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qi yue

I don’t know when it rains outside the window. I don’t know how long the chaotic days have lasted. I think I must have lost my way. I don’t want to write poems for anyone anymore, and I don’t want to use words to describe my heart. I even think that no matter what toRead More



Today, it was the first snow in winter. The snow was very heavy, and it was indeed falling down one after another. I sat in front of my desk and stared at it, unable to overlook the mountains, I can’t look close to Yuan Ye. I live in a small town, and the high-rise buildingsRead More



On Wednesday, lunar April 16, 2017, you were my best friend. We had nothing to say. In the silent night, we used to lie on the floor together, talking about ideals, hobbies, beliefs and life without the bites of mosquitoes. You said you wanted to be a rabbit farmer, I said I wanted to beRead More