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Song Xi

[Introduction] the withered vines and old trees are always rustling. The Endless River often wraps the bridge, and the tired old horse walks on the Xianyang ancient road. Yuan bow Moon, cavalry destroys Jiangnan er shi si qiao. Close the bridle, hide the bow knife, and swing straight to Chang’an Road. Holding a long bambooRead More



I don’t know why I always think of that pain, and I don’t know why that pain always surrounds me like a shadow, and I don’t know why I always cry like rain in a flash of thought. Maybe this is a person. The sadness, and only I know and only one person is enduringRead More



I am a woman who sticks to moving forward in an ordinary way. If there is a time when I stop and turn back, it will be a warm time. No love can replace another love, ruthlessness is ruthlessness. No love can fill another love, no love is no love. There are two days inRead More