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A song

It’s a wu yue. Yes. wu yue. Sunshine. Vertigo. Then I found myself always lost in the night of illusion one by one. I thought I was no longer naive. Still illusion. For some time. A place. Always wandering in mind. Helpless. Yes. I panic. Nervous rhythm. Panic bustle. Lonely and empty gestures. Keep sipping of water. A state of speechless. Breakpoint. Breakpoint. Today. 32 degrees. There is a feeling of scorching sun. Earth a drying up. The misty heat was burning the green of the coming summer. One fantasy and another fantasy. Always keep moving. My heart will never stop. A feeling of dizziness. An extravagant smell. An incoherent dialogue. The illusion caused by the heat. Always on the run. With hands and feet. Results is negative number. Posture of duplication. Stand or sit straight. I can’t even find the feeling. A bottle of wine. A thought. A narrow space. A cramped breath. Infinity of the night. Amplification of lonely. Gradually addiction. Then it was completely submerged. Be lost. Chaos. Confused. An attractive gesture. Now that the exit cannot be found. Then learn to get used to it. Sinking is so irresistible. Lonely. Lonely. Is. The language is so pale. II. I went to work by bike these two days. Felt so in. Is very good. Enjoy the scenery along the way. Messy mind. Gradually adapted to this busy and breathless life. Business receptions are often held in the unit. I ran around with a camera. Everyone is very elegant in the reception. Hold the goblets and clink around. Even a recollections. Want to flee. Escape from the night sky. Night Sky in. Hyosung falls. Buried all the laughter and tears in this city. Thinking about the faces that come and go or know or never know in the reception. I seem to be a passer-. Luxury chewing elegance in the night. But there is a sense of strangeness. Therefore. The faint pain of forehead came one after another. I kept smiling. Pain. Now. Looking at the blank document on the screen, it was gradually swallowed by the blue font created by my fingers flying over. I feel a kind of satisfaction. I don’t know when the gorgeous reception will end. Like the illusion of love in a hurry. No trace of existence can be found. III. Tomorrow. It is the day when our Alibaba online merchants club opens a press conference. Said. Both Ma Yun and Wei Zhe will participate. And my dress. Not fit. Melancholy. Day before yesterday. In our reception, the bottle of Windsor Diamond Jubilee, which was given by Windsor to “If you are the one”, had only 12 bottles in the world. The gorgeous whisky reflected the sadness all over the floor. One place injury Chu. One cold Yu. A season gray. san yue. si yue. wu yue. On lost. Looking. Clear. Day. Two days. Three days. On pay. Harvest. Dark and Stormy. Month Month good. Every day sky blue. I began to dream. Very sober dream. There is a paradise in my dream. There are Dew dancing ballet on fresh grass leaves. There are cherry blossoms swaying in the withered land. Have Rainbow. Direct flights clouds. Dreams. I listen to the lonely opening of every flower. A suddenly. Somewhere the heart flower has blossomed. Heart some pain. Like Jiangnan in March. It was easily wet by drizzle. And. Catkins and Flying Flowers fly in the wind. Flying gesture. It’s all related to loneliness. Therefore, I am also in the wind. Quiet silence. The eyes followed the flying birds passing by hurriedly. Lost in the sky. Can’t see future. I am too thin to imagine tomorrow. Can’t Read distance. Happiness is a dream that tempts me to continue to live but cannot be approached. Dream. I am extremely prosperous and desolate in the psychedelic dreams. All left is loneliness. And. Clear tears. It reflects the shadow of the whole heaven. Reflecting the pale sky. And endless yearning in the sky. I see. A man with a clean smile. Smile in missing. Spring. Then it’s summer again. Spring smiles peacefully at summer after turning around. Years of quiet good. Time flies. Person is no longer. IV. The song “Seventy years back of Time” was played again and again in the office. From afternoon till now. It has been played cyclically. Look, listen. It seems that I really turned back 70 years ago. Then. I am solo somewhere. A Song of Neon Rouge makes me thin, and the wind makes a pool of spring water wrinkle. A yellow rattan. The surface is like peach blossom glaze. This is a song that a leader likes. A leader only listens to this song stubbornly every day. A leadership. From Shanghai. Smart. I also pursue perfection. He pay attention to concept. Subvert tradition. He speaks fluent English. I have very trendy ideas. He told me Confucius and Lao Zi in my spare time. Therefore. I looked at him with a devout posture. For example. I want to fill this May sunshine with a glass of wine. Respect him with admiring eyes. At this time. I’m still at work. Organize the list of people who will attend the press conference tomorrow. Colleagues said. It will be tomorrow if you don’t get off work. Me. I laughed blankly. But his expression was dull. And. Stopped the work in hand. Browse the log written a long time ago. The past time stretches into a river and spring water. Shimmering pure Yan. After. I put those happiness once like petals. Deleted. Disappear. Cleansed. A love. A story. A pond. Rippling. And then walk away. wu yue sunshine. wu yue life. An illusion of displacement. [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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