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I only

[Introduction]: I have always regarded you as the whole of my life, because my love is only once, I just want to love it once, and then until I get old, why do you want to give me such a truth, is such an answer so unbearable to me in your eyes? Fence falling fragranceRead More



After the night shift which was not too busy, I felt physically and mentally exhausted. I don’t know why. Recently, I always felt very tired and my eyes were swollen all the time. Miao said with a smile, sipping his mouth, are you a Crimson Pearl fairy grass in your previous life? If you areRead More


Waiting for You

I don’t know when I began to fall in love with you. How happy I I am to see you around me. But you didn’t know when I didn’t tell you personally. Although the internet is very developed, you can’t understand what your life is like now. It’s crying, laughing, not hearing your laughter, andRead More



[Introduction] in the military academy, I didn’t participate in the grand military parade in Tiananmen Square in Beijing as expected, but the school also organized a military parade to welcome the national day. I couldn’t help feeling happy in the loneliness. Youth, infinite passion. Military parade is definitely not a rare thing for soldiers. InRead More