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In the scorching sun, the sky was like a glass of water dripping with pure blue ink. After dilution, it became light blue and light blue. In the visible view, there are a few white clouds floating lazily in the sky, either far or near. Occasionally there are planes passing through the high air, leaving white lines with uneven thickness, shallow and gradually dissipating. The sunshine is still so dazzling, like an incandescent lamp, emitting its own light and heat. My childhood grew up under such a sky. Now, when studying in a distant place, I feel a little delighted when I go home during the summer vacation. I am unfamiliar and familiar with this place. What is strange is the same piece of land. I have grown up here for more than twenty years, and this piece of land can bring me joy. I am familiar with the land, relatives and houses here. From now on, leave here step by step to realize the ideal of life. My childhood friends have grown up, and each of them has his own way to go, so some don’t go home. Many things enrich our life and emotions. Some things have gone through without feeling anything. After many years, the chance to pick up again often brings different feelings, most of which are positive sunshine. Because with the growth of age and the deepening of understanding, everything becomes the stepping stone for future progress. I vaguely remember all kinds of happiness and sadness in my childhood. Walking on the one-way street of life, the past can only look back. I am standing here, looking at the young me at the beginning of the road, full of immaturity. I suddenly remembered a scene in the movie. The red sun set down on the mountain, and the last sunset glow lit up in the sky. On a high and low mountain road, the two waved goodbye, waving and laughing. Now, I look at the past with a smile and see everything that say goodbye to each other. Review again, without reviewing lessons, it becomes boring and boring. On the contrary, every memory is always like bathing in sunshine, warm and colorful. When I was very young, I was not obsessed with it. The most common thing was to deal with some soil and small animals. I often went to the place where there was silt in front of my house to get some mud back, pinched the planes and cannons I had thought of, and put them in the sun to dry them into finished products, which could only be counted as models. But when the success was achieved, problems would always be exposed. Either the wings of the plane fell or the cannons fell, they couldn’t leave at all, but at that time they also played happily. What impressed me was still a time to catch tadpoles, at the age of five or six years old. At that time, the tadpoles near my home were tired of catching them. Like Colombo found the new continent, I also wanted to find a place full of miracles. I found it by accident one morning. It was a mire full of silt. The water was very shallow. What was important was that there were large tadpoles inside. When there was another companion, they stood in the silt and grasped it heartily. The water was muddy. Later, I didn’t wear the clothes, which was out of the way. These were also the inference that my father found me back home later. It was like a terra cotta warriors covered in mud. My father led me as if I had experienced a journey and pulled me back to reality. Walking on the road, I still remember the eyes of others staring at me. I liked small animals when I was young, and it was common that the newly hatched chicken in my family. The day when the chicken broke its shell, that is, the day when it came to the world to see me. Once, a chicken just hatched, and there happened to be something wrong with its leg, I isolated it separately and made a small single room, which was actually a paper box. Since then, the chicken has been determined to live with me and stay with me every day, but I don’t think so. It depends on me and I don’t rely on it. Slowly, after a few days, they became familiar with each other, but alienated from the old hen. From then on, it began to be isolated and sometimes wanted to get close to other chickens, he was also scared away by the deterrent of hens. Every day, wherever I go, the chicken will follow me. When I am outside, I will limp to my side as soon as I clap my hands. Of course, it doesn’t worry about eating and drinking. I try to feed it every day. When I sleep, I will put it beside me. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. A few days later, suddenly one day, it became dull, two eyes were dull, standing unstable and a little swaying, eyes closed for a while before opening, patting its head, suddenly it was like waking up from a dream, shaking his body, and soon he recovered to that morbid. I know it will die. Qijia care, Catching insects and feeding water are indifferent. Finally one morning, I woke up and it died. Later I buried it, dug a hole and inserted a branch as its grave. But I didn’t go to see it any more, even I can’t remember where I buried it. I have experienced several similar events like this, but I still don’t understand why I died. At the age of school, Zeng I am went to a school near home with such a small schoolbag on his back. The school was very simple. One teacher taught maths and Chinese, and he taught grade one and grade two. It seemed that the class at that time was not easy, and I could always imagine the balsam pear face that was sent out every exam transcript. At that time, my conceptual good teacher was a teacher who didn’t beat others. Later I changed a teacher and found that there was indeed a good teacher. I was still complaining about the sufferings I suffered at that time. My moral character is extremely correct, but those who can’t change grades, just like the popular men now, can they get money for good quality? Can men be motivated to eat? Some things are not exchanged equally, so there are experiences of being abused by teachers. The pen in the teacher’s hand which had been stopped production was his weapon, which could be called sword. Even a double-edged sword was not a sword. For me, there was no positive side. In addition to the score of failing, there was also the sword which had been stabbed on the forehead of many classmates with full arms and military caps for countless times. It was really a lost sword, but it was also used by bad people. I failed the first grade exam and was promoted to the second grade. I failed the second grade exam, so I was promoted to the third grade. The secret is to get to know the teacher. Now I think about it, but it doesn’t have any profound influence. Later, I changed a school from the third grade to the fifth grade. At that time, I could be admitted, but my grades were still average. The traditional education of primary school may not be popular in persuasion education for a long time, but it is still solved by force. It still does not escape from the fate of being educated by teachers. It has rewritten the composition and Zhou Ji several times. Sometimes I went home late after school to persuade and educate me, and finally I went home slowly. Summer vacation homework is often a diary, 45 days off 45 days diary, almost to the beginning of school is often a day when 10 days, write 10 diaries every day, now I think it really makes me anxious. In primary school, teachers are God. Only when you treat God well can God broadband you. I felt suffering at that time, but now I feel it is passing by. I only feel that the experiences at that time were very interesting. The value of some things lies in the fact that the dead will never come again, and the plot can not be re-staged and changed. In the past, there was no need to criticize it. In the end, it was yourself that should be blamed. In the past, we had to convince ourselves to be beautiful. Childhood is far away, but it is beautiful. Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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