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[Introduction] my dear Charlotte, no matter how far we are from each other, no matter how turbulent our life is, we will always hold hands hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, wind and rain together, and our hearts are connected! My dear Charlotte, you are far away, can you hear my call, I love you! My dear Charlotte, I don’t need too beautiful words for you. I don’t need to remember how others read a poem of Tang Dynasty. Tonight, the moon is like water. In this silent night, my thoughts are like springs. I looked down at the stars in the night sky, poured out to you gently, and continued to talk like the wind lingering topic my dear Charlotte, do you know that the woods in the distance are swaying and sound bursts, that’s what I want your movement to start playing. This kind of continuous cutting, rational and chaotic sadness is wrapped around my heart every moment. Last night, I lost sleep again. It was hard for me to sleep, tossing and turning. I remembered that the sea rose and the moon rose, and the end of the world was at this time. I also improvised a poem about lovesickness in the long night of my lover’s resentment: half round of the moon hung in front of the window, lying alone in the cabin and not sleeping. Chang ‘e asked me what I thought? I answered: When will the moon come to the window? Yes, my heart is full of tenderness, and everything is as beautiful as flowers. I still remember the sparkling Liuxi River. You and I hummed songs, stepped on the soft grass, and sang a song of spring water with the river flowing water. What a wonderful divine comedy! My dear Charlotte, although you are a little far away from the graceful and graceful image with a smile, you have a dignified and steady temperament and a wonderful gentle atmosphere. I wish it was a river. You came gently and reflected your beautiful image into my heart. I would like to raise a clear wave for you. I wish it was the wind that took your hand to wander together and walked through the loneliness of life. At this moment, what floated in front of me was your appearance, and what sank and floated was my yearning for you. If one day I turn into a cup of loess, the loess grows green grass for you, and the yellow flowers bloom for you. I remember the first time I saw you, my dear Charlotte, my heart was rippled. You are an invisible rope, firmly tied to my heart. I don’t know, I really don’t know, why do so many people and so many young women like you! You have the right to refuse my love, but you have no right to control my love heart. You let me know the feeling of missing for the first time and the pain of leaving for the first time. I once asked Hongyan, Mingyue and spring breeze. I really hope that Mingyue can testify for me, Hongyan can send me books, and spring breeze can send me love. You and my love are like flame, Flame is bright. If the love between them lasts for a long time, will it be in the morning and evening! The wine of love is sweet and bitter, Two people drink nectar, three people drink, acid and vinegar. Drink casually, toxic poisoning. Love is not the well for storing water, but the spring of life, running for happiness and happiness. Sincere love does not grow old because of white hair. It is true, good, beautiful, eternal and lasting. Love me! My dear Charlotte! My blood has been lit by you, my soul begins to dance, your kiss is better than wine, and your smile is more beautiful than sunshine. The gathering and companionship between me and you is not a song of rest. With you in this life, you and I are not lonely. When I fell into the sea of love, the sea splashed a piece of blue moonlight, and my heart rippled with the moonlight and water. When I saw your eyes lit up by love, I threw myself to Mars without hesitation, hitting the cold heart of the Earth. You can sacrifice everything for love. I think love is stronger than anything else. A woman with love is better than a flower without love! I often want to I am a kapok near you, root, tightly holding the ground, leaves, Touch each other in the cloud. In spring, I would like to pick a wild flower and insert your hair clip. In summer, I would like to hold a mountain spring and wash your long hair. In autumn, I would like to pick up pieces of maple leaves and dye your home on the path red. In winter, I would like to make a snowman, like you, with a smile like flowers. I have always believed that love is the wreath in the soul, and whoever wears it will be sunny. I would rather grow old on the fragrant branches than go to the ground with yellow leaves. My love is as clean as snow and as clean as Green Pine! As beautiful as clouds, as deep as the sea. If I have you, I will have the love of the whole world! Life without love is like a pool of stagnant water, how can it splash a few waves of life? My dear Charlotte, no matter how far we are, no matter how life changes, we will always hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, wind and rain together, heart and heart are connected! My dear Charlotte, you are far away, Can you hear my call? I love you! Forever! Forever! Rock-like firmness, fire-like oath, lingering between trees and vines! My dear Charlotte, please allow me to call you softly like this. Where are you? Where? We have been separated for a long time, like the last century and the next century. What day is today? Men and women are like drunk honey. The Milky Way traveled all the way to the dark, the flying stars spread their hatred, the Yao Chi, which was once a dream-like wedding, and the romantic sky with tenderness like water. You put your heart into my star language. I cast my love into your Milky Way. You once said that in the fragrant season of osmanthus, you can’t live only in fairies in Guanghan Palace. Now the Queqiao has already been built, with locust trees as boards, osmanthus pavements, rose painting columns and Magpies dancing. Such a Night only belongs to you and me, and young Werther is not worried. I saw you, a light figure like the wind, passing through the Milky Way full of flowers, holding my hand, I hold your waist. Akie flowers on raging, Wushan cloud around rain. I said I was a barren wild mountain, which could not raise rich peony. You said you, you are the white cloud and mist between the mountains, and you are willing to wrap the wild mountain around all your life. I said I was a small tree without eye-catching. You said you were a tiny green vine, and you just wanted to lean on the small tree for a lifetime. That unforgettable night, a flowing spring slipped over your lotus-like shoulder. We are a pair of butterflies flying together, and we will fly over the sea eventually. My dear Charlotte, I miss you from afar. If I don’t love you in this life, unless the Yangtze River flows back to the roof of the world and the Everest collapses in the ice age, the Mars hit the Earth and destroyed the body. My tears have already turned into rain. My missing has already been written into poetry. My blood has already flowed into a river. My pain has already been carved into Sansheng stone. My dear Charlotte, I really want to see you, embrace you affectionately, let the stars of Love spread the Milky Way romantic Tanabata! 2011.3.14 in Chongqing [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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