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Induced children

Dear son! Today is the fifth day of winter, and the weather starts the first snow of this year. Through the glass, when you look at the heavy snow flying outside the window, from your eager eyes, I can see your curiosity and expectation for this snow. However, if you catch a cold, we haveRead More



What kind of woman is it? I don’t know. Someone said that I am a woman who was tortured by emotion and was covered with bruises all over her body. She hung on the dead old tree bloody, and let the wind blow, let the rain fall, and let the frost and snow spread allRead More



For two years, I have always stayed in the dormitory. Read novels or sleep. Bad mood not going anywhere class. At first, the teacher was in charge of me. Later, it might be because I didn’t change after repeated education, or it might be because I was too lazy to do this, so I letRead More