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[Introduction] time can kill people’s will. No matter how strong people are, they will kill their will with the passage of time in empty time. When Love Goes far away, there is nothing to make up for the bitter waiting in confusion. The person who can make you miss forever may not be the one who misses you….. Time went by quietly, and the vacation was over half unconsciously. Looking back, the quiet and peaceful rural life calmed my inner anxiety and fickleness. The typhoon is coming, and the rain has been falling all the time. It hasn’t stopped since yesterday, and the wind and rain bring coolness. I am used to this kind of peaceful life. Although it is a little boring, after all, this kind of life is relatively comfortable without any disputes. After the rain, it washed away the dust in my heart and the accumulation of time. Without too much thought, no pressure, no expectation, no missing, it seems to be content with the status quo for life. At the end of the month, it was cloudy for more than half a month, and it was cloudy for two days. The time went so fast. A month passed by unconsciously, and yesterday seemed to be still there, but today is over. Some memories gradually became clear and blurred in the years. I wanted to say something but couldn’t open my mouth. It was inevitable that there were some disappointments like this or that in my life. After all, it was my selfishness that caused the trouble. Some people always like to be bitter about the trifles of life, so they can’t rest assured, and finally get their heads burnt. Desires bottomless, not put heart desires, always means you, and homing distress. Leaving the light clouds, falling down the curtain and drizzle, the night wind brought a burst of refreshing, time quietly took away my loneliness, and the rest was just a day’s blank. The bell of midnight rang gently. The night was so Sleepless. There was no moon in the sky tonight, and the NI Hong lamp in the city seemed brighter. Maybe the weather was strange, and the Frog sound was very few tonight, which seemed very quiet. The night was quiet, the busy city gradually slowed down, and the noise gradually calmed down. I don’t know who to sing the Midnight Song for, maybe tomorrow is lonely again. It rained again. The deeper the night is, the heavier the rain is. There is no yearning for the night, only the loneliness of the night. Time is losing day by day, and memory is also Diluted. When we are young, we will inevitably have loss and confusion. Facing the complicated world, it is too many temptations and traps, familiar people are full of strangeness. When the years are gone, we will find that the youth frivolous has disappeared, and what remains is only the dream of youth and death. In fact, what we lose is not life, but a heart. When I was young, I had many beautiful longings. When I grew up, I no longer had longings. Instead, I was involved in a pile of trivial matters of life. Some people keep complaining about the cruelty of reality, but the real world is the jungle and survival. As long as the heart light is bright, we can keep the same calm heart in the cruel reality, and we can also fragrant life. The next day, after dinner, there was a sudden thunder. The downpour fell instantly and the sky was completely dark. The first heavy rain after winter washed away the dust of the old days, and a breath of the Earth blew on my face. Sitting at the window, listening to the thunder and rain, as if listening to the confession of nature, this is a long-lost music. After the rain, the night seemed to be much calmer, and there was less traffic. This was a rare calm, but I didn’t feel sleepy, instead, I was more sober. Last night, I woke up from a nightmare. In my dream, I saw a ghost sleeping beside me. I struggled hard and fought with the evil ghost desperately, while I saw others sleeping soundly, it seemed that I didn’t wake up, and finally I expelled the evil ghost. But it went into other people’s bed. I walked over and grabbed the ghost’s feet and fell on the wall. I shouted desperately but no one heard it. I woke up with a cry. It turned out to be a dream to find that there was no one around me. I can’t figure out why there is such a dream. Some time ago, it seemed that there was no such understanding in Froy’s analysis of dreams. I never believe in the saying of ghosts and gods, nor do I believe in the existence of the so-called soul. The ultimate life of a person is a pile of loess or a handful of gray after being buried. Students when meaningful, What remains is the human spirit rather than soul. Dreams are just illusions. It was another day and night when my thoughts came to an end, as if it was yesterday again. Today, the weather changed a little bit. It rained a little in the evening and wet the ground slightly. At night, the fluorescent lamp in the dormitory was burnt out, and a pungent smell came to my face, lasting for half an hour. Today, I found that my left hand had no strength at all, and I couldn’t help tying the shoelace. Somehow, I didn’t catch a cold or get hurt. I haven’t caught a cold since I got flu vaccine last time, and I seldom exercise at the same time. I always feel panting when running in the morning. Recently, I felt a little disappointed in peace. Although I won’t have ups and downs, great sorrow and joy, I still have some feelings, not because of the gains and losses of life. Maybe everything is just my spiritual sustenance, not my pursuit. As time went by, this kind of sustenance made me more and more disappointed, and gradually lost my instinctive pursuit. On the morning of the third day, the sun was very mild, spreading to the Earth, leaving a slight residual temperature. Life entered a static state, and the sky began to turn cold slowly. Time passed quietly, and some people were happy and worried. Life is full of helplessness of reality, indifference and ruthlessness among people. Life is too lonely, it seems very plain; Too rich, it seems very messy. There are many differences between people. It is very difficult to truly understand a person. It was sunny in the morning, but it was a little gloomy in the evening. It seemed to be the same rhythm from morning to night to spend day after day calmly. Some people always complain, some people always follow others, but I am just at a loss. I don’t miss when everyone is missing, and I don’t care when everyone is concerned. I always think that memory is forever. Time can make memory indifferent. This year’s life seems to be much calmer than in previous years. Maybe one year after the new year, the childlike innocence also vanished a little. Some people are complaining about the misfortune of life and the unfairness of reality. In fact, life itself is quite fair, which is just the function of people’s heart. Misfortune and luck always exist at the same time. Just like the weather, if it rains too much, it will naturally clear, and if it rains for a long time, it will naturally rain. Time disappeared unconsciously. I found that I was very lazy recently. The holiday was coming to an end and I did nothing. Living aimlessly everyday, I was too lazy to go out and slept after eating. Life is sometimes an invisible net, which covers you firmly and makes you unable to see the road far away. On the contrary, the more you think about many problems, the more complicated they become. Sometimes, the more you think about problems that are originally simple, the more complicated they become. Some people can only live in memory, while others live in reality. The Spring Festival is coming. Most people are busy with friendship, while I am idle and bored. There is a natural difference between people. Recently, I often woke up after midnight and couldn’t sleep any more. I didn’t realize that the most painful thing was that I couldn’t sleep well until dawn. Eating and sleeping well are the greatest happiness in life. Quietly waiting for the time 1 minute 1 second disappear under the night, suddenly turning back, there is no waiting for you. Time changes everything slowly. You are just a flower in a dream. When you wake up, the flower will wither. Maybe it is a wrong encounter and a wrong acquaintance. My thoughts have been wandering for a period of time, and it’s time to sort them out. The time was coming forward in 2011, and all the plans failed again. The afternoon became colder, and snow floated in the hazy sky. I haven’t seen the snow floating for a long time, pushing away the memory, as if yesterday was still the same, but after many years, the snow of memory has already melted. With the passage of time, the memory is gradually blurred, and the young dreams and passions are also gradually fading away. I have searched many familiar faces on the campus internet these days, but it is strange to see one. Maybe time can really wash the memory and isolate the pure heart. My mind was in a mess, and finally returned to reality after wandering for a long time. The holiday was spent in plain and calm, without singing and laughing, passion and deep yearning, and everything seemed very comfortable. If time can go backwards, maybe, but time cannot go backwards. A peaceful and comfortable life can also make people generate impetuous emotions. A few days of vacation is just like a day, and every day is the same pace of life. In such an ordinary day, I thought a lot of questions, but everything can only be a castle in the air, bound by reality, and many beautiful wishes can only be lost in meditation. In the past, I always thought you were my hope, but now my hope is shattered. There is no spiritual sustenance any more, and life suddenly falls into vain, even the last glimmer of hope. Over and over again, everyone in life needs spiritual comfort, especially people living on the edge of society. What we lack is spiritual food. When I lost hope, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to be busy with. All my efforts burst like bubbles. Maybe we should really put some pressure on ourselves, so that we can have motivation and fight for our own life, not for someone. Tired, finally disappointed and lonely gradually made me give up all my missing. For a week, it was hard to fall asleep at night, which was similar to nerve decline. I kept reading several e-books and felt deeply. Facing my own life, what kind of attitude should I take to face the birth and accession to the WTO? It seems that there are too many contradictions. Peaceful life plain life cannot inspire people to forge ahead, let alone describe such life. Everyone has his own weakness, and most people try their best to avoid it. Do I dare not face it and devote myself to it? Life has been wandering for several times. Do I think too much? Simple life and complicated thoughts make me have to think about it. After thinking for a long time, life becomes a dream, and the dream is broken, life returns to reality. Time can kill people’s will. No matter how strong people are, they will kill their will with the passage of time in empty time. When Love Goes far away, there is nothing to make up for the bitter waiting in confusion. The person who can make you miss forever may not be the one who misses you, the person who can hold your hand is not necessarily the one you love most, and the person you love most is not necessarily you who hold hands. There are too many uncertain factors in life. You today may not be you yesterday. Paying the most is not necessarily the most. Most of the time I am thinking about the issue of life, about whether you should stick to it? Maybe that day I could pull my head back and hide my waist, but I still couldn’t retain the love passing by in the years. When a person is very lonely, I will keep thinking, thinking and thinking again, but I will never find a satisfactory answer. Time can really change a lot of things. Maybe the longing of youth can only become the pain after getting older. Before work, I didn’t know how to spend the spare time, but I was short of money when I wanted to travel. After work, there was no leisure time any more, countless trifles tangled together, but I wanted to travel but had no time. People always live in a contradictory time, sometimes with others, sometimes with self. Hope and waiting often result in disappointment and miss. Once a person is unfamiliar, even if he lives in the same narrow environment, he is still unfamiliar; Once a person has a distance, even if two people hug each other, there is still a distance. It is too difficult to see you. It is really too difficult. It is not because we are too far away, but because we have become unfamiliar. Time diluted my missing and waiting, and in return, it was endless disappointment. I often fall asleep after midnight after work. I am not busy at work, but get used to this lifestyle. I am used to waiting for the train to arrive slowly, the roar of the train, and the shaking when the train is coming. It is late at night, and there is no more muggy day, but only the loneliness of midnight. 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