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In the year of amigai, the sunny slope is grassland, and the shady slope is forest. In spring and summer, the weather is getting hot, the snow line on the top of the mountain moves upward, and the flowing water between the ravines is gurgling, the gurgling mountain stream played melodious melody around the pine roots. The hillside is full of shrubs and lush. Large tracts of primeval forest pine and cypress are verdant, covering the sky. In the flat place, grass is covered, cattle and sheep are all over the slope. In the precipitous place, the mountains are overlapping and the path is winding. On the top of the mountain, Snow Lotus is gorgeous and leading the way. Animals such as roe deer, roe deer, fox and so on are found in the forest, and birds such as Blue pheasant, Eagle, Lark, Snow rooster and so on also live in the forest. These rare birds and animals represent a big gala in the animal world. All kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, such as notopterous root, cortex phelloides, radix adenophorae, radix astragali, radix buhurae, radix Gentiana, Cordyceps sinensis, Pinellia ternata and so on, are spread all over the mountains. The delicacies such as mushrooms, strawberries, earmuffs and lamb tripe are also very rich. Being in it gives you a strong impact of vision and hearing, which makes you relaxed and happy, and forget to leave. Qin had the opportunity to dig the root of the gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun-gun. Because its flower shape is like a gun-fighting flower, it is called like this. Several strands of fine roots are combined with roots twisted to the left and twisted into longitudinal wrinkles. The thickness of fingers is about 40 to 50mm, which is commonly known as left twisting roots can be used as medicine. It can dispel wind and dampness, relieve deficiency heat, relieve pain, and is mainly used for treating rheumatic arthritis, low fever, infantile malnutrition and fever, etc. In the grassland in July, the soil is hot, so is the air. The person who went to dig the medicine together was Qian, the companion of Qin. They were on the broad grassland, in the lonely ravine, holding the hot sun every day, digging with a pickaxe and a pickaxe, the blue and purple small trumpet flowers were dotted with the grassland, just like a string of firecrackers. The blooming flowers were in full bloom, and the soft vines dancing in the wind seemed to attract blue Mars One by one, it spreads all over the grassland, adding a lot of mystery to the grassland. The vines are light and fragrant, and the grassland is drunk, and the sun is drunk. However, the blue-purple elf was destroyed one by one under their feet. The Fairy of the Purple vine was ruined by us. The dazzling little flowers and flowers were a cluster of purple blue and purple blue, the torn artillery flowers ended their profligate beauty silently, and the weak little life faded and lost its vitality in less than a quarter of an hour under the scorching sun, we personally ended its wonderful silently blooming. The romantic purple rose withered like this, which was indeed cruel when I remembered it. At noon, they ate some of their own dry food and lay in the arms of the grassland, laughing at the grass dancing and the clouds rolling. Pull out a few blooming flowers of Gentiana Gentiana, slowly fold the front end of the flowers and squeeze them tightly. The stamens are filled with gas, and the hands move slightly and then make a sound of beep, which is like firecrackers set by a child, play for fun like this. At this time, the grassland was particularly charming, with soft clouds at ease in the sky. Not far away, the foal on the hillside shook its trimmed Mane, with wild flame shining in his eyes, running and chasing all the way, after lifting the back hoof, they played with each other and fought with each other; The sound of hissing, the sound of Horseshoe, the ringing of bells and the horses were getting closer and closer, and the Shepherd on the back of the horse whistled with a long whistle, and the sound, swish over the top of this mountain like the wind. When the breeze came, they walked on the green grassland, looking at the full achievements in the satchel, they suddenly felt a kind of unspeakable happiness, pride, pride and forgetfulness in their hearts. Don’t, they count, one of dried Gentiana can buy 4-angle multi-, Day also can dig two three catties, at this rate, you can earn new clothes for yourself or for your brother and sister in a few days. Speaking of excitement, Qian danced and slipped on a pool of cow dung accidentally, making her stench. Looking at Qian’s mess, Qin couldn’t help laughing, they lay on the grass and laughed enough, so they pulled some grass everywhere and wiped the cow dung off Qian’s body. After a long time of busy work, they set foot on their way home again. At this time, flocks of cattle and sheep spread quietly on the top of the mountain, like embracing the blue sky, like white clouds blooming flowers. At this moment, there is a lonely and spiritual White Yak running wildly on the grassland in the fiery sky, chasing the sunset in the wild, and a picture scroll of cattle back falling into the setting sun jumps into front of us. Soon the red sun gently fell into the splendens. As if stepping into fairyland. In front of us is a very familiar and cordial scenery. The shepherd girl from the distant collectors wore a robe and threw half of her belly. A few strands of braid floated behind her head like a waterfall. The shepherd girl’s singing was melodious and melodious, the everlasting pastoral songs fly in the heart of the shepherds; The smoke, tents, houses and circles in the deep of Maomao Mountain are hidden in each ditch and each branch, which seems to tell the thousands of years’ vicissitudes of the herdsmen; the holes scattered there left by the gold diggers were empty, lonely and disastrous, as if telling the bitterness of Shawa in those years. The night falls down, the cold wind blows clothes, through the thin clouds, looking up at the sky here, the night and the grassland have no end And the flower is light, and the wild is floating with the wind. Countless grassland dreams, an impulse to have the flowers of childhood again always twining the piano, lingering Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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