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[Introduction] there are always shoe polishing stalls on the streets of many small cities or when you are eating in a small restaurant, someone asks you whether you have shoe polishing. The shoeshine on the street is reasonable without affecting the appearance of the city. It is always a little disharmonious to ask you to take off your shoes and wipe them when eating. There were a lot of people climbing to the top today, and the car stopped several miles away. I have climbed the top twice. I didn’t want to join in the fun. I went to drink tea alone, waiting for my friends to climb the Golden Dragon Great Wall. Sitting under the shade of the farmhouse, looking at the floating clouds in the sky, looking at the green of the lake, slowly tasting the newly brewed sumao peak, and replying to the holiday greetings from friends from time to time, there was a strange warmth in my heart. I had intended to wait in such a quiet way, and enter a relaxed state of not caring about everything in waiting and reverie. Such a peaceful extravagance was broken by a burst of noise, mixed with all kinds of shouting of selling things, no specific content can be identified. After listening carefully for a long time, I got to know that: buy water, buy soybean milk, buy drinks, buy cloth shoes, buy sandals, buy straw shoes, buy sunglasses, buy sun hats, buy sun umbrellas, some peddlers were also sent from loudspeaker speakers. Such peddlers were lively but made people dizzy and angry. They couldn’t find the North and South, and didn’t know who was selling what on earth. I saw people looking around in the East, looking at more lively and less transactions. Facing such a scene, I have to think about the effect and charm of the advertisement. Effective advertising design should reflect the four elements of accuracy, novelty, interest and attraction everywhere. The information content that needs to communicate with customers must be transmitted accurately. Therefore, the information of products or services should be accurately indicated in words, language, patterns and other aspects; The content of the advertisement is novel but not unconventional; The advertisement should be visible, interesting, it can arouse the interest of customers; Advertisements should have strong attraction and artistic appeal, making people never tire of watching and listening. It is the display of corporate culture spirit. Some people regard it as the eighth art in human civilization. It combines literature, music, dance, painting, film, various artistic expression methods such as television make people accept propaganda naturally in art appreciation, and arouse the desire to purchase. The advertisement words are more concise, easy to remember, catchy, unforgettable, and can be read after hearing. There was no entertainment to play in my childhood, so I often went to the street to watch small movies with my friends. A small movie is to make all kinds of stories into slides, roll up the two ends, turn the handle, and slowly watch the stories inside with your eyes pointed at the lens, which costs 2 cents each time. The old man who sold small movies was thin and slightly humpback. In order to attract people’s attention, his voice was loud selling in local dialect to solicit business: watching machine guns and rifles, look at 18 counties and cities fighting Longchang (note: in the Cultural Revolution, Longchang in Sichuan was the most fierce fighting, and people from 18 counties and cities in the whole province went there to participate), watch planes and tanks, seeing that the Soviet Union’s Red Army attacked Germany, if you don’t see me, I won’t persuade you. If you have nothing to do, you can turn the park to the park. It sounds clear and clear, and you can recite it after many years. In modern commodity economy, advertisements are everywhere and always absent, which is already a necessary means of marketing. Some advertisements make people feel guilty and bored; Some advertisements make people novel, hearty and pleasant. Choose one or two to taste: the first in the country, exclusive production, old language advocating boring and boring; Good quality, leading the world, good possibility, leading may not; Bleeding sale, want to buy as soon as possible, the trick of deceiving others with low IQ; There must be a way to the front of the mountain, and a Toyota car must be there. Philosophy is simple and simple, and poetry is general description, which makes people touch and dance; The first grade is Huangshan Mountain, where the sky is high and, it is good to be a woman without revealing but caring. Women’s heart is reborn with confidence, and men and gods can wait for a long time. Erdos cashmere sweater warms the world, You and I are both in the world, what are you afraid of when it is cold? I noticed that ancient commercial stores paid great attention to the function of advertisement. The fluttering of wine Poro, the striking of plaster Poro, the tinkling of Rattle and the series of Iron Horse palms can all reflect the local customs, lead to allusions and record history, which has the value of literature and history that cannot be ignored. The stores in Luodai Ancient Town mostly summarize the characteristics of the store in the form of couplets, and at the same time, they also play the role of advertising. The couplets of Beijing cloth shoes shop are: the pure brilliance of the foot is quite romantic, and the Imperial City Royal clogs old cloth shoes; The couplets of Shi Mo Dou flower shop are: there is only one place in Mingzhen village, and there are no other shops in the town; the couplets of sad liangfen shop are: cold liangfen hot liangfen hot and cold with the king, sweet wormwood bun salty Wormwood bun sweet and salty by people. And so on, there are also many distinctive voice and text. I think the ancient couplets have the characteristics of neat, rhyming, easy to remember, etc. A good exploration can produce many good advertising words. There are always shoe-polishing stalls on the streets of many small cities or when you are eating in a small restaurant, someone asks you whether you have shoe-polishing. The shoeshine on the street is reasonable without affecting the appearance of the city. It is always a little disharmonious to ask you to take off your shoes and wipe them when eating. I often think that their livelihood is hard enough, and this kind of service also needs a kind of shouting, an advertisement to promote. People often say that the first thing to look at a woman is to look at her face, while the first thing to look at a man is to look at her feet (referring to the leather shoes on her feet). Thinking of this, the advertisement blurted out: women have a face, men have a foot, use it for free! 2010 nian 9 yue 22 ri Mid-Autumn Festival in Luodai Ancient Town [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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