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The weather suddenly became cold since yesterday. The cool breeze in the morning and evening brings the breath of Autumn. Summer is passed. Splendid, passionate, gorgeous summer. I always feel sad at this time. I always feel that the departure of a year is not the time of new year, but the time of leavingRead More


That Wu

It snowed again. The fierce cold wind floated the broken cold snowflakes on the desk of the old book through the mottled windowsill, melting and spreading on several sheets of paper. I slapped gently while closing the window. The old phoenix tree swallowed a cigarette out of the window alone, burning the boredom of theRead More


Night in

[Introduction] every time I lift the pen, there is a kind of divinity rising in my chest, which infects my pride and perseverance. I deeply know that my talent doesn’t belong to me, and I feel sorry for the regret I left when I was studying. The night was so quiet and peaceful. Working atRead More