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Look Back

After staying in the crowded and noisy city for a long time, I longed for a kind of return, the harmony and purity of nature and the leisure and Tranquility of Soul. On weekends, I can finally enjoy leisure, listen to the light music, and swim on the road in the countryside by bike, breathing fresh air. I have warm sunshine on my body, and I am overhead, there are blue sky, roadside, green grassland, and simple villagers who are carrying a basket or holding an old buffalo walking towards them. With a bright smile on their faces, the thunderstorm in summer is really unpredictable, just now, it was still raging and crazy. After a while, it became sunny after rain. The rain washed away the hot hot summer. The breeze was gentle and the air was clear and cool. Standing in the farmyard, breathing the breath of the field, I felt comfortable and cozy. What a pleasure and enjoyment it is to be in the simple and quiet nature! Although the country roads were bumpy and muddy, the crops on the ground were washed by the rain, fresh and picturesque, with green waves rippling. Influenced by this scenery, I felt much more relaxed. Like the rainy days in the farm, the family can stop to cook a delicious meal without going to work, or the family can gather together to talk about relaxing topics, even if sleep also sneak happiness. Although I thought so, the villagers were not the same. The work in the field was waiting to be done. There is a lot of rain this year. The weeds in the field are almost as flat as the crops. If they are not eliminated, the harvest will be affected. As soon as the rain stopped, my cousin went to weed in the corn and peanut fields, and I followed. It rained badly, and there was no mud sticking to feet in the field. The corn in the field had already begun to hold its ears, revealing furry tassels. The peanut seedlings had just grown green leaves, covered by the tall branches and leaves of corn, they are very spirited under the moisture of rain. Villagers are farming carefully. The ridge is straight, and peanut seedlings are neatly arranged in the middle of the Corn Ridge, which are interdependent and growing. In the fields after the rain, crops such as corn, peanuts, cucumbers and so on were growing like Starting. In the ditch and open ground, there were dense weeds everywhere, with Green in the eyes, and occasionally cattle and sheep looming. I have stayed in the city for a long time, and I am busy going to work every day. Most of the time I have to face the towering and even crowded city buildings, and my heart looks like a narrow road. Now, in the vast nature, the sun is hiding in the clouds, the breeze blows on the face, facing the friendly faces of the villagers, and the world of his side is gradually gone, I seemed to be the child spoiled by my mother in my childhood again. I took off my shoes and walked barefoot on the ridge of the field. The fresh soil permeated into the soles of my feet. The cool feeling was very cozy. At this time, I really want to be a simple peasant forever, and I am willing to enjoy the sweet taste of this bitter. Ideas are just ideas. I know that I don’t belong to this world any more. My parents worked so hard to send me out so that I would not suffer this hard work any more. In my memory, no matter in the cold winter lunar December, or in the hot season, especially in the autumn harvest, my mother called me to work before dawn, and went to the ground in a daze, but my sleepiness hadn’t been driven away yet, so my mother spread some hay to let me continue to sleep. When the clothes which were wet by Dew were dried by the sun and she was too hot to fall asleep, it was often the time to go home for dinner. When I was studying outside, when I came back home on vacation, I could barely bear the hot summer sun, help my mother pull grass in the field, and the peasant family could barely do all kinds of physical work. I always loved my mother’s hard work and helped her a little more. The safer my conscience would be, so I could bear it even when I was hot. Now, my mother has stopped farming for many years, and she has also been liberated. But when it comes to the autumn harvest season, the feeling of being hot, thirsty, soreness of waist and arm pain cannot be forgotten in my heart. Those things have happened many years ago, and now they come to the familiar fields again, but they have a feeling of pastoral interest. I think, the children of the peasant family would not feel that there was any pastoral pleasure in the life of the peasant family, but they would have a deeper understanding of the hardship of serving Chinese food. For example, we live in an environment with heating in winter, air conditioning in summer, no biting cold wind and no bites of insects and mosquitoes. We live a life without dust and smoke, and we have to worry about giving new words from time to time. Even so, I often feel unhappy and complain about it. Isn’t it ashamed to think about it? At present, when you encounter hardship, tiredness and grievance in your work, every time you think of the scene of working in the field, you will feel that you will never feel more sad than that, so you will not complain any more, in this way, the former farm life has also become a kind of wealth. Everyone has his own life, whether farming, business or politics, or doing his own thing as much as he can. 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