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After dinner, I sat in the clothing store next door. At this time, my mother hurriedly brought my bag and the mobile phone rang abruptly in the bag. My mother said: I didn’t take the mobile phone when I went out, but it kept ringing. Who else will come to me in the evening? There will be no one else except for the kiss. It must be that he saw me not at home and was looking for me to go home. The bell was still ringing. I took the bag and turned my mobile phone in the bag, but I couldn’t eat hot tofu. The more urgent I was, I didn’t find it for a while, when I felt that the ringtone had stopped, I thought: stop and stop. It’s no big deal to find me. But when I got the mobile phone and opened it, it was a strange number. I was wondering who it would be. Shouldn’t it be an advertisement that cheated money? No matter when I called and asked. Hello teacher, I am Xiaoyu’s aunt, who used to be in your place. A clear voice of a woman came from the phone. My brain was spinning rapidly, searching for the shadow of Xiaoyu. Oh, it was a thin, small and delicate boy. Hello, what can I do for you? I want to ask about the transfer. I want to transfer my child to school. No one cares about him at home. I said I remembered your phone number, so I called you. This Xiaoyu was still a child in my class when she was in the second grade. Now she is in the fourth grade, and she is no longer his head teacher. Unexpectedly, his aunt still remembers my number. What, did the child go back to his hometown? Yes, I just transferred him back this semester. I wanted to let him rely on his parents, but when I went home, his parents had no time to take care of him, so I thought I ‘d better transfer him to me. This transfer will be transferred back in such a short time, which will also have an impact on children’s learning. The mid-term test has just passed, and I haven’t encountered the situation of transferring to school halfway, generally, when transferring to another school is at the beginning of a semester, that is, before September 1st every year and before the new year, it seems that I haven’t met anyone who wants to transfer halfway. If you really have to transfer it, I will give you the principal’s phone number, and you will ask about the situation. Oh, no need. In this case, forget it. Wait until the beginning of next semester. That’s OK. Up to now, more than half of the semester has passed. Let the children finish this semester with peace of mind. The children’s learning will also be affected all the time. Well, OK, thank you, teacher. After I hung up the phone, I fell into deep thought: every semester, many students were transferred out and in, some of which were the changes of parents’ work, and the children were transferred with their parents; some want to transfer to boarding schools that are considered to be better, so that they can reduce the burden of supervising children’s study; Some don’t do well outside and spend a lot of money, think about it, you ‘d better go to school nearby. No matter in that case, such frequent transfer has certain influence on children’s learning. First of all, children have to adapt to the environment every time they go to a new environment. The students around are unfamiliar. In terms of language habits, some even use dialects, which makes communication difficult. Some children are very introverted, and it takes quite a long time to adapt to such an environment. Active children have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, but there is always a process, while when he adapted to this process, the children who had been here could apply the experience of adapting to the environment to study, which caused the disadvantage of the transferred children. Secondly, we have to bear the psychological pressure, especially for students from other provinces and cities. Due to different teaching materials, they usually have to be degraded when they are transferred, because English subjects in other provinces and cities are taken as secondary courses, many children have suffered losses in the subject of English at first; Secondly, due to regional differences, the degree of difficulty of language and mathematics is different, and even some students have studied in the fifth grade in their hometown, I can only go to the third grade here. Now students’ information is connected to the internet. Even if they transfer to another school, they will not be repeated or degraded. Even if their grades are not good, they will upgrade up. In this way, students will not adapt to the teaching materials and their grades will decline. Especially those students with relatively good grades have become students with temporary learning difficulties due to transfer, let alone those students with poor grades, this makes them suffer a lot of pressure caused by different teaching materials psychologically. Thirdly, I have to adapt to teachers, because different teachers adopt different teaching methods, and students’ preferences are also different. Sometimes I like this teacher, and sometimes I like that teacher, if you happen to meet a teacher you don’t like, it will be a big trouble, and it will be more difficult to learn. If you happen to meet a teacher you like, it will be lucky, but when you really get used to it, half a semester has almost passed, which will delay the normal study. These problems brought about by transferring to school make children have different degrees of influence on their study. Some children follow their parents who work, and their grades are muddled. As long as you think, every time the children transfer to school, he has to adapt to a new learning environment and bear the pressure of his soul. When he gets used to it, it is already a big step behind others. Therefore, if the children can learn well, parents who are responsible should try their best not to transfer their children to another school. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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