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Hollow out

I can never get good. I once doubted whether persistence is really that important. Thousands of kilometers apart, as if the heart also gave birth to a thick film, to tear off, I am afraid that blood has already flowed into a river. I am tired of unnecessary quarrels, and I would rather go forRead More



[Introduction]: in the world of love, no one is sorry for anyone, only who does not know who to cherish! Crying doesn’t mean I surrender; Taking a step back doesn’t mean I give up; Letting go doesn’t mean I give up; Smiling doesn’t mean I am happy! We always like to verify the promises thatRead More



The biggest common point between chess and articles is that they are all purposeful, no matter you do whatever you want or play with them deliberately. A good article is just like a game of chess. When you see a move, you can find a move. However, the unexpected move is not poor, and theRead More