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[Introduction] a black man in the distance saw us running and coming to greet us. We told him that he was bitten by a big worm. He thought for a while and said that this worm was dangerous but not fatal. Who knows if this worm is deadly? Maybe it is not for Africans, but for Asians. I am a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in Malawian (VI) x. I have to look around for food since then, that is, after 8 o’clock, hailix knocked at my door and took me to the living room, in the yard stood a woman with a key in her hand. She said that we forgot to take off the key when we left yesterday, so we must lock the door when we left. It’s scary to think about it. Yesterday we were in lilonggui all day long. If someone really came in to rob, we could only live on begging. As soon as the woman left, there was a knock at the front door again. Another black man stood at the door. I was about to go back to the room. Hayrex called me out again and told me that he had something to talk with me. The black man who came here this time was Cliff, a businessman, and it was right to say that he was a farmer. He handed me a list, saying that he had all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and I could send them home if I needed. Looking at the list in my hand, I had to smile awkwardly. I knew the English letters on it, and there were no two people who knew each other when they were combined into words, only one or two of them are known. I apologized, took the computer out of the bedroom, placed it in front of Cliff, and checked it one by one. Compared with China, the vegetables here are quite scarce, which are just the same over and over again. Cliff’s products are abundant, including peas, onions, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, lemon, carrots, Oranges, mangoes, apples, bananas, tomatoes, dried peppers, green peppers and eggs are almost all the vegetables you can buy in Africa, which he sells. At this time, I remembered that I just arrived at the embassy on Monday. When the ambassador talked about our living conditions, he smiled, “there is a large piece of land next to your house. You can plant some vegetables and eat it yourself. At that time, I thought the ambassador was joking, saying that we could do this if we had nothing to do. Now it seems that I think too much. After that, I went to the office to surf the internet several times and chatted with some white people. They all mentioned that they could grow some vegetables by themselves. If they wanted to buy meat, they had to go to Kasungu. Speaking of Kasungu, I had to talk about one of the white people. I forgot his name. He was tall, thin, tall, and spoke quickly, with his pure Manchester accent, I was very impolite and didn’t regard me as from China. He said, if you want to buy meat, you have to prepare a big ice box, then drive to Kasungu and come back after buying enough for one month. You should know that Kasungu in his mouth is a small town, which is only 22 kilometers away from the school, but this 22 kilometers is a natural moat for malawia, whose public transportation system is extremely underdeveloped. I told him that our biggest problem was that we didn’t have a car. He can only smile and say, if you have any friends here, you can go with them when they are going. Forget it, let’s be a vegetarian, Guo Guang said helplessly. We always learn better than Wang Tong who went to ACC. Even if she had meat in school, she could only be a vegetarian. Who told her that there was a Buddhist. Hailix knew our difficulty and told us that the village outside the school gate might be able to buy beef. He was willing to take us to see. So we left Cliff’s phone and went out with Helix. Hailix pointed at a tree by the roadside and said, “This is Hawthorn, then picked up a fruit from the ground and handed it to us, saying that although the fruit is still very Young, this kind of plant is edible. After studying for a long time, we came to the conclusion that this is just a hawthorn tree, But it is not a tree, but a piece. We went through a small village and directly inserted it into the village. Like Bai Xiaosheng, hailix almost knew everyone here and greeted everyone he saw. We went to the vegetable market in the village to have a look. We dared not to buy onions, tomatoes and an unknown green leaf vegetable. There was almost nothing in the small village, and the street was empty. An American movie was placed in a small influential shop very arrogant, and the sound resounded over the whole village. On the way back, we passed a local school, primaryshool. Just at noon after school, three girls in green school uniforms followed us and said Hello loudly. We also turned around to answer. Hailix suddenly smiled. He told us that in fact, the locals thought that those of us who came from abroad were very rich, so when they said Hello, it meant givemethemoy. When they say Byebye, it means Getoutofhereorgetaway. We were astonished. Most of the time we misunderstood their enthusiasm. In the evening, we attended President Gondwe’s barbecue party as promised, because today there are another three guests coming from Britain. We arrived at principal Gondwe’s home a little earlier, so we visited his vegetable garden. Besides several common vegetables, he also planted some strawberries. Then we came to the Lake of the school. It was dusk. The sun was slanting on the red brick house of the school. Swallows were hovering on the lake. Several big white waterbirds stood by the water with feathers on one leg, such a scene makes me a little speechless. Gondwe’s Party was held in his yard, setting up an oven, setting up a few tables, and then everyone could sit down at will. The staple food is carrot fried rice and French fries, plus a roast beef, a sausage and a roast chicken. Drinks include cola, Tanabata, Fanta, and three kinds of beer. The purpose of this kind of banquet is to have a chat and meet some friends. So there is nothing to say, just wear it. 11. In awe of Africa, we suddenly found nothing to do on the first weekend from an ordinary worm. Maybe the one in heaven, whether God or Buddha, knows our situation and asks us to find something to do. As I said before, the efficiency of black people was extremely low. It was already 11 o’clock when we set out to buy vegetables at 9 o’clock in the morning. We had a short rest and prepared to cook. The power went out. So we went back to the bedroom and watched the movie (in the computer). At about 12: 40, the incandescent lamp in the bedroom flashed and electricity came. We rushed into the kitchen immediately and began to cook. We had some lettuce and planned to eat noodles at noon. Just when the water in the pot had boiled, I poured the noodles into the pot and stirred them with chopsticks. Only a click was heard and the electricity stopped again. Looking at the noodles in the pot, Shit, we shouted almost at the same time. But what can we do? We have to wait. Guo said, let’s pour the ground and plant the garlic. There is also a reason why garlic is planted instead of other vegetables. There is a field outside the house. We have been thinking about what vegetables we need to plant and where we can get seeds until noon today. We took out the garlic we bought in Metro, and prepared to peel out some to serve as seasoning for eating noodles. We have never seen such tiny garlic in our life. The small one is not as small as rice grains, and the big one is not as big as soybean. Guo said, isn’t everything in Africa big and hard? Why is this garlic so small? In the evening of the day before yesterday, Andrew brought us a piece of garlic and a piece of ginger as a gift when he came to see us. The garlic he gave us was white and fat, which was a very good variety. So we decided to plant garlic in this way. It grows fast. Garlic sprouts can be eaten, and finally garlic petals can be eaten. There is a faucet and a long pipe on the garden lawn outside the living room, but the faucet is broken and there is no water. We had to drag the pipe to the kitchen to connect it, and then water it with a basin. It hasn’t rained for five months in Malawian, and the land is as dry as sand. A basin of water drenched it, and the shadow disappeared instantly. If we use a basin to water it, it is estimated that we can’t irrigate the ground thoroughly without going back and forth for dozens of times. We began to think about changing a piece of land. We found the lawn not far away from the door, and found that some unknown flowers were planted on the lawn. Food is more important, pull it out, so we pulled out the flowers. It is a little close to the kitchen. Although the water pipe can’t reach it, it is no doubt not the best place to press the water pipe with your hands and the water can barely reach it. But it is enough to grow garlic. After the ground was wet, we found that there was no Hoe, so we went to the neighbor’s place to borrow the hoe. When we came back, we found that there was a piece of land behind the garage of our house, and the water pipe could reach it. At this time, the second unfortunate event happened after the tragedy of power failure of cooking noodles. We are standing on the field in the past, and we are thinking about how to drag the water pipes. There is a door behind the garage, which we thought could directly connect to the guest room. Push the door and get in, there are many tools stacked between them. At this moment, a huge flying insect suddenly jumped out, flying around my head, and the flapping wings gave out a huge roar. In a flash, we felt bad, waving our hands, burying our heads and running out. We threw the hoe on the ground without caring. The Flying Worm circled above my head at first. I waved it twice and then disappeared. Suddenly I heard two screams. Looking back, I saw Guo Zheng put his hand into the vest, then pulled down the clothes recklessly and waved them. The black worm is about 5cm long and looks a bit like a wasp, but it is bigger. We ran to the door of the house and stopped until the flying insects disappeared. Guo shouted with pain. He turned around and let me see. His shoulder and neck socket were bitten, and he quickly became red and swollen. I hurriedly pulled him to the toilet and tried hard to scrub several bitten places with soap. Most biological toxins are acidic, while soap is alkaline, which can neutralize some of the toxicity and play a role of first aid. A black man in the distance saw us running and coming to greet us. We told him that he was bitten by a big worm. He thought for a while and said that this worm was dangerous but not fatal. Who knows if this worm is deadly? Maybe it is not for Africans, but for Asians. We still went to Mr. Wild’s house, and it happened that Gondwe was drinking beer with him. They didn’t know what kind of bug it was, so they informed the clinic of the school and asked two black people to take us there. The school clinic is very clean, because it is Saturday when doctors have a holiday, there is only one nurse on duty left. She asked the situation clearly and took out a medicine with the appearance of this worm painted on it. Then we realized that it was an extremely common thing, but the awe for Africa arose spontaneously. 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