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[Introduction] 12345 is my job, but I want to take it as my lifelong career and continue to do it earnestly and earnestly forever, using my love, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, serve the citizens meticulously and repay the society! To be a glorious convenience service person, I have no regrets! Time flies like a shuttle. Blink of an eye, the fifth anniversary of the opening of the 12345 convenience service hotline. As a little brother, the convenience service hotline in our district has been officially opened since December 1 last year, and it is half a year old now! In the busy schedule, time is just like the fine sand in the fingers, which flows away casually. Recalling the beginning, the district was going to set up a convenient service center, and it was located in our urban management bureau! When I heard this news, I was very happy. After all, urban management is the steward of urban environment and people’s life, and convenient service is for the people to do practical things. On the basis of steward, it is certainly a happy thing to add another function of facing people directly and serving them. However, convenient service is trivial and complicated. It was opened 24 hours a day, and there was no rest all year round. Enough, enough. These two points alone made us who were used to working from nine to five scared at the sight. Many people hesitated when this arduous task was really to be implemented on individuals. And I, without hesitation, chose to obey the arrangement! No matter how hard it is, how tired it is, and how offending it is, someone needs to do it. What’s more, serving the people and satisfying them is such a sacred and great job! Isn’t this the goal and pursuit of our life? I still remember clearly that on September 3rd last year, when the center was still in internal trial operation, we received the first call from citizens, which was reflected in Tianling East Road in the development zone, some greening teams left leaves and branches after pruning, which affected the traffic and hoped to clean them up in time. This matter is very small. If it is today, it is just a call to raise a finger, but for us who are still in trial operation, we have no way to start, because there is no information of any department or unit at hand. With full enthusiasm, everyone called the relevant business departments and even checked the number through 114 many times. Finally, they contacted the greening team of the development zone to clean up in time. When I heard the public say for the first time in the return visit When we thank you, we are so excited that it doesn’t matter. You are welcome. This is what we should do. If you have any questions in the future, you can continue to call us!, and I have already left the conclusion of the standard behind. Put down the phone, just because of this gentle thank you, good mood accompanied us all the way, warmly welcome the next citizen’s call. There is such a thing in my memory. We are deeply moved and encouraged by the earnest and persistent attitude of relevant departments. A shop owner of Lanzhou ramen in Yuexi town reported that there was a manhole cover on the nearby pavement which was not properly covered and there was a potential safety hazard, so he required to deal with it in time. After receiving the report, the municipal facilities management office of the development zone immediately sent people to inspect and maintain it on the spot. When we called back to inform the citizens of the handling results, the citizens expressed their gratitude. When the city 12345 paid a return visit again, the citizens said that one of the covers had not been covered and there was a potential safety hazard, so they assigned it again. We contacted the staff of the survey site at that time to understand the situation. It turned out that the manhole cover here was a rectangular manhole cover consisting of six or seven small manhole covers with a length of about 120cm and a width of about 40cm. After the citizens reported it, the staff had made up the lost part in time, and there happened to be a telegraph pole (and it was impossible for the power supply department to pull it out for a while), which made it impossible to cover a manhole cover, some holes are exposed. Although they have been covered by objects such as light boxes, citizens still think there are hidden dangers. Finally, the municipal facilities management office of the development zone took the initiative to contact the carpenter based on the principle of special affairs, and made a wooden fence for enclosure, which completely solved the citizens’ concerns. When we paid a return visit to the citizens again, the citizens said that they had seen the staff surrounded by wooden fences and expressed their most sincere thanks to us. In the six months since the hotline was opened, our center has accepted and handled more than 2,600 calls from citizens. During the work, most of the units and departments are as enthusiastic as the municipal facilities management office in the development zone to share their worries and solve their difficulties for the citizens. Occasionally, there are also some people who are shirking, wrangling and unwilling to do things seriously. At this time, when we are most embarrassed, we have to rack our brains and try our best to solve the problem. Because, we only have one purpose the satisfaction of citizens is our greatest wish! I have become very busy since I stepped into the post of 12345! I have no time to chat and laugh with my colleagues and surf the Internet freely. Every day, there are many different things waiting for me to deal with and coordinate, which makes me have no time to take care of other things. However, the busy work enriches me, and the thanks from citizens inspire me and make me full of passion. 12345 is my job, but I want to take it as my lifelong career, continue to do it earnestly and earnestly forever, and serve the citizens with my love, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience and carefulness, back to society! To be a glorious convenience service person, I have no regrets! 2010 years May 24 [Editor in charge: Yuehua]] Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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