born in lay disciple apprenticeship Shaolin then also vulgar ring war it to stardom of grandfather started martial arts teach Hall and his mother a another local ancient surname prominent family medicine Princess, said looks picturesque, father since childhood martial arts research paper, still understand pharmacological medical knowledge, but to surrounding the river quiet fishing and grow flowers raising grass and and with my dialogue for maximum happiness. Listen to mother said he Young when can a single war 5,6 PCs down banditry of burly Yi people, also because his justice, let mother home village of multi-the peace, then, mountain of Yi people total different ways Han-profile prisoners outrageous bully disturbance. Even on Yi color change. Father’s poem I seen, for compliance Jin of cursive without Pen Book, hanging in his dorm room, many people, full of praise, and his light splash-ink landscape painting, mountains Qingdai, smoke dense. And those flowers and birds, Merlin bamboo and chrysanthemum and waist fine morphology elegant ladies. His mind-the many stories, Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Red House, gods, Eastern Zhou Zhi, Chuang-tzu, Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, and many of the heroes, those story chapter as storage in his mind no omissions,, each, he was riding a high, enraptured, Qiyu xuan yang, and listen to people all eye Dew surprise, look admired, Can spoke with him, my childhood only met a song of uncle, is local mastermind, father with friendship Benedict deep, sometimes see them under the moon courtyard flowers between drinking, then the moon clear bright, drink to happy area they even sing in hot water at Pinglan department, drizzly rain also rest …… not good wine father every time a certain drunk, is ourtenant mother helped bed, should have been dad only think not lonely moment. Now I understand. Mother in addition to care father living, and in the event the dependent Zhangshi father’s wisdom outside with father and non-more exchanges, I only see them in common set made my house known for the beautiful courtyard when talking and laughing, consensus, other and it was really more like mother just executive command of soldiers, father of Majesty no replacement, even if mother spoiled kids, stubborn, headstrong. She in front of his father more like a clueless of girls. Father long mother nine-year-old, but his mind on military strategy far more than a mother, which determines their Between status factor. Young mother not pride. She even worship father, as I do worship. We in Look father with surnamed Song of Uncle talk have the same eyes. Unfortunately worship and can’t really appease a person lonely. This is father’s feelings, when he made that decision when I hate him,-nearly er shi nian, I understand. Father left mother took my, I love him, although I also love mother-grandmother dying took my hand, take her father’s approval turned over to me. Sixteen-year-old, I first learned life blood genetic responsibility. Said to father and me ten years, waiting for me growing up and leave with him, I was thinking, if was sixteen I insist that they don’t, father and mother of fate will rewrite, unfortunately, then mother, only silently in my pocket sewn into two-hundred-dollar tells me to make good Remember way missed homeland came itself back, her-no outgoing eyes of tears, because she was afraid they say good lies will show that. I thought is to inherit Grandpa’s martial arts, quiet Chuai the father for I catch of a loess Enron Road, some give up, but and non-farewell. On the train I saw father nervous about caressing me, I want to cry, don’t know why. Around a lot of a lot of hills, way Carsick crazy vomit of I ate father handed cures Carsick ginger drink carsick medicine threw up completely. Father way snookered me, turned front that Hill arrived, but when we got to the small town when already dark, father with I walked into a households called han morning framed shop, I don’t know, that is I later another home. The family is very warm, two uncle aunt, and their two sons and two women’s, two sisters are nice, white skin, and I was, let the sun to sun like a Yi little girl. Their small of the boy I met, two years ago father took his been to my home, then I think he is silly, also very whine, all day holding father’s skirt and out, A a more than Uncle, and I dad seems taking good care of him, is very annoying, but I thought a few years later, he is my husband. Maybe, you step on his home of the door wrong, all of life, my, father, the boy. We join with those that met in iambic notes. Wu uncle is father childhood best friend, in Cultural Revolution amid the turmoil of the Together) vendors running over livelihood, as friendship I don’t understand, just, sees us father and daughter care, wu uncle’s wife with mother surname, therefore smiling lady, chubby aunt let me call her aunt. I helped her with her housework, she always has to say tell me about. Including their homes, children, business with and father and Wu uncle young story, and her once in Republic first period of Silk family famous reputation, I can gets from her warm, she was with my hometown neighbors same kind of smiling face and rustic words. I should be a out-and-out rural girl, although I grew up in father’s unit and mother’s village went back and forth life, and I can accurate from others face what kind of expression is joy, what kind of face is indifference, what kind of words is really, and what kind of polite is occasion. Wu uncle with Hu aunt on my face different. That’s I’m helping Hu aunt wash clothes found fake one Jade to Hu aunt after, from Chia-beautiful two sister mouth of should. Father like to collect antiques, this with thoughts of him had well-connected luxury grade, I also since childhood follow father learn to recognize antique, Wu uncle did not think of is, I found not only giving it back to them, also recognized a plastic firing of a fake, inside many bubbles, spite color green shiny. Since then, I estimated Wu up and down is assured by me access the, this is I learned later. As generations business people, counter of safety is highly note purpose, quite rightly, they examined a rural girl of quality, this let father excellent fully fulfilled once. But they don’t know, I have an exceptional able person grandma. Her earnest instructions same benefit me life. I can say I with sister since childhood by lessons learned from mother of much worse than father and grandmother, this mother home role just a wayward daughter monk immature little wife, father and grandmother’s ability to mother enough asylum cool Yin, this would later they divorce after change, mother of mind since then to magnanimous and mature. Her sad life too late, this let her helpless had to play spirit support. I could see her dread of, but in my a year later returning becomes optimistic calm. Any time fate rewriting doomed achievements open-minded and Enron. No one is always dismayed single Feiyan. Her father and I in that small town in the formal lived) father began his ancestral property restoration plan, and my mission is earnest, diligent practice, then, we in this film travels to father-daughter, I pricked long braids, from that street holding sword passed always particularly noticeable, but I won’t laugh. A foreign land to my novelty death of me, those landscape, snacks, Humanities, customs, which in my sixteen-year-old Hearts like Seiko carving mark, high spirits, but moment a hurt, I was anxious to get these surprises and partners to share, those pen and paper is far unable to bring to my mind well elaborated, I begin to taste lonely and alone. No familiar playmate, classmates, relatives, mother or a sister, more no bright moonlight, Haystack and creeping of wild flowers, wild fruit, green fields and can sahuan bathing River, I will my mind buried more very silence of this let father upset, I even disgusted he atonement like spoiled, but those time, I for father to wealth of the pocket money bought mass of books in night on Father’s cover up in quiet reading. Father’s lofty still no in a foreign land from in improved, I like him live a loner, solitary life, where his childhood familiar streets and watch him grow old people, of his return let Grandpa renown of fresh people surprise abnormal, being,-the initial passion after, all be for bleak, Father’s pride let he doomed not and around seamless fusion, even if he tried to fit in,-all his pride and rich implication also far will he and around people divided, he clearly some lonely, but still with restoration of passion. Many people come, join father of Jiaochang, as if I large sister appearance, no one dare to close, a rural girl supercilious reserved achievements of vanity of indifference, I really know distinguish sincere and hypocrisy, that’s village with City from expression. At first with I cheerfully walk home market landscape father refreshed, but not how long, his silence contrast he wrote for his mom letter after a letter, then, I and father most excited and happy thing is from Wu uncle home Street shop get from my hometown flying letterhead, my father let me read to him, after hearing also repeatedly asked mom which statement is say, this what delighted me, also from remote clings hands down-to-earth and calmly. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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