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[Introduction] we enjoy the warmth and sunshine in spring all the time, and we also have the freshness in spring all the time. Flowers bloom in spring and butterfly dance in spring accompany us every day. Another spring came to us. Unconsciously, lightly, we are brought into a new circle of the annual rings. FromRead More


I love

More and more I like to stay alone listening to music and watching TV-recalling some past events there are too many memories to repeat No expression of crying, no symptoms of joy, it’s not bad for a lifetime Quietly looking at the mark that only belongs to oneself, silently thinking what’s the use of myRead More


In He

Sunny Day, dazzling sun. Yong scattered people, numb hearts, strange streets. I was aimless, a little quiet around me, and my mood was alcohol, which numb my cerebellum and soul. People come and go, who is pursuing, who is waiting, who is escaping, who cares who? I was just a lonely sail boat in theRead More