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[Introduction] do Chinese people have to treat their compatriots like this? On the contrary, the foreigners in the embassy made me feel more warm and gentle. To express my anger by borrowing a popular saying recently, the two devils of dog day took a whole month from submitting a passport to finally getting a visa.Read More



My husband’s ambition is high, and I admire the Sages. I have no passion and no doubt. Let the common people’s ambition be revealed and felt pity. Endure bending and stretching, go to pieces, consult widely, except for being too stingy, although there is flooding, why do you suffer from beauty and weakness. If theRead More



[Introduction] a couple who had participated in the war in Russia sent their children to an orphanage in Russia on a snowy day, preparing to say goodbye to their children on the battlefield the next day, fortunately, the couple survived. Occasionally Watching TV on weekends, Mao Anying was replaying, and CCTV’s family-seeking Program was thought-provoking.Read More