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Induced children

Dear son! Today is the fifth day of winter, and the weather starts the first snow of this year. Through the glass, when you look at the heavy snow flying outside the window, from your eager eyes, I can see your curiosity and expectation for this snow. However, if you catch a cold, we have to keep you at home. This is a helpless thing, because the flu is very serious this year! Maybe you have forgotten yesterday, but your tears reminded me a lot. I almost didn’t close my eyes because of your tears all night. Your illness this time just happened to catch up with your mid-term exam, this is the first situation you have met since you went to school. You don’t want to give up the exam. When we put forward the idea of asking you to give up the exam, your tears flowed down your cheeks. At that moment, my heart is really soft. I want to promise you the requirement to take the exam, but I am also worried that this white lie will bring you spiritual sadness, my heart is contradictory, struggling for exams, most people choose to escape, and your opposite action touched my heart and gave me great encouragement, lying on the bed, for this, when I think of your tears, I can no longer close my eyes. My thoughts go back to the past, to the laziness of human nature, yes, people are always easy to be lazy, and most of their failures are caused by laziness. Although you are just ten years old today, I think you can overcome laziness and achieve your own success! Dear son, your life has just begun. The road needs to go by yourself! Life is like a journey of life, and hope is the most important thing in this journey! Dear son, today I want to talk to you about the words of hope! Hope is the goal of life and the direction of struggle. People who hold hope all their life can feel the expectation of life. Life is short. During the short journey of life, no matter we are young children just entering school or old people at home, only hope can be generous throughout life. Hope is the reason for every adventure in our life, just like Helen? Keller once said: Hope is the belief to guide people to success. It can be seen that the position of hope in our life is so important. When it comes to the issue of hope, we have to face the issue of failure and frustration in reality. The enemies of hope are disappointment and despair. No matter how much ability, ambition or honor a person has had, once he loses hope in his heart, he will achieve nothing and even be in danger. But on the contrary, no matter how much disappointment or despair a person faces, as long as the fire of hope is burning in his heart, it will create amazing miracles! Such examples are numerous at all times and in all countries. In ancient China, there was a literary king who was arrested and acted as “The Book of Changes”; Zhong Nier wrote “Spring and Autumn period”; Qu Yuan was exiled, and it was Fu “Li Sao”; zuo Qiu is blind, and there is Mandarin, which is also a lot in foreign countries, just like Cervantes writing Tang? When Quixote “, Beethoven was being imprisoned in Marteli prison; Beethoven lost his mother at the age of 17 and lost his hearing at the age of 32, but created the greatest movement in the world; And Helen? Although Keller lost his vision and hearing after 19 months of birth, he became a world-renowned writer and philanthropist. These celebrities at home and abroad were full of hope in disappointment and created glory. You will encounter these names in your future study. Although their lives turn into ashes, the hope in their hearts is like sunshine, shining on our descendants to move forward! The Light of Hope is lit up by ourselves. When we encounter difficulties, if we can’t get rid of the blow of failure, what is closest to us is disappointment and despair, they can be said to be the natural enemies of our hope. Son, your life has just begun. Wherever you go, I will try my best to accompany you until the day I can’t walk, like all fathers, I just want to give you the light of hope in my heart. Can you feel me, a father is beating for you? Hope can light up a person’s life, but sometimes, it can also make our life lose nothing. When I say these, I think of a report on TV, dear son, the light of hope is often extinguished by people themselves. In recent suicide reports, whether it is South Korean movie star Cui Zhenshi or Guiyang TV host she jian, they were once so excellent, and I believe they are also strong, but they dared to leave in a decisive way, even without losing courage. But at that moment, I thought they lost hope, and their deep hearts were all occupied by despair in life! This matter has nothing to do with us, but I thought a lot after reading the registration. Finally, all my thoughts fell on the two words of hope, and hope was not born, it is decorated with life again and again on the road of life. It is a beautiful and eager thing, and it is also the kindest expectation of our life. You may not understand some words, but I just want to be a priest and pray for you with words. I wish you a better and better life! [Responsible editor: Leaves]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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