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[Introduction]: time passes day by day. The days are compact and full. I do what I should do seriously during the day and work in the hotel at night. Sometimes I make some mistakes, for example, if the dishes were served wrongly, I was scolded by the landlady unexpectedly. It was normal to feel sad, because people around me didn’t say anything serious to me since I was a child, and my self-esteem was very strong. The leaves dancing all over the sky marked the track of changing seasons. On the cold autumn night, the withered yellow mottled the bright moonlight. Yin Hui gently fell on the tree, and put a layer of gauze on it. The shadow of the tree was fragmentary. Without the publicity and craziness in spring and summer, it was more quiet, with loneliness and free and easy in silence. Full of Autumn Water, with gentle and sad light, a fallen leaf fluttered down and fell on the clear water surface, rippling slightly. I dipped my fingers slightly. I had been away from that city for more than a month. At that time, my heart was calm and abnormal, and I didn’t have the spirit and fighting spirit of arriving in that city at all. My thoughts were gradually pulled apart, and it was also contradictory that I AM who just entered the Society were proud. I was indulged in three months. When I received my first salary in my life, I asked for leave to go home, I stayed at home for more than a month because of some small accidents. Although I enjoyed the leisure and happiness around my parents, I had to take the responsibility that I should bear, I stepped into that city with my luggage, which was strange and familiar to me. On the first day I came to that city, I made a goal to the moon and the stars all over the sky. The following days passed through my daily running. Because it was the off season, jobs were not easy to find, after looking for a few days, I still haven’t found it. I thought about doing something else first, However, it was quickly dismissed, looking for an internship job while paying attention to the work. The idea of working has been hidden in my mind since I left school. Yes, when I was very young, I said that I would live in this world by my own strength. Now I set foot on the society and proud self-esteem makes me stronger. The idea has passed day by day, my self-confidence was 1.1 point of killing, walk in a crowded street, tears stick in canthus obstinate refused fall, desperately looked up, disappointing tears forced back, looking at the sky, I said to myself: if you don’t give up this second, there will be hope next second. You will find it, and you will definitely find it! Maybe the opportunity is left to those who don’t give up lightly. With the help of daily persistence and without encouragement, I found it, and found two copies, working during the day and working at night, my life became extremely enriched. I said that I was not tired even when I was busy running. I told myself that I would be sweet only when I was bitter. I cherish both of my jobs and try my best to do everything. I am serious and quiet in the company during the day. Facing the cold computer, my fingers leap on the keyboard rhythmically, pictures come out of my hand one by one, I am hungry to learn because I know that I still have a lot to learn. Compared with the quiet day and the work at night, I am very relaxed and happy. A hotel called tongdrunk, I vaguely remembered that when I went there to work on the first day, it rained heavily that afternoon with Thunder roaring. I just finished reading books from the bookstore and went back to the dormitory. I bought food and prepared dinner. When I was ready, I was ready to start, the Chopsticks moved twice, the phone rang, picked up the phone, a female voice came: did you apply for xx the day before yesterday? I am tongzui restaurant, when can you come to work? Today can? I finally got a job, and I was very happy and busy to answer: Yes, I will go right away. Then looking at the heavy rain outside the window without stopping at all, I hesitated. How could I get there? My friend said, “Let me take you there. I said it rained heavily. She says no relationship. In this way, the two of us rushed to the same drunk in the heavy rain. When we arrived, I was almost wet. As soon as we passed, the waiters were eating the working meal. I walked in awkwardly, the landlady asked me to have a meal first, and asked someone to bring me a dry towel. At the dinner table, the landlady asked some trivial questions on the counter, while the handyman aunt politely added vegetables to my bowl, everyone played jokes from time to time. The meal was very smelly. The long-lost warmth made me have the impulse to cry, but I still held back. After the meal, the landlady led me to teach me what to do and what to do. I nodded hard and said yes. The landlady smiled and said that there was no need to be restrained here. They were all one of their own, and I want to tell you that you must be able to endure hardship here. I also smiled at her: Yes! Since I choose to work two jobs, it is certainly clear! I have never worked in a hotel for the first time. I was very nervous and careful at work. I remember that when I was in school, the teacher often told us smile service. At that time, I also added a sentence to the back that I stretched out my hand and didn’t hit the smiling face. So I raised my smile, holding the dishes upstairs and downstairs. The guest seemed to be infected by my smile and picked up the dishes for me with a smile. After one night’s work, the boss seemed to be very satisfied with my performance, but he didn’t show it on his face. He asked me if I would be tired after working. Can you afford it? I smiled and answered: of course, I only want to rely on myself outside. The boss said thoughtfully: I know, I also came from your age. After finishing all, I asked the boss carefully: Can I come again tomorrow? The boss smiled and said: Of course I can. I said goodbye to the boss happily and was about to leave. The boss asked me how to get back. I said I would go back. The boss said so far in surprise, then he gave me 20 yuan and asked me to take a taxi back. I take it for granted that it doesn’t matter, as an exercise, but when I come into contact with the irresistible eyes of the boss, He took it back hesitantly. On the way home, I breathed a deep breath, holding 20 yuan in my hand and telling myself that I must cherish this job. Maybe it was the luck that those kind people brought me. The next day I found the internship job very smoothly. All the haze has passed. I want to start my life again. I smile to the people around me satisfie. Time passed day by day. The days were compact and full. I did what I should do seriously during the day and worked in the hotel at night. Sometimes I made some mistakes, such as the wrong food, not surprisingly, I was scolded by the landlady. It was normal to feel sad, because the people around me didn’t say anything serious to me since I was a child, and my self-esteem was very strong. But I was still scolded obediently, because I did make the mistake. There were three or four times when I served the wrong dishes. Later, the landlady stopped saying anything. It was estimated that she was completely speechless. However, after cooking, the chef would hand it to me personally and tell me which table I am, I said thank you bitterly. After a long time, I gradually fell in love with this place. The boss and his wife took good care of me. I won’t blame me for being late, I will also ask the chef to save one for me when cooking. Those busy aunts would also help me to work together when they were free. Everyone called my little girl happily. Even the guests who often come here for dinner call like this, I don’t feel tired here. After finishing the work, sometimes I walked home and sometimes my friends picked me up. I am doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter to me at all. However, peaceful days are very short, Later, the girl who rented with me went home. I was left alone in this House. I was so tired to face the empty room after finishing the work every day. I was not used to being alone. My parents also urged me to go back. A girl who was not familiar with the accident lived alone. They worried when they thought about it and asked me to go back soon after the Spring Festival. The influence of both sides shook me, I chose to compromise. When I told the people in the hotel that I was going home, everyone was very reluctant. The boss couple also advised me to stay: it would be better for me to develop in a big city, I smiled, the corners of my eyes were already wet, and people were all emotional animals. We had built a deep friendship after getting along with each other for a period of time, but there was no constant banquet in the world, when the landlady handed the salary to me, she said kindly to me: if you come here, you should come and play. I nodded deeply, and then the landlady insisted on sending me back, I took a look at the hotel full of nostalgia and just wanted to remember its appearance firmly. These kind people, you will surely be happy. I will pray for you silently in another city. After I came back, I went to the company now. The people here are as kind and friendly as I am, and they take good care of me. My mother always said half jokingly that you are really lucky, the bosses I met are all very good, so I have to work hard. I laughed without saying a word. A white unknown object was wriggling unsteadily beside me, stopping my thoughts. Looking carefully, it was Didi who blinked his watery eyes as if he wanted me to go back, didi was a poodle that I insisted on keeping with my parents. It was very sensible, successfully pleased my parents and made my ears quiet, otherwise, my mom would always whisper in my ear every day asking me to send the dog away. I handed my hand to Didi. Didi stretched out its claws obediently. I shook it and smiled. Let’s go home. Didi shook his tail happily and followed me behind. A person, a dog, the shadow is pulled long. [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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