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Life is hard to come to peace. The words are written in Wang Yun’s “mixed songs in Weng Mountain in Dongquan” in Yuan Dynasty. This is the author’s poem of living in the mountain. The words are plain, the reason is easy to understand, and it is also very close to human feelings. However, the annotation in some textbooks is: it reflects the turbulent life and precarious status of the feudal scholar-bureaucrat class. I feel that this kind of explanation is not right and has the suspicion of being far-fetched. And it is irresponsible for the ancients to present people to blame for being unapproachable. Life is hard to come to peace. This is not the epitome of the political career of which society, which class and which dignitaries. Is this not the experience and lament of life that many old people have experienced social life from ancient times to present! It is life, reality and objective existence to feel uneasy! Laian is The pray and wish of the old! It is rare and precious! More to cherish! Read Lin Xiang’s passionate travel notes the day before yesterday, I read the article “dream back to my hometown and travel to the car Stream” (up and down) written by Bo you Lin Xiang. I suddenly felt refreshed and read it again! Pleasing! Pleasing! Natural Beauty, folk customs, mountain village culture, wilderness fun, ancient traditions, New Times, panoramic view, intoxicating! Bachu features, return to nature. How much joy and laughter does the performance of Che Xi landscape, Che Xi humanity, especially the national culture village bring to tourists! (Chexi women’s ballad) is the sun resting, selling sesame sugar, praising husband and Buddy songs, vivid poetic painting, and deep life original! Called folk of essence, quintessence in art treasures! The beautiful forest fragrance! The ingenuity of the lin xiang! Passionate rushing, taking beautiful pictures, writing beautiful articles, laughing and talking about the beauty of cars and streams, sweeping the wind and dust several times by car! The sky is light, the clouds are clear, and the mountains are bright and red in autumn! Women sing women’s songs, men are obsessed with women! This scene was not only drunk by Bachu, the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the wandering people from all over the country, but also by the readers of blog, walking into the car stream Dreamland like songs and wine with Lin Xiang! May Lin Xiang write more beautiful and moving travel notes and poems! Reading Hai Rui’s “public security Shu” recently reading Hai Rui’s “public security Shu” in Ming Dynasty, there is a sentence in it: Beauty means beauty, and never conceals beauty; If you say it, you will never taboo it. It is true that what he said is good, and don’t say anything bad is good. A fault is a fault. Don’t say a tiny bit of fault is not a fault. A little materialistic attitude. Is truth. If you think carefully, you should extend it or fully understand it. Flaws can hide Yu, and Yu can hide flaws, which is a common problem nowadays. Good is good, there is a little bit of bad, we should not deny everything is bad. Wrong is wrong. Even if there is a tiny bit of good (right), it can’t be said that there is no mistake at all. For example, the merits and demerits were evaluated by others in front of and behind him, and they were totally denied or affirmed, which Marx had already criticized. Now it is proposed that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. However, practice is often difficult to grasp and distinguish in the so-called sanqi Kai. Therefore, people began to be vigilant: it was not a scientific attitude to make a final decision, one size fits all, and one stick to death. 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