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[Editor’s note] What is love in the world? It is the whispers of swallows between the beams of the House, the soft wind blowing at dusk, the clouds and smoke in the early April, the literati of different times, using languages of different times and different narrative methods, I wrote down the same touching words!Read More


Fog elimination

The morning wind at the end of autumn was rustling coldly, and the sunshine was hidden in the colorful clouds, which meant no rush out of the clouds. Wandering in the shallow fog forest, thinking silently, thinking silently, leaving my thoughts away silently, flying to the infinite wind, blowing the hair messy, disturbing the heartstrings,Read More


My most

[Introduction] Lei Feng was so kind of helping others. Chairman Mao said: Lei Feng went on a business trip for a thousand miles and made a train of good deeds. It’s really good, we must learn from Lei Feng! When the cotton trousers of his comrade-in-arms were broken, he helped his comrade-in-arms to make up;Read More


Product night

Who can understand the beauty of night? The heavy dark wrapped the light and heat, arrogant loneliness, tears streamed across, the next moment, it was already missed, stick to the same, only to miss the temporary pain, who said heartless people don’t hurt, blind sustenance is only for impossible possibilities. If you want to understandRead More