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In junior high school, I am was a lively girl in the class. She was small, thin and cheerful. She didn’t say dirty words. She was a good boy in front of the teacher and studied hard. Although she was not beautiful, but everything else is good. I remember a classmate told me that many boys in my class like you. I smiled and continued to do my homework. At that time, I was still a child who knew nothing. Time gradually passed, and leaves fell many times, not to mention people. Later, I met a girl who regarded me as a relative sister, she always calls me affectionately. Although I don’t like her, I like the feeling that she cares about me. Many classmates hate her. I don’t know why, maybe she has poor grades and is always with the girls in school. But she was always with me, and everyone dared not say anything. Once she asked me: do you like A? A is A very handsome person and A lot of pursuers in our class. I always know the name of this influential man, so I don’t have fantasies, I shook my head, and she whispered to my ears again: I heard that he also liked me at that time. I just had a girl’s dream, with a little panic, but what is more is panic. My heart beat very fast. I felt the boiling blood for the first time, and my brain burst into the pot. A has always been handsome in my impression, white and tender, with the flavor of scholar, but it reveals a domineering spirit. But he seldom talks to me. So I was busy saying: I have no feelings for him. Later, I realized that A liked another girl in our class. The reason why he said he liked me was because I made A bet with others. I was very angry after knowing this. Fortunately, I said I didn’t feel anything about him at that time, otherwise, you will lose face. Later, A and that girl were together. It was A fairy tale story. They were very happy. I didn’t remember the ending. I just knew that everything was A fate arrangement. After my parents knew that they fell in love, they were separated. The girl transferred to another school and broke up unhappily,. If you are hurt and emotional, you can’t be too addicted,. At that time, I am said to myself that A didn’t choose me. I was very sad, but nobody knew. They all thought that I didn’t like anyone in the class. For many boys, I seemed to be unable to touch the light. I am Aquarius girls. Very special. I always think so myself. My friend said I couldn’t guess. The surface is lively, sometimes it is so quiet that people dare not disturb. My family is my pain. Endless family wars are filled with the smell of war. I hate this feeling and gradually my grades decline, and my heart becomes agitated in high school, I met the first one who said he liked me. I couldn’t breathe under the heavy pressure of study. For love, I didn’t expect him to be a favorite of many people, I didn’t believe that she would like such a thin and ordinary-looking person, so I refused that once he stopped me on the parallel bars on the playground with his hands on both sides of me. I was surrounded. In fact, I enjoyed that feeling very much, but he was not the person I liked. How I wished he was A. I said all the hurtful words and escaped from his arm. Very panic, very scared, very guilty. I was scolded by my friend when I returned to the dormitory. In fact, he is really good to me. I was almost suffocated because of my family. I’m so lonely. More and more hate learning. When I was in college, I fell in love with the man I loved deeply and the man who hurt me most in my life. z was the one I liked in high school. On that day, I plucked up my courage, I confessed to z Online. He told me that he had a wife, and he also liked me. He always thought there was someone around me, so he never thought of expressing himself. I remember I joked and said to him: if you don’t follow me, let your mother give me the same one again. He said he laughed in front of the computer for half an hour at that time. z’s temper is very weird. He is in a bad family, rich but indifferent. He often sees him sitting alone in the corner silently, playing with his mobile phone, I didn’t talk to anyone. It was such a down-and-out back that made me feel impulsive. I wanted to stay with him all the time and make him happy with me at that time forever, I am also a girl who knows nothing. I am full of hope for my love. I always tell my good friend that his good love has changed me a lot, it was a pure love that we two maintained our relationship through text messages. However, because I love each other, I have no hesitation to retrieve the pride that a girl should have for apologizing, which is worthless in my hands, the best girl in the class always says he is cute, and he is always willing to help anyone. His boyfriend is excellent, he would be unhappy if I didn’t have a girlfriend. He would always joke with me from time to time. I kept a place for him in my heart. He was the treasure of my life. During the summer vacation, we never went out together, first, I dare not. Second, he seldom asks me. I didn’t have enough excuse to tell my parents to go out until there was a classmate party. z said to me that day, you are mine all day. He stopped me, and I liked his overbearing look, snuggling in his arms. At that time, it seemed that Flowers would laugh and eat without him having a table with me. At that time, my stomach was not very good, and he always told me: don’t eat spicy food, I always asked people around me to take good care of me. At that time, my heart was gradually full of honey. This was the purest first love. I thought, in the future, we can walk through the distance between us hand in hand for the rest of our life. In the university, we are closely separated by a flower bed. Those who are close but dare not dare to be bold together, and there are many girls chasing him, he was afraid that I would be jealous, so generally he wouldn’t let me easily send a message to me from his former classmate W. We chatted, and he told me that he liked me. I saw me after the reunion, and now I’m chatting. I began to wander between W and C. C really haven’t contacted me for a long time. I am like C, I couldn’t help it. I sent him a message about it and broke up with him. He agreed immediately. I cried all night in the dormitory that night. W became my boyfriend in the next few days. I felt his warmth. He said that he was my permanent trash can. I could tell him all the unhappy things, he will not leave me. I like the feeling of being cared about, but I can’t like W. Because I like C, I told my high school friends. She encouraged me to pursue what I liked. I did it. I hurt W. C said he missed me too. I am with C again. But things are different from people. Time goes by quietly. People often say that the first love will not go to the future. I don’t believe it, but he taught me to believe in this world, the reality is always cruel. He fell in love with the monitor of his class. At that time, seeing them embracing each other and walking closer to each other, his heart was as painful as a drop of blood. I loved the beauty between us for three years and three years, because of the entry of a stranger, we couldn’t last long. He told me that he loved me, but he loved him more and I loved him, so he fulfilled his night. My bitter sobbing echoed in the dormitory, my heart was so sad that I couldn’t breathe. My tears covered my cheek. I don’t hate him. As long as he is good, it is like that if you are well, it will be sunny. Since then, I have never contacted him. I deleted all about him, and I dare not go to see my former classmate’s space, because there was a photo of him and me, he hurt me, and I lost all my confidence in love, I can’t face my normal life any more. I never thought of separation. This time, I have never recovered the immature love. My youth, which turned out to be really bad, allowed me to make such a mistake, even the immature love, I will leave some traces in my life, just like the sky. It is because of the flying of birds, the washing of heavy rain and the covering of clouds that I can see through my heart and broaden my love experience, I don’t cherish what I love, nor can I keep what I love] love is not as easy as I imagined. Sometimes even if I love each other, I can’t recall these deeds together again, farewell to the glory I know, everything will not come again, my dream, I will rely on myself, to complete, to struggle Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. 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