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[Introduction] for a sudden disaster, the damage to the young mind is huge and has a profound impact on a person’s future growth, this is the significance of post-disaster psychological treatment from the perspective of art! In my memory, apart from the open-air movies “flashing red star”, “Tunnel War” and “Honghu water waves” I watched in my childhood, I still have some impressions, I haven’t even remembered the title of many love movies I have seen in those years of love. Later, every family had a TV set, so I hadn’t seen a movie for at least twenty years. A few days ago, when many colleagues said “Tangshan earthquake” was really worth watching, I was still a little dubious. On Sunday, April 10th, 2011, I downloaded Tangshan earthquake from the Internet and watched it for the first time. Tonight, I watched it for the second time. I think Feng Xiaogang is really amazing, can a passed 35 years of disaster on screen, can national people and even the world people of lost their lives in the earthquake 240,000 Tangshan compatriots once period of deep mourning opportunities. Every time I read it, from beginning to end, I don’t remember how many tears I shed. In my life, I decided to write down a paragraph of text for a movie for the first time starting at 23:48 tonight (please forgive me for repeating the relevant scenes in the following words, because now in my mind, there is no need for film, and the scenes on the closed screen are being staged again): The time is July 27th, 1976, when the film begins, dragonflies flying all over the sky appear in Tangshan people’s sight as a kind of anomaly, and also appear in front of the audience with a kind of magical pen (I have never seen this phenomenon before. Whether it is real or imaginary, it can achieve an extraordinary and special visual effect). This unusual phenomenon is a sign, indicating the coming of a big earthquake. Then, the picture was cut to the scene of workers off work on both sides of the railway. Fang Daqiang was driving a big truck, and a pair of children, Fang Deng (female) and Fang Da (male), were sitting in the cab, looking at the Dragonfly flying out of the window in surprise; Female number one yuan ni (Fang Daqiang’s wife) rode a bicycle and went home after work. Fang Da’s ice stick was snatched away by his partner. Fang Deng pushed the other side to the ground, then ran home with Fang Da with an electric fan in his hand. Indoors, Fang Da ate tomatoes, and Fang Deng also wanted them, but there was none. Yuan ni promised to buy them tomorrow (this detail reappeared when Fang Deng came home 32 years later, five big tomatoes have been washed and put in the washbasin). At night, Fang dengfangda fell asleep. The workers on the construction site were still working overtime. Fang Daqiang was busy in the car and yuan NI was accompanying. Then they went into the carriage with tarpaulin and rolled together regardless of the hot weather, releasing the passion of male and female love. Yuan NI said a very classic sentence at that time. On such a hot day, I am afraid that only we are doing this in Tangshan! However extreme joy begets sorrow. Red light suddenly appeared on the horizon in the distance, the house was leaning, the Earth was trembling, and the caravan was shaking. The two got off the car and shouted out in horror that it was an earthquake! With three words, she pulled yuan NI to run towards her home. Fang Deng, who was asleep in the camera, was startled up by the sudden disaster and instinctively pulled Fang Da to run to the window and shouted to his mother loudly. Cries, shouts, screams, the scene is extremely dangerous, the flesh and blood are close at hand and cannot be saved. Tall buildings collapsed one after another, but Fang Daqiang himself was buried in the ruins in order to push Yuanni. (This was unforgettable in yuan NI’s heart all her life. When her son Fang Da asked her why she didn’t find another one, she said, who would treat her well with his life? In this life, I will be his wife. Among them, there is love between husband and wife, and also the excellent quality of Chinese women who bear hardships and stand hard work, come to an end from one place, and show gratitude!) Post-disaster rescue scene: someone found fangdeng and Fangda in the ruins. A concrete board pressed two children, while prying one end and the other end would be pressured. In the cry of yuan NI’s rescue, the rescuer lost patience, and the cry of finding the living came from the distance. Under this kind of desperation, What yuan ni thought of was to leave a blood vessel for Fang’s family, so she sent out a painful voice to save her younger brother. Fang Deng, the daughter who was pressed under the cement board, immediately cried Mother with tears streaming down her face. Fang Da was saved, but Yuan ni held her breath-free daughter Fang Deng and grabbed the ground. A mother’s heart broke after saying the words to save her brother. It had been broken for 32 years! People persuaded yuan NI to go to Tangshan Airport with Fang Da on her back to find the rescue troops of PLA. In the heavy rain, Fang Deng, who was identified as dead, and his father Fang Daqiang lay side by side in the pile of dead people. At this time, a miracle appeared, and Fang Deng came back from the dead. He got up from the dead and walked forward step by step. In the office where earthquake orphans were taken in, Lao Wang of the 28th army of PLA and Dong Guilan, the wife of a doctor, took a fancy to Fang Deng and went through the adoption procedures. After the disaster relief mission was completed, she took Ya Ya (fangdeng) back to the barracks. Meanwhile, the mother and sister of Daqiang who came from their hometown in Jinan were looking for Yuanni. When the old man who lost his son and granddaughter in the earthquake saw Fang Da, his grandson without his right hand, he couldn’t help crying loudly. The purpose of the old man was very clear. He wanted to bring his grandson Fang Da back to Jinan and kindly persuaded yuan NI to remarry. Mother and son were connected, let alone the family changed from four to two in an instant. If yuan ni lost her son again, she would lose the courage to live! However, in order to comply with the old man’s wishes, Yuan NI had to agree with tears. The shuttle bus arrived and the separation was just around the corner. Yuan ni felt like a knife, while Fang Da was reluctant to part with her. When the car started, Yuanni turned the horse into a dementia in the camera, Authentic sport! On the bus, the elder sister of Daqiang said to the old man that we took Fang Da away, which meant that yuan NI was killed! Therefore, the car stopped, and Fang Da ran towards Yuanni with a burden. Yuanni also ran towards Fangda crazily. Mother and son hug each other and cry bitterly! If the earthquake that night made me cry for the first time, then this is the second time! The adopted Ya Ya (Fang Deng) suddenly fell into the heaven. Lao Wang and Lao Dong loved her very much. But Ya Ya, who suffered from mental trauma, just nodded or shook her head every day and never said a word. She didn’t say my name was Wang Deng loudly until the teacher called her Wang fan when she was in primary school! Then, in movies the 1976 nian 9 yue 9 ri 00:10 Chairman Mao died, National People period of deep mourning lens; Fonda do not like reading, going to college entrance examination into examination room, finally and partners go to Hangzhou with my work, riding a rickshaw in the West Lake scenic spot; Yuan ni opened an individual clothing store after being laid off. Among them, the old cow who was engaged in repairing pursued Yuanni intentionally, but Yuanni didn’t agree; Wang Deng also grew up and often had nightmares at night. When she applied for the college entrance examination, she wanted to study medicine, but her foster mother Dong Guilan didn’t agree. She thought Wang Deng was not her own and should stay with her. Once she let go, just like the kite is broken, it can’t be collected any more. However, his foster father, Lao Wang, supported Heshun from Wang Deng everywhere, and even once said that he would go to Tangshan for a business trip, hoping that his daughter could go with him to find relatives. As a result, Wang Deng was admitted to Hangzhou Medical College, and his foster mother Dong Guilan died of illness soon. Fang Deng fell in love with Yang Zhi, a graduate student in the same college, and was pregnant. When Yang Zhi asked Wang Deng to give up the child, Wang Deng firmly disagreed, because in her heart, her mother once gave up her in the earthquake, and she, I will never give up my little life! Therefore, she resolutely chose to drop out of school and grew up her daughter as a tutor! At the same time, Fang Da was also developed in Hangzhou, with a car House, his own travel company and his girlfriend Xiaohe. When Fangda returned home with her girlfriend, she wanted to take her mother Yuanni to live in Hangzhou, but the old man refused to say anything; Fangda had to retreat to the second place and wanted to buy a house for the old man in Tangshan, the old man also refused. Her reason was: she wanted to keep her husband and daughter’s soul of Fang Deng. If she moved again, they would not find the way home! When 97 years Spring Festival comes, missing N years of Wang Deng with daughter Little to visit Grandpa Lao Wang. And Fangda and Xiaohe’s son Dian were born at the same time! In order to persuade his wife Xiaohe to leave his son to accompany the old man for the Spring Festival, Fonda and Xiaohe almost started a war, but Fonda did not give in because his mother yuan ni gave birth to him three times: one was born, one was sick when I was a child, the other was an earthquake; Wang Deng got married again! My husband is a lawyer in Canada, 16 years older than her. At 14:28:04 on May 12, 2008, when Wang Deng, who was in Canada, learned the news of Wenchuan earthquake, he immediately returned to China to join the rescue team; And Fang Da also led the team to join the Tangshan rescue team. Trouble should end, heart disease also medicine for the heart! Feng Xiaogang’s brilliance lies in putting two earthquakes 32 years apart in Chinese history in the same space and time, letting the heroine Wang Deng experience the grief and helplessness of his relatives who are going to die after the earthquake. When a mother took the initiative to ask the doctor to amputation her daughter for the sake that the soldiers of the people were less hurt, the pain and helplessness deeply shocked Wang Deng. She immediately realized that in those years, her mother was not cruel and didn’t save her, but she didn’t have a perfect solution and had to sacrifice one! At the same time, her younger brother Fang Da was also telling the colleagues who participated in the rescue about the past when her mother gave up her sister to save her, which made her understand her mother at once in a specific environment, and I have a deep self-blame! (Of course, the setting of this group of scenes is artificial arrangement, but in real life, is there any coincidence that as a kind of film art, this grafting is the default of the audience). At this time, Wang Deng woke up: for 32 years, she wrongly blamed her mother! I shouldn’t compete with my younger brother for a chance to survive! As a sister, how proud it is to live a good life with another brother! Back home, the old lady was making dumplings, and her hands in the camera kept trembling. My daughter-in-law Xiaohe worried that the old man couldn’t stand the sudden good news. But the old lady said that she had experienced all the joys and sorrows in this life. It’s all right! When Wang Deng saw the photos of his father and himself hanging on the wall and the tomatoes he hadn’t eaten on the night of the earthquake 32 years ago in the washbasin, how shocked he was. It turned out that, my mother has never given up herself, not for a day! When the old lady decided to kneel down to apologize to her daughter because of the words she said to save her brother, I believe that none of the audience on the Earth would not cry! (This kind of effect is that art comes from life but is higher than life, and it is the god’s pen to fully explore the truth, goodness and beauty in human nature!) At last, in the cemetery, Fang Da took out a schoolbag and a large bag of textbooks from primary school to high school from Fang Deng’s tomb, and said that the old bought two copies every semester, one for my sister and one for myself! When fangdeng asked the old man how did he come over these 32 years? How many 30 years does a woman have in her life? Why didn’t I find another wife? The last dialogue of the old man was that I thought I had a good life by myself. If I had a beautiful life, I would be even more sorry for you! So far, the beauty of human nature and the pain of confession have risen to the extreme! Finally, to sum up, personally, I think the success of this film is mainly manifested in: first, the dragonfly background at the beginning, the state of making the creatures in the world at a loss when the disaster comes forms a sharp contrast with the normal life of the busy people; The second is the exquisite acting skills of Xu Fan, the actress of the first hostess A. D. Ni, she can truly portray the heroine in the script from tangible to divine, with both shape and spirit. Her every movement, facial expression and body language are just right and very successful; thirdly, the design of character dialogues is very good, especially the design of yuan NI’s dialogues is short and incisive, with a sentence of ten thousand sentences! Fourth, the handling of details is helpful to reveal the light of human nature. For example, when Yuan NI and Fang Da were burning power coins, they repeatedly told the dead Daqiang and Fang Deng that they should know the way home; The conversation that Fang mother came to Tangshan to pick up her grandson; lao Wang wore underpants to the foster girl’s room at night to recruit his wife Dong Guilan to be jealous and find fault; Lao Wang said that he would go to Tangshan on a business trip and asked Wang Deng whether he would go to look for relatives or not; Wang Deng and his foster mother finally left; lao Wang slapped his boyfriend Yang Zhi when he learned that the adopted daughter was missing on the basketball court but didn’t look for him; Yuan ni spared no effort to spend 5,000 yuan to install a phone in order to reduce the contact with the old cow; old Niu laiyuanni’s confession to Yuanni after repairing the phone in the house; The quarrel between Fang Da and Xiaohe in the room with the old lady behind their back to leave their son to accompany the old man for the Spring Festival; fang Da immediately called home to the old lady after encountering a small earthquake in Hangzhou; Scene of amputation in Yingxiu Earthquake Relief; Scene of Fang Deng crying with the old lady at home and in the cemetery v, the film interweaves the two clues of yuan NI’s regret and Wang Deng’s hatred to develop the story plot, among which Wang Deng’s twist is manifested in insisting on reporting to Medical College, she insisted on not going back to Tangshan to see her mother (because she knew clearly that she was still alive), she said that she didn’t forget the past but not forget it, and she would rather drop out of school than have abortion after pregnancy, I don’t go home for many years because I have a illegitimate daughter and can’t face my foster father. If I regret too much, I will know what it means to be gone. If I live a beautiful life, I will be more sorry for you. I will insist on not leaving Tangshan, moving or looking for my wife, it is a sudden disaster to insist on putting incense on the portrait of husband and daughter every day, fulfilling the promise that her daughter didn’t eat tomatoes at night 32 years ago, and buying two textbooks every year, facing the hurt of young hearts is huge, which has a profound impact on one’s future growth. This is the great significance of post-disaster psychological treatment from the perspective of art! However, in the process of growing up, everyone can’t feel the selflessness and greatness of father’s love or mother’s love at first. Only when she herself is a wife and a mother can she have a personal experience, therefore, to some extent, the last generation is always sincere to the next generation. The everlasting truth is that who speaks of the tenacity of the grass, wins the three Chunhui, and kills the body is difficult to report the kindness of parents. To be a child, one should understand the painstaking efforts of his parents. No parents in the world do not love their own flesh and blood. However, due to the pressure of the environment, sometimes they have to endure separation. The pain in my heart is forever! The ruins of the building collapsed and could be rebuilt in three or five years! Once the ruins of the soul are formed, it will take ten years, twenty years, thirty years or even a lifetime to rebuild! Thank you, director Feng. In my mind, he is a great designer and architect of human soul! It is suggested that people who haven’t watched Tangshan earthquake at present must take time to have a look. 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