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Lu Xun

On weekends, it is rare to spend half a day in floating life, turning out old books and reading Lu Xun’s works. When he was in school, Lu Xun also read a lot of articles, but today he read The True Story of Ah Q from beginning to end, and he only had one feeling:Read More



The days of returning to school are getting closer, and sadness and nostalgia also follow. I suddenly hope that time will slow down so that I can have a good look at everything around me. I was like a boat, and soon I would sail from the shore of my hometown into a foreign harbor.Read More



The leaves of ginkgo trees outside the window turned yellow. Dad, I picked up a piece for you and put it on page 5 of the Chinese book. I will give it to you when you come back. Yesterday, my mother secretly complained about you behind my back, so you must remember to surprise myRead More