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[Introduction] even if a coward and incompetent person chooses to love the world, his ability will change immediately. He will find that he has magical power in an instant, there was light shining in his eyes, and the flame in his heart was jumping and rising. The bleak and silent season will no longer occupy his heart. I don’t know when I am busy running on the road of the world, but I ignore those beautiful things around me. Those beautiful things are as natural and leisurely as the breeze is like the bright moon, singing my own song of life, blending with all things of nature, playing the most wonderful and shocking Symphony between heaven and earth together. Many people like me didn’t hear their songs, those songs from the heart because they felt the beauty of life. Like me, they didn’t see their lightness posture dancing in the wind, which was their most stretchable posture after tasting the sweet and mellow wine of life. It was admirable and amazed. They always exist, but we seldom find their existence. At that time, I ran about for life and was in trouble. My heart was covered with gloomy dust, just like a blind man who could not see everything except darkness; Just like a deaf, there was no other voice except silence. The whole me was in anxiety. The world appeared in front of me as a cold-faced demon. Its power could almost completely control my fate. For me, incompetent, timid, cowardly, I can’t come up with any effective way to contend with this, even I can’t grasp its coming and going, nor can I grasp myself. In addition to aimless worries, I have no other way in the haze. A person is in anxiety, just like an eagle is bound by its wings and claws. If it can’t get rid of the shackles with the help of external force, then there is only one way to go-to get rid of it by its own efforts, in addition, there is a dead end. When I fell into the worry of endless cliffs, my relatives looked at me and sighed helplessly. My friends also put down their happy glasses and felt sorry for me. And when I look up at the vault. I saw the boring clouds floating in the void, and I didn’t have any vitality and vigor. My future is slim, just like falling into clouds, I don’t know where to go tomorrow. Failure also took advantage of the fire. Together with sadness, it covered my heart with dark clouds. Even if I prayed to the omnipotent God, my lips would sigh empty. My eyes closed feebly, and there was only a deep mist in my mind. I couldn’t distinguish between the north and the South, the West and the East …… what I heard was noise, and what I saw in my eyes was desolation, which was covered with unspeakable sadness. Long-term disobedience will change people’s character. The encouragement and help of my family, relatives and friends made me strange. I walked out of that mire slowly, and my desire for victory was also longing for the guidance of sunshine. The turning point appeared in a flash, and the light from heaven expelled the long night. I ushered in a brand new dawn. From then on, I bid farewell to the dark clouds of the dark day and saw the starlight shining on me. I finally found that I was not a useless person, not nothing. Although my grapes matured later, I did not miss the mature season. In the vineyards of the world, I have my own sweetness. I have the potential to do things that ordinary people can’t do. I am not a small fish growing in the shallow river. I am originally a dragon, a dragon in the deep sea, it’s just that I have been sleeping for many years and haven’t found my true self. Now, I wake up from years of deep sleep and will do what really belongs to me. I know that since I was born, god has already placed a glorious seat in the vast world and given me a sacred mission, but this mission needs to be searched and explored by himself. Today, I found them, and I found myself. This is the simplest truth and the truest beauty. Today, I will try my best to find that kindness in my work. I have realized that as long as a person sincerely and steadfastly engages in a meaningful job for others and himself, this itself is the greatest affirmation and recognition for oneself, and also a kind help for others. Although we are often for selfish purposes, it is not important. What is important is that we know work and our own value from work, and I begin to understand; youth represents vitality, but it also needs hard training. I want to train myself in my work and become a useful pillar. Every day, we move towards a new day in self-recognition and conclude a sacred covenant with the world with love and care. That is our dream. Every step I take is towards happiness until the end of my life. We are finally moving towards perfection, approaching perfection, and getting close to that dream. I should discover the beauty around me attentively, pay attention to them again, appreciate the beauty of the world and create beautiful things. After work, I will also cultivate my own preferences. Besides getting the necessary articles of life, work has many other meanings. If I want to make good use of the time outside work, I will even cultivate more fruitful fruits. I will develop my preferences after work. If possible, developing them towards the direction of career may have unexpected effects. If I don’t want to do that, it can also be used as a job adjustment, amuse yourself, cultivate your temperament, and feel another beauty of the world. More importantly, I want to share my love, let the world bathe in the glory of God’s love with me, and enjoy the gift of life together. With this kind of love. Sorrow and annoyance can’t get close to us. Health, happiness and happiness join hands to travel with us. When we choose to love this world, our own world will also change. Even if a coward and incompetent person, as long as he chooses to love the world, his ability will change immediately, and he will find that he has magical power in an instant, there was light shining in his eyes, and the flame in his heart was jumping and rising. The bleak and silent season will no longer occupy his heart. His heart is full of flowers, competing for beauty in the spring of life. We are deeply impressed by the power of love. Even if a person is in a narrow world, his mind can accommodate the whole world as long as he has love. In people’s life, love dominates everything in all fields. After experiencing a series of misfortunes, I finally walked out of the shadow and stood in the sun, I felt the happiness and joy of work. People are enjoying the great gift of work. It brings me relief-the end of my nightmare life in the past. Standing at a high place and looking into the distance, I saw the flourishing wilderness in summer in front of me. The color of life flows gently on the vast earth, overflows, flows to the sky, and connects with the blue horizon. There, white clouds rose, changing their postures freely, as if they were brewing new hopes. Strolling on the familiar road, looking for the old memories; Some are still the same, some are not the original, and some have gone through great changes. A kind of sentimental mixed with warmth hits my heart. Things that never come again are stored in the bottom of my heart and are more precious. All the new things make people yearn for countless things, just like the forest outside the forest, the mountains behind the mountains always attract the eyes of the curious. There is no longer any sadness in my heart. I have understood; The flower of sorrow is like poppies. Although it is beautiful and delicate, it can only make people walk towards the road of self-destruction. Because there is love in my heart, I have enough confidence. That Huo Huo’s shining sword of confidence can help me split the thorns ahead and step towards success firmly and calmly. When I prayed devoutly in the silent night that God would let me fall asleep peacefully, I believed that there would be night breeze brushing off the clouds like gauze for me, and the Starlight blinked brightly to protect me. Like an angel guarding the kind people, I fell into a dream peacefully in the care of love. When I opened my eyes at dawn, I thanked God for giving me a new world……. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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