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[Introduction] every time I walk along the river, especially in the evening, the river becomes darker and darker. Once I walk by, I suddenly can’t move. I feel something pulling me with weeds, looking forward, I still couldn’t get rid of it. Looking down, some weeds on the instep were entangled, and my heart couldn’t help falling down some palpitations …… once, I had never been afraid of anything, I grew up in the countryside, but my thoughts were not as stubborn as those old women. When my grandmother was very young, she wouldn’t allow me to go out at night. She said that she would encounter dirty things, and every time I was scared. Because they can see you, you can’t see that they have heard of Yin and Yang eyes when they were young, and they don’t know exactly what it is. When reading novels, they saw this word. Grandma told me not to ask this kind of thing all day long, bad, they will suffer, but they still told me: Yin and Yang eyes usually have children just born, because they are the purest, so they can see ghosts, so when you are born, you will cry. For adults, Yin and Yang eyes are people who can see the hell and people who can see the world, the advantage is that when they saw the ghost, they would give in in time so that they wouldn’t be possessed. They always had a fever when they went out and came back at night. At that time, I had a high fever for three days, and it didn’t work to take medicine, later, grandma went to ask the so-called master of morality, that is, the so-called Immortal. Naturally, this kind of person does not exist in this world, but people in rural areas think there is, because some of us are preached as gods. If you don’t tell them your name, they will test it themselves and know what your purpose is, it is said that these people have been dealing with Gundam since they were young. This is a natural skill. After asking, grandma came back. At midnight, Grandma walked to me in a daze with incense in her hand, I circled around my head for three times, and then went to a big river in the east of my house alone. There was only one family there, but I guess the lights should be turned off at that time, at that time, I didn’t know where my grandmother went. My fever went back overnight. Later, I asked my grandmother where she went. My grandmother smiled and said to me: you ran into the red guy when you went out, because you couldn’t see them, you accidentally ran into them. I went to the big river in the east of our house to burn some money for you. At that time, it was late and there would be no one by the roadside, don’t be seen by others when you don’t have this kind of thing, otherwise, the Bad Grandma was serious at that time, I was so scared that I didn’t dare to say anything more. After a while, when I was in school, a classmate told me one thing; She had a brother in northern Jiangsu, a rural area. When he slept, he put a hemp rope on the bed. When he got up the next day, the hemp rope was wrapped around his neck, which was very tight. He didn’t take one thing as if he had made it himself in the middle of the night. The following day, it was wrapped around his neck as usual, later, his mother put a scyck under his pillow, and then it was all right. This is also our custom here. If anyone encounters such a thing or has nightmares for several days, just put a pair of scissors or a pair of shoes beside the pillow (this trick is very clever), then you won’t have nightmares. The older method, Grandma told me once: if you see someone you don’t know talking to you again in your dream, when you wake up, you can quickly open the toilet lid. When that person will appear in it, I will be scared to see goose bumps all over my body, it’s too scary the most impressive Time: It was the day Grandpa died. Grandpa died in a car accident. He died in the middle of the night 11.55, and it was in five minutes, at that time, my heart was pounding heavily, because adults always said that it was a ghost when my family told me to throw away the rest tissue my grandfather used, because I was sad at that time, I walked outside with a paper tube. The trash can was in front of a family in front of us, beside a stream. It was hazy and dark. I didn’t go out so late, and I was very scared, my feet were soft and my heart was pounding. When I stepped out of the gate, there was a gust of wind coming towards me. With a loud noise, I was so scared that I ran back quickly. That was true, it was not a dream. There was a strong wind mixed with a roar, a deep and ferocious roar. At that time, there were a few people standing on the steps. I ran inside without time to think more, I also fell, and the adult comforted me that it was just a coincidence, but it was windy and fine. Since then, I dare not go out at 12 o’clock until the garbage. Once after grandpa died, the wife of the good brother in front of Grandpa ran to my house and said that the old man of his family could not move. As the best brother in front of grandpa, half of his grandfather’s death was related to him, he said that when he was cooking, he turned around and saw grandpa standing behind him without saying a word. He trembled his mouth, and everyone would be afraid: good brother, don’t, don’t scare me so much. Grandpa didn’t say a word. He just stood coldly. After that, the old man’s legs couldn’t walk, because his legs were broken after grandpa was hit by a car, half of the skull was lost, and finally it didn’t last because of infection. In those two months, when our family was ruined, we had no way out. At that time, my grandmother and I didn’t live with mom and dad, we lived in a drainage station. Grandpa was the secretary of the village head brigade, so he asked grandpa to help them see the station. We lived there. The small courtyard was very beautiful, standing on the river with a fishing boat beside it, the old couple on the fishing boat treated our family very well. There were many families there, along the river, a row of families. Later, due to the need, all of them were dismantled, leaving our family, I couldn’t help feeling sad. It was a deep river. When she was digging, I stayed aside to watch, at least seven or eight meters. At that time, grandpa told me: don’t fall down. If you fall down, you won’t get up. Every time you walk along the river, especially in the evening, the river becomes darker and darker. Once you pass, you suddenly can’t move, I felt there was something tearing at me. I went forward and still couldn’t get rid of it. Looking down, some weeds were entangled in the instep, and my heart couldn’t help falling down. After Grandpa stayed in the hospital, I was with my grandmother, who was sick of talking in her sleep. His accent often echoed in the empty room at midnight, blurred and sharp, every time I was scared to wake up, I would shake my grandma up. My father told me that I must wake her up. At that time, even the sound of dripping water could be heard in the quiet drainage station, I was suddenly broken through by my grandma’s scream, but I was scared to my inner fear. I was only twelve at that time. When I was young, my house was demolished and far away from that place, because I didn’t dare to go upstairs at midnight when I was at home, I am I lived downstairs. There was my grandpa’s memorial tablet on the stairs, and there was a small house with debris piled up nearby. The stairs were very dark, the gangster was gloomy, and I was very scared. I lived in the new house, and I dreamed that: I went back to the messy place alone, and all the things in the house were gone, several places were torn down. I walked into my house. It was sunny and there was no glass barrier. The whole house was very bright. It was the first time I went upstairs boldly, just as I stepped up the first step, there was a voice from upstairs, which was Grandpa’s voice: Bingjie, I panicked immediately when you came back. I ran out quickly and never came back when Grandpa died again, I dared to take away the towel that covered his face. The stiff and tight skin was completely free of the coldness that penetrated into his heart. It was so cold that no matter how hot it was, it couldn’t make him warm up, at that time, I dared, but it was just a dream, but I dared not. That was my dearest grandfather, but I dared not go upstairs. My grandmother kept telling me that I couldn’t talk to people who died in the dream, that is a bad omen. You can’t talk and they often tell me that someone calls you at night. Don’t say it, don’t answer, especially strangers, otherwise, I would lose my life. There is another thing that is particularly important, that is, the foundation, which is a magical but Supernatural Thing. At that time, my mother told me about my grandfather’s story in a long time, at that time, there was a big tree in front of my grandfather’s house, which was very thick and strong. One day, they had a meal together. Suddenly, my grandfather got under the table crazily and tilted his neck: Don’t press me, don’t press me, ah, it’s so painful. He said to himself, obviously there was nothing, but he just said there was something pressing on him and his head kept sweating, it was a cold sweat. Grandma hurried to find the immortal. After she came back, she straightened the tree in front of his house. I don’t know when it was, but the tree was bent unexpectedly, on the foundation of the House, grandma said, “it was because of trees that he did this. After the rectification, my grandfather got well and went to see a family for a funeral, the voice of the family suddenly changed when they were eating, and became the voice of two very old people. Some people recognized that it was the voice of the people who died in the previous generation. Many years ago, those two people had grudge and often attacked each other. Now they were possessed by these two people and scolded each other. The first time I met such a thing, I was scared to sweat. When I was upstairs, I don’t know why. At that time, my waiting downstairs was always very bright. The lights upstairs seemed to be half dead. Secretly, there was a strong wind outside the room. I was going to wash my feet alone, I saw a bamboo floating outside the window, which was alive. I looked at it with my eyes fixed, and found it was right. After washing my feet, I almost found that the bamboo forest beside my house was definitely not as high as that of the House, besides, it was very hard, just opened, it is impossible to touch the window on the second floor. Besides, it is unrealistic that the wind blows. No matter how it blows, the pillar will not bend a path, although it is on the edge, but it is also a distance of three meters. It doesn’t make sense. When I was a child, I also read the story of a female ghost walking backwards. If you are interested, you can go and see here to advise, A person still does something wrong in his life. He seldom cares about such strange things as ghosts and gods. Sometimes he knows too much, which is bad. Don’t go to see such things at midnight. It is taboo to listen to others, in some remote areas, if some people are possessed, their people will take a bowl with half a bowl of clean water inside, and sprinkle some water between the two chopsticks, standing in the clean water with a mirror beside it, you can see who is leaning over the chopsticks to stand, which is based on science, as for the latter half of the paragraph, I don’t know. The so-called pen immortal is just a kind of subconsciousness. It’s better not to play with such things as ghosts and gods. If you believe it, believe it. If you don’t believe it, I ‘d better have a classmate, his grandfather had stomach cancer, which was already in the late stage. One night, her grandmother was begging for God and worshiping Buddha, with incense all over the house, he said he was going to open a negative knife. He heard the sound of knife collision in his grandfather’s room in the middle of the night. The next day he woke up with a scar on his grandfather’s belly. Her grandmother said, yesterday, people in hell came to save your grandfather. I don’t know if it has any effect. This would not be like this if it was not necessary. Er ~ if the dead person adopted an animal before his death, that animal would sense before that person was too fast. This was the dog in our family. The dog ran to the drainage station by itself. At that time, Grandpa thought it was very cute, so he told it: I’m going back to my own home. Go out. The dog didn’t walk around Grandpa. Grandpa closed the door. The dog followed me all the time and then came to my home, at that time, a dog named Bai Bai just died in my family. Finally, I went back to the kitchen to have a look. At that time, there was a stove, a very old cooking stove, the little black dog hid under the stove. As soon as he saw me coming in, he wrapped my feet and looked very affectionate. I looked at the dog, which was almost the same size as before,: Eh, strange, did this dog fall into the Ashes? Why did it burn all its fur black? Then I touched it and found it turned out to be a new one. After that, Grandpa was far away in the hospital in Suzhou. He was dying, one day, it ran slowly in the yard and crazily. After running for more than half an hour, I asked him to ignore me and couldn’t stop him. After he stopped, there was something like tears in the eyes, and those eyes were depressed. In the next few days, they were depressed and finally died, later, Grandpa also died. This is the so-called invisible induction. In fact, I don’t know what I have experienced. Some things are too long to remember. If you have something similar, you can also tell me Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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