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Night difficult

Miss like water years like knife marks smile steps faltering shadow shadow shadow fishing net cigarette bag it turned out to be time carved childhood tears scattered handwriting night wind in low complaint night at a loss two pieces of clouds go back to hometown but things change a heart worry two and a halfRead More



[Introduction] is that dentist in dental institute a quack? I don’t think she must be, but why did she drill? Earn money after drilling. In order to make money, regardless of the interests of our patients, one of my good teeth was destroyed in her hands! I haven’t saved any money after 28 years ofRead More


Summer Vacation

Under the arrangement of the spirit in the middle of the world, I have wonderful notes and touching songs this spring. Your slender hands are flying like dancing in the numerous heartstrings, from distant time and space and perception. I am infatuated with yearning and indulgence. Yearning for the mystery of the unknown and indulgingRead More