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[Introduction] the hexagonal tower of Wei an makes me look up, and the crisp hexagonal bell makes me intoxicated, making me forget the illness that I can’t sit for a long time. I sit blankly, looking up silently and listening quietly, journeying xia xiang Human body posture: walk, stand, sit, lie, sleep. Walking and standing are listed as the posture of hard work by people, sitting, lying and sleeping are the postures of rest and enjoyment, so there is a posture of sitting, please sit down, please sit up and say. When I was young, in order to study, I always carried my schoolbag and walked over the mountains when it was dawn. I was in the stage of growing up. I walked breathlessly and exhausted every day, making people feel that life is boundless and bitter. Adults hate walking for a long time, so they reduce walking and avoid walking in life, and often kill life by sitting posture. Over the years, reading and writing are almost all my life. My cervical spine is unhappy and sends out pain signals. I had to lie down and read books, letting my head fall down to reduce the pressure of cervical spine. In fact, the body weight of sitting and lying is all on the butt. Recently, my ass has been giving advice. My ass muscles feel painful, which makes me unable to sit or lie down. Then I only have to sleep. Life, I can’t sleep on the bed every day. I am speechless and speechless the glorious art woven by human wisdom and thoughts is mostly completed in sitting posture. Now I can’t sit, what should I do? Wandering alone at home, seeing the sofa but unable to sit down, I was speechless and speechless to go outdoors? Well, I have to go outdoors. I didn’t take a few steps to see a woman in ragged clothes standing in front of a restaurant. The woman’s hair was loose, which made her look unclear. The dirty skin made her unable to distinguish her skin color, and the slippers made her unable to recognize the shoe shape, carrying a enamel basin listlessly, you will know a beggar like Xianglin’s sister-in-law. She just stood in front of the door like that, no one looked at her, no one cared about her, and no one even wanted to abuse and drive her away. Recently, I always saw her in the streets and lanes. I saw her standing in such a posture. Isn’t she tired? Don’t she need a rest? Maybe her nerves can no longer feel the pain of her body, maybe she is just a life, she is just a body that can walk. Then her spirit is happy. She can’t feel the good, evil, beauty and ugliness in the world, the intrigue of human beings, and the pathological changes and pains of her body, what she knew might be that she was willing to stand there. The sunshine of mid autumn still kept the summer heat. I walked on the street full of autumn sun with an umbrella. As soon as I walked into the old street of Gan Tang, I could see the small door, which was single and without wind window, and was very thin embedded in a white wall. Whenever I walked into the old street, I would pay more attention to that small door. In that summer 30 years ago, I went to the city from the deep mountain to take part in the senior high school entrance examination. I went to the small door with my classmates to take a bath and change clothes. I remember that at that time, the host lifted the whole body of the blackish water from the bristle stove to take bath water for us. We yamayashi were unfamiliar with all the utensils in the city, and even the city dwellers, after three days of senior high school entrance examination, I didn’t know the name of the owner of that small door, nor did I know the relationship between my classmates and that family. So I took a bath for three days in a muddle, but I remembered that little door in my mind. Later, I went to the city to study in high school. Every time I walked into the old street, I wanted to enter that small door to have a look, but finally I didn’t go in. Later, I worked in the city. Every time I walked into the old street, I thought that the owner of that small door had changed a few times and only looked at that small door for 30 years, although the old street paved with stone roads is still smooth and smooth after the wind blows and rain, the small door will never change the appearance of the past despite the rapid changes of the buildings around it, however, I have grown from an energetic little girl to a middle-aged woman who can’t sit down due to illness. The traces of the passing of time are all in my painful body. I wandered aimlessly in the old street of Gan Tang just to reduce the sitting time at home. Walking out of the Old Street, the figure of the hexagonal tower came into my eyes. The architecture of the hexagonal tower in Ming dynasty had a history of 400 years. There were six corners on the third floor, and there were copper bells falling down the corners. The wind and the bells were melodious, 17 pieces of bluestone relief around the bottom layer are vivid. I walked straight to the hexagonal building, stopped at its shade, and found a marble to sit on. A burst of autumn wind blows, the sweat on the forehead suddenly becomes cool, the skin contracts and no longer sweats, the body and mind feel cool, and the hexagonal bell is slowly transmitted to the eardrum. I raised my head and looked up at the building. The hexagonal tower was bathed in the sun of mid autumn, and it looked particularly straight, standing and towering. The hexagonal copper bell was swinging gently, while the hexagonal bell was slowly transmitted to the magnificent hexagonal tower, making me look up, the crisp hexagonal bell intoxicated me and made me forget the illness that I couldn’t sit for a long time. I sat motionlessly, looked up silently and listened quietly. I wondered if it wasn’t because of my physical discomfort, I am don’t want to spend these time walking outdoors. Because of my physical discomfort, I walked alone and saw that the beggar woman in ragged clothes had more irresistible helplessness than my physical illness, which reminded the young boy of running around for study in the future, I appreciated the image of the vigorous hexagonal building in autumn and got a new harvest. When I came back, the beggar like Xianglin sister-in-law was still standing in front of the restaurant. Was she really not tired? Does she really need a rest? Is there really happiness in her spiritual field? 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