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[Introduction] at the students’ meeting, the host arranged an agenda and asked everyone to introduce their experiences. It’s my turn to speak. I think my personal experience has passed and there is no need to make sad memories. We should pay attention to today, look forward to tomorrow and live every day well! My speechRead More



You are a secret that I can’t tell, and my secret is what you can’t tell. Only you can know that I don’t need salt when eating noodles. It is to let my long hair not fall into the noodle bowl, but also to talk and laugh with you. Only you know that when IRead More


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[Introduction] in the past, we always felt like this. After several days, an old exercise occasionally gets a new understanding after sitting and reading it, which is called warming the old and knowing the new. Keeping old works can play such a role. We can also realize the writing process we have gone through. OurRead More



[Introduction]: it is popular to say again; September 9, kites, walking all over the street. The autumn wind is cool, and Chaoshan people fly kites on the square or field spontaneously. You can see that there are kites with unique shapes floating in the Blue World. Carp and centipede keep pace with each other. EagleRead More