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Residual blood

A fallen leaf drifted into the vast ocean without shadow. Looking far away, mountains are still the same, water is still the same, secular is still the same. The defense line of the soul can no longer be chased. Recalling the numerous locks, I can’t help asking about heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, rapids. Destiny,Read More


Slaughter you

My son was shortsighted, so he took his son to the glasses market to buy glasses that day. Originally, we are the famous hometown of glasses, so it is very simple to buy glasses. I am also a person. I am honest and honest and afraid of quarreling with others, so I always choose thoseRead More


He not

[Introduction]: when I knew that he didn’t love me, I was just a little disappointed and a little sad. I knew that for him now, I was just the most familiar stranger,, why did God let me know such a truth. Hearing that Mo Wenwei didn’t love me, I cried and forgave me. I couldn’tRead More



[Introduction] what’s wrong with women wearing beautiful clothes! If a woman wants to be beautiful, let herself be beautiful! Accept others’ praise generously! Beauty is the right given to women by God! Just make good use of the rights given by God. Those beautiful clothes are made for women. Why don’t you try them on?Read More