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His hat

Compared with comedy and drama, I prefer tragedy to TV series and movies. I like the feeling of crying happily and sadly. After watching some movies, I just close the computer and sleep peacefully, however, after watching some films, you will lie on the bed and toss about the plot. I like the latter, becauseRead More



I watched the TV series “New Water Margin” broadcast by Hunan Jingshi last night. In the battle of attacking Zengtou city at night, Chao Gai led heroes to attack the city, but unexpectedly he was ambushed by Zengtou city. Although experienced Lin Chong advised, Chao Gai didn’t listen. Chao Gai was shot by Shi WengongRead More



Days will pass quickly, and too many things have become memories. It seems that there is no trace left, but I vaguely feel that the blood molecules in the wound are moving. Time will pass away eventually. We can’t keep it, and we can only write down the people and things we can miss. IRead More