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When I was young, I didn’t understand the loneliness. When I grew up, I still didn’t understand it. But I always liked to pretend to be lonely in the yellowed diary, using the natural shallow wisdom to break my body into dust. But when I walked into the magic matrix of this age by accident,Read More



A fixed shot of yellow leaves fell down like a woman. After several prosperous and enchanting lives, she finally turned into a piece of dead leaves and drifted away from the world. The Big Wild Goose flew south, the sun was shining high, a group of white pigeons flew by, leaving a trace in theRead More


In fast

I have always considered myself as a fool in the teaching team. In the teaching career of wise men, they sang all the way, creating glory. When they had flowers and applause, I often cast envious eyes, and then I read the story of “turtle-rabbit race” silently, I hope that stupid turtle can awaken myRead More