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[Editor’s note] a fresh and happy woman, in the era of the transition between tradition and Westernization, dissects her past, and changes from self-sealing to smiling to life, modern women who are calm and persistent in pursuing new life. I used to be a woman who likes simple life very much and loves casual, just like floating dust and sand. In tight life who, just every day 2.1 line around flat life footprint, work work home, home work knock off. The Pointer of time is always running between the fingers, under the footsteps, reincaring, passing and pedaling. I also repeat and shuttle tirelessly. This is a living condition before I walked out of the siege. I fell in this city and looked at me who is a bit fashionable and advanced now, you may not imagine what kind of life I used to live when I was born in a city and grew up in a city. It is the life of rising from Sunrise and returning from sunset. Simple, plain, hard, plain, nothing to ask for, nothing to expect, a little dull in my eyes, a little sad and calm. Go to work, get off work, buy vegetables and cook all day long. Keep close to the only money, and live the life that everyone should live with this kind of ordinary life every day. I didn’t know this was called Dull Suffering before. I thought it was originally a kind of original life mode. I didn’t care too much, let alone care about it. They never compare their own days with others. Because that is the way you choose. Just live a free life every day according to this trajectory. Although I am a person who knows a little about life in my heart, I can also create a little romantic. But this kind of special interest must have relative characters to arouse or create a realistic feeling. But in desperation, I fell into a soil that I shouldn’t have fallen into. Without this kind of environment for survival and germination, I didn’t want or want to use this kind of brain any more. Because I also understand that this kind of day is just a rare thing in life after all, which only plays the role of sporadic beauty. Not the mainstream of life. For this, I am very calm. I am a flexible person, fortunately, he can also adapt to this kind of colorless and tasteless alternative character who can simply live to ignorance in reality. In my heart and vision, I always think that most ordinary people are similar to me. Especially for a woman with a good family like me, in the era of tradition and Westernization, the traditional pattern of self-closure in her heart is deeply rooted. Don’t want to mess up, just seek stability. I never want to run the so-called beautiful days, and I don’t want to make any difference. I don’t think that belongs to me. There is no blessing in my life. So I thought like this, so I went through it. I think everyone is just a movable word. It doesn’t matter the status of merit, fame, profit and fortune. In short, they are all called days, and they themselves are also consumables. No matter how many splendor, how much wealth, or how many hopes, the day God gives people can only consume 24 hours. The sky is wide, the ground is Bo, and the home is big. You just occupy a place where you lie down. People are just repeating the subtraction of life. I always put this kind of life down to plain before to be true. Therefore, I spent and wasted my precious days like this. Live a life of never thinking, never competing, and never enviing others. This is especially true as you grow older. I always believe that every life has a contradiction and a state. It’s just different contradictions and states. Whether you are in a mansion or in a shabby house, you have your own satisfaction, contradictions, defects and living methods. Therefore, it is very calm in this aspect, never entangled in it. As the saying goes: a woman’s life is like a rapeseed’s life. When falling into the high quality soil, happy flowers will bloom. When falling into the low quality soil, it will be no longer a good seed, nor a miracle bud. The so-called men are afraid of entering the wrong line, while women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. It makes sense. Although these words are suspected of making men take heavy responsibilities, the reality in China is mostly like this. So-called female for yue yi person look, fu gui qi rong concept always staged, never updates. Most Excellent men who are capable or able to earn money call the goods that can give a good life to women at home or outside the house pride. This kind of feeling also greatly satisfies the unique vanity and prestige of Chinese men who have been feudal ethics for many years. At the same time, it also makes many men who are not rewarded naturally pressurize themselves. It further satisfies the special and natural demand that Chinese-style women depend on men. In short, everything is in nature. What kind of life to live seems to be a woman’s business, but it is also an indispensable driving force for men to pay for it. As the saying goes, men earn money to buy days, while women spend days with money. A harmonious and plausible balanced relationship. However, because of this situation, I also fell into the sorrow of living. In the era when the flower season is like a dream, I don’t have the vision to keep pace with the times. I belong to the refined girl who only dances with innocence and romance and doesn’t know what money is, I resolutely married the bachelors who had nothing, unintentionally and unintentionally. I only took a fancy to the character that they could live, thinking that such a simple and simple day would not happen at any corner, let alone be so sad. As long as I don’t expect, he will settle down with his desire. Can play spray. In fact, I entered a misunderstanding of living. Because it is really a woman’s business to live a life, and men are also the buyers of business days. This was the case in the past. Nowadays, although both men and women work to earn money to support their families, putting the cart before the horse can only be a tragedy. There is a very profound saying that behind a successful man there is a gentle woman, but behind a successful woman there is a man who hurts her heart. Because in a man’s heart, no matter whether he succeeds or not, he can’t stand his own woman who has greater potential than him. As his woman, you can be beautiful, but you can’t shine. If so, you will fall into an embarrassing situation where Yin rises and Yang declines, but you will not be happy. Even the weaker men, No matter how strong a woman is, she has such a concept more or less in her own subconsciousness. Male is just, female is weak, and everything in nature is also obvious. This is also why women must find men who have more advantages than themselves when looking for men, and men must find women who are 100 times weaker than themselves when looking for women. This is due to the nature of nature. It is not the fault of men or women. The fault is that God shouldn’t turn a woman into a rib on a man. Therefore, if men and women want to live a happy life together, they must first follow the same rule. The so-called theory of equality is also based on relativity. Breaking this routine, there is no happiness for the couple living. I am a typical example in this respect. It can be said that although I am not a petty woman, I also have some characteristics of petty woman. I can write poems, love calligraphy and love singing. Although it is not amazing, it is also worthy of the eye. Elegance, literary style and calmness should be my characteristics. However, the mistake was that I shouldn’t find an ex-husband who was much weaker than me. Although he was handsome, he was not natural and unrestrained. It belongs to the kind of silence. At first, I was convinced by his honesty and calmness to marry him. But then it was really the beginning of my nightmare. At the beginning, I didn’t feel much in front of a worker in an enterprise. He was also a salesman who ran business. They both lived such a plain and hard life, find a kind of satisfaction that ordinary people have in hardship. However, since I was transferred to work, I became a semi-civil servant in a public institution, The income was obviously a little more than the days I spent in the factory, but at the same time, the pressure of living also became proportional. At that time, at that time, besides, I really didn’t look like a worker, like a teacher in a certain school. A little dressing up can still show the unique and alternative spirit of literati, which is the kind of house Lady that men feel safe at first sight. The change of income and identity brings me not a happy day, but the beginning of a low-quality day. In this state, I started my nightmare days, numb, suffocated, unable to think about what I thought and do what I did, I tried hard to call the living method of this kind of day experience. However, my husband at this time held me tightly for fear that I would give me an affair and so on. Every day, I live a miserable life of being oppressed by the boss to extract surplus energy at work, and being checked by my husband from head to foot after work. It is definitely called a suffocating day when life is worse than death. What to Do? Looking at the children growing up day by day, they reluctantly accommodate and endure. Live a low-key and plain life. I tried to find a mood in such a day, but I always had tears and hazy days. I feel tired at work every day, especially after work. Only when you see the child can you slightly forget all the heartache. I really don’t know what is the way of life. In this way, my days are also slowly passing through the consumption day by day. More than ten years have passed, and my son has grown up to be much higher than mine. I am is enduring all my happiness, I went through my purgatory life even though there was a man but no care. Until last July, my father’s illness passed away, which surprised me suddenly, I shouldn’t walk through the days that belong to me like this any more. Therefore, I resolutely took out the determination I had never had before, gave up everything except my son, and decided to choose a new way of living. If you think like this, you will do the same. Suddenly it was the beginning of a New Year. My days began to have new definitions and living methods in the new plain. There are also a few more rationality and calmness. This may be the beginning of the corner after half my life. Walking out of the past, facing a new life, I feel a kind of relief that I have never had before. Therefore, I began to let my heart fly. Although the past days were very painful and hurt, it also brought me a lot of deposits. I think it doesn’t matter whether there is or not. Therefore, I took an unprecedented step and began to try to run a way of living in a new life. Although under my eyes, the sun was still the same and the moon was still the same, I had a new beginning. I have a netizen, a literary friend, every day I live for myself, and a lovely and loving son. Although hardship and loneliness come from time to time, my heart is relaxed. I tried my best to pick up the hobbies that I had abandoned for many years. I wrote essays to express my feelings and practiced calligraphy to comfort my feelings. Occasionally, I got together with friends and sang loudly. Although I am very tired, I am tired and happy. I always believe that sunshine always comes after wind and rain. Every day from now on, I have to take the responsibility for my own life. Although I don’t want any gorgeous turning around, I just want to find a real way of living that belongs to me. Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, I just want to have no regrets. No matter whether you are poor or rich, no matter how you live or how you live, you cannot throw away happiness and happiness. Smile to life is my latest way of living. Netizens and literary friends entered my QQ space and found that I am not like a divorced woman with nothing, they saw every smile of life after the pain from my heart. A fresh and happy woman. The topic of living is so simple, and the days that have passed or are experiencing are so calm. Eiko in 2011 nian 2 yue 1 ri final art [Editor in charge: Dielianhua]] Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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