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Most sincere

[Introduction]: a memory is like a desire to enjoy the romantic autumn rain, but it is drenched in a mess. Frankly speaking, I have the idea of crying. This is my understanding not long ago. In the morning when I just woke up, I ordered several sad songs one after another and sat at theRead More



We also have ideals, and we also need directions. J was my classmate for many years. He was eager to learn and make progress when he was young, and he was also a good young man at that time. He had nothing to do with the so-called achievements or the so-called interpersonal relationship. As farRead More


Tree War

December is always so cold, with a gust of cold wind stringing around the campus. Evergreen cypress trees in four seasons are like people who are about to fall into the lake, shaking their bodies with their arms open. It rained for several days and the playground was wet. Seeing a pool of water onRead More