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I. Definition of novel style: in the aspect of small novels, the requirement of word count has been established, which is within 1500 words. Ant Financial novels have not yet standardized the number of words. Some of them are within 300 words, while some have exceeded 500 words. Short stories: the word count is based on the principle of 5000 to 15000 words. Novella: Word to 30,000 to 70,000 words for principles. There is generally no clear word count rule for medium-length novels. But as strict publishing departments, general with words in 80,000 above, as a novel. 20,000 60,000 words or 40,000 80,000 words or lower some called novella. The main differences among long, medium and short stories are determined by the range of life reflected by the works and the capacity of the works. The full-length novel has the largest capacity, the widest range, the longer length, and the more complex structure. It usually expresses social life through more characters and numerous events, such as A Dream of Red Mansions. Although the range of life reflected by novella is not as broad as long novels, it can also reflect a certain range of life. The number of characters and the complexity of plots are between long and short stories, such as “people to middle age”. The characteristics of short stories are compact, short and pithy. They usually only write one or few characters and describe a fragment or episode of Life. Although the life reflected by short stories is not as long as the novella is broad, it is also complete, and some of them also have profound and rich social significance. II. The definition of poetry style: 1. The definition of poetry poetry is the basic structural unit of poetic expression based on imagery. With the help of rich imagination and novel metaphor, poetry is a language with strong rhythm and musicality, A literary genre that highly summarizes the poet’s main body’s deep understanding of the universe and life and his sincere chant on life. 2. Basic types of poetry according to the different characteristics of poetry in content and form, we generally divide it into lyric poetry and narrative poetry, free verse and rhymes, ancient poetry and modern poetry, folk songs and prose poetry and so on. III. The definition of prose style: 1. How to define the concept of prose? In ancient China, the prose articles which are opposite to rhyme and parallel prose were called proses, that is, except poems, words, songs and Fu, both literary works and non-literary works were all called proses. Modern proses refer to literary works except poetry, drama and novels, including essays, essays, travel notes, biographies, anecdotes, memoirs, reportage and so on. And personally, I think prose is a kind of short, pithy and distinctive literature, which can express the emotion deep in my heart and is a kind of literary style that can be accepted and applied by most people. 2. Can prose be fictional? After discussion, our group thought that prose could be properly fabricated. Prose is a literary style with lyric and beautiful language. In prose writing, I think it can be properly fabricated, but the feelings it expresses must be sincere and moving. As for continuing prose, we can be literary, personalized and liberal in writing people and things. After all, our experience is not rich, and our understanding of some things is not deep enough, therefore, we must rely on some information to enrich the content of the article. As for lyric prose, it should focus on expressing the most sincere emotion in one’s heart, and the characters, time and environment on which one depends can be fictional and written according to the expressed emotion. The last is an argumentative essay. He pays attention to reasoning and must be persuasive. Therefore, the argument must be true and reliable, which is beyond doubt. Therefore, fiction should be reduced as much as possible, which is conducive to the authenticity and credibility of the article. To sum up, I think prose can make a proper fiction of its characters, time and environment according to different types of writing, but the point is that emotion must be a cry from the heart! IV. Definition of the concept of essays: essays are literary social papers. It has two factors, political theory and literature and art, but it focuses on discussion. The essay is not as abstract reasoning as common argumentative articles, or simple examples, but uses the method of visualization, through the analysis of specific examples, using metaphor, quotation, association, extension, explain the profound truth by means of narration and discussion. The essay has a wide range of subjects, rich contents, short length and flexible form. Miscellaneous feelings, essays, short comments, notes, letters, diaries, post-editing, prefaces and postscripts, speeches, etc. can all become a good essay. Essays have the following four characteristics: 1. Short length, widely drawn essays are usually about 300, 500 to 1,000 words, few of which are thousands of words. It does not have much ink and is concise and comprehensive. Although the length of the essay is short, the materials are widely available. The feelings, the thoughts of fragments, the observation of scales and claws, from the universe to the tiny dust, from all over the world, at all times and in all countries, news and current events, anecdotes and anecdotes can all be included in the article. Authors can judge people, discuss, reason, record words and Record News. 2. Acute and rapid, vigorous and sharp essays reflect life acute and rapid, vigorous and sharp, and have strong fighting ability. As Lu Xun said, essays are the nerve of induction, and the hands and feet of attack and defense. (Preface to the essay of hejieting), it is a dagger, a gun, and something that can fight with readers from the bottom to the top. (The Crisis of essays) in today’s construction of socialist market economy, newspapers and periodicals have published a large number of essays aiming at social reality and public thoughts, what’s more, it makes essays become the favorite style of readers. 3. Sarcasm, humorous essays often use satirical and humorous writing methods. That is to expose the falsehood, evil and ugliness in life in a kind smile or ruthless taunt by using rhetorical devices such as allusion, allegory, pun, exaggeration and irony through relaxed and humorous language. It should be noted that: first, the essays of positive reasoning based on praise do not have to be satirized. Second, you can’t abuse sarcasm, and you can’t ignore the object to use sarcasm. 4. The image of reasoning and discussion should be vivid and vivid. It requires that the reason should be embedded in the image through the description of specific things, so that readers can draw conclusions naturally through artistic images. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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对于生活中的遇到的苦难,我们应该感到开心,苦果味道虽然不好但往往富含营养,许久以来,我们人类都太过于肤浅以至于无知了。困苦让我们的肉体与灵魂遭受着短暂的休克,殊不知我们也就在这样的日子里渐渐变得强大了。上帝不会无缘无故赐予我们一份完美的亲情、爱情以及友情,所以在争取他们的时候我最好把条件先收回来,而去实现一份未知的条件。 追逐阳光的日子,汗水叠加泪水汇成苦水,原来生活的味道是苦的。 今天早上,天空是异常的明朗,看不到一点云彩,就是这样,毒辣的阳光早已洒满了人间伊甸园的每一个角落。我躺在床上,意识模糊的向外看去,透过玻璃射进来的阳关让我感到极其反感和恶心,前一天的训练导致我身体严重脱水,口干舌燥,咽炎也复发了,这老病折磨我十几年了,是治不好的。我望着头顶的墙壁,粘着一层薄薄的灰,四个拐角也都坠着一坨一坨的蜘蛛网,才明白这房间一个暑假没人打扫了。在床上翻了个身,享受着这奢侈的自在,不一会,我听到他们三个的床铺都发出了咯吱咯吱的响声,床架已经老化了,稍微动一下,就会弄出响声,那声音有点像是聊斋里涉足鬼宅的哀鸣,听后浑身都起疙瘩。最终还是阿斌先起床的,他猛地掀开被子说道: 我靠!,几点了,,要集合了,, 这话刚放出没一秒,我们都蹬开被子慌忙的穿衣服了,我则急了,因为习惯于裸睡,所以裤头放在哪儿也找不到了,可把我急坏了,干脆我不穿了, 这样穿着迷彩会不会能看到那个部位 ,阿斌说,我问道什么部位,他说那个,我又问到底是哪个,他说: 你笨啊,你的小弟弟。。。 我往下看了下,立马找了个短裤衩穿在了迷彩里,连刷牙跟洗脸一共用了两分钟不到。大家匆匆忙忙赶到楼下集合,生怕看到指导员那恐怖的面容,结果还是挨了骂,原因是来的时候集合速度太慢。惩罚的结果就是被点名的同学俯卧撑五十,好在没有点到我的名字,我暗自庆幸着,悲哀的庆幸,卑微的庆幸。这天上午的训练大家都很卖力,呵呵,不是卖力,是尽力,卖力的是土匪,我们不是土匪。对面就是普通生在军训,他们要比我们轻松多了,似乎我们就被圈在了一个点上,也似乎是从那时候起我们就与他们分开了。女生排的训练比较轻松,相比之于男生,女生的身材和认真程度都比较好,所有走起方阵来会更加挺拔,更有气势。而我们还没有学习那些课目,只是停留在停止间动作上,进度极其缓慢。休息之余,普通生和我们较上了劲,我们也不甘示弱,双方拉起了歌。号子是这么喊的: 一二,快快,一二三快快快。。。。一二三四五六七,我们等得好着急,。。七八九,你们到底有没有。。 他们的排比我们的连人数还要多,论气势是输掉了,于是只好唱了首歌跟他们听,歌曲唱出了大家的心声。在那种连空气都是烫人的天气下,没有人会再去在意自己的皮肤是否被晒黑,自己的脸是不是很脏,我们是泡在泥水里的孩子,奏响属于自己的歌曲 我们是中国国防生。 回到宿舍后,我们清理了鞋里的杂物,阿斌躺倒床上就呼呼大睡了,其余两个就坐在那发呆,抱怨到这日子什么时侯才能熬到头,我哭丧着脸提着水瓶往水房走去,路过一群新生,对我叫道: 教官辛苦了 。我应道一声好,其实我哪里配的上称为教官这两个字呢,脱下这身衣服也是和他们一样刚刚入学的稚嫩儿。可以看得出来这些刚入校的新生对于军人是多么的尊敬与爱慕,这个时候我却不觉得自豪了,甚至有点羞愧了。一个国家的军队在常人看来就是维护政客的工具,是死的,没有活力的,任何有个性的东西来到这儿都会被融化掉。水房的温度很是高,打着水我就急匆匆的回来了,刚走没多远,听到砰地一声,转回头看是一个女生的水瓶爆了。在这大学校园里,水瓶爆了已是见怪不怪了,无非是引起楼上的一群怪物探头望一下热闹,而后恢复一阵平静罢了。可我望着那女孩,孤独而无助以至于痛苦。在这时候,田也来了,看到这情景,而我们身上又着着迷彩,这是一份逃脱不了的责任,我们义无反顾地走到她面前,倾出的开水全部洒到了她的脚上,通红的脚面让人望着心里一阵阵痛,我们都是人,都是肉做的。田背着她往医院赶,她确实很重,我们只好一人背一会,我看着她的眼泪在不停地往外流,晓得她是想家了,想爸妈了。田不停地鼓励她,安慰她,她只是哭,除了哭有的就是握紧我的迷彩,甚至于撕扯了。途中遇到了指导员,他是一个很有味道的人,没过多会就追了上来,二话没说他把女孩接了下来,一气背到了医院。校医院是个很令人作呕的地方,任何一样东西都要繁琐的程序,即使是买一瓶药也要挂号,我很难理解这样做的原因。女孩坐在椅子上,等待着医生的治疗,护士说: 男生止步,我们要帮她清洗伤口。。你们可以把医药费先付了。。 指导员看了看我,我看了看田,沉默无言以对,只好坐在椅子上等,等她出来的那一瞬间会是笑的,但医务室里传来的声音却不停地撕扯着我们的心, 烫伤面积很大,需要到安医大二附院去治理,这儿没有那么多的药物。。 护士无力地解释道。我看了看女孩,她已经完全疲惫了,也没有了流泪,不一会她的室友就赶来了,但这几个女生看起来确实那么的令人生起怜悯,她们想令同伴好起来,却不知道下一步怎么办,像是迷失了的大雁。有人说,女孩子都喜欢有责任心的男人,但为什么刻意是男人呢,男人不也喜欢有责任心的女人吗?可见男人太多的丧失了责任心,成了女人心中的下等动物。雌雄本是同一根肋骨,何必这么对待彼此呢?这时候,田回去了,看着他也是不想回去,但没办法,下午还要集合,在任务与任务面前,唯有一种任务不能放弃,那就是为人民服务。或许,你想像不到那种渴望伸出双手帮助别人的心情,那种收获的欣喜绝不亚于任何一种快乐,因为快乐也是分种类的。他回头看了一下我,我示意着,无尚的敬意。我跑到校门口打了一辆车,司机不愿久留,我们只好走的很快,很急。外面的雨越下越大,女孩烫伤部位不能沾水,我脱下了迷彩盖住了她,就那样,我们三个人穿过熙熙攘攘的人群,我没有注意周围人群的眼光,但我知道那个时候我们在走向伟大,周围渐渐渺小了起来。其实,每个人都是伟大的,与生俱来的伟大,只是在成长的过程里,我们在不经意间就丧失了人性的可爱之处,保留了那份不该有邪恶之心。有时候,写这些东西不是为了炫耀自己是所谓的高尚,我想高尚不是每个人都能称得起的,像这样抽象的品质我们收受不起,我收受不起。在出租车里,女孩的室友和她相互抱在一起,她们仅仅是认识了不到一周,而那份超越时间差的友情足以撼动我先前对友情的看法,以至于很多人和我一样都认为友情是虚的、假的。迷茫的时候,亲情才是活灵活现的,唯美的。到了医院,指导员忙着去挂号,医生们赶快的帮她擦了药,清洗了伤口,我看着她咬紧牙关,眉头紧锁,那时她一定很痛,心很痛。有的女孩子真是非常的坚强、勇敢,她们的性情就好比是一根橡皮筋,很柔,但却怎么也拧不断,女人很美,只是太多时候美没了着落,徒有遗憾罢了。 回来的时候她就在车里,一句话都没说,只有来的时候说了句: 谢谢你们,真的。。。谢谢。。 。我们两个人把她抱到了她们的宿舍,那也是我第一次或许是最后一次进女生宿舍吧,又怎么会有第二次呢!到了宿舍,看到她的室友都在,焦急的神情向我透知这是一群大一的孩子,稚嫩而朴实,没有一丝矫情。或许同样的事情发生在了男生宿舍里,会有不一样的场景,她们很团结,这种团结或许应验了那一句朴实无华的歌词:团结就是力量。她们只是嚷着要我们坐下来,又是拿水,又是拿水果,我看到自己的衣服那么脏,就没坐,也没了力气坐下来。她们给了我一个橘子,给指导员一个苹果, 解放军真好,真好,,,谢谢你们。。谢谢 ,那一瞬间,我升华了,我看到自己的灵魂被洗礼了,我笑了。 解放军真好 ,其实我们一点都不好,我们只是做了一个平常公民理应做的事,本不应该把自己的身份牵扯到这上面,如此渺小的我们以至微不足道。回来的时候,我握着那个橘子,那里面容纳了太多太多人对于我们的希望与感激,分量太重,心里思索着我们是工具,但这工具是有灵性的,它是热的而不是冷的。雨还在下,天已经黑了,我拖着身子走着,在雨中淋洗着马路旁散出来的灯光,幽远而泛黄。 (四) 坚持训练有一周了,大家脑子中的那根弦已绷紧了许久许久,仿佛可以弹奏出世界上最轩昂的曲子。弦,绷劲了,就容易断,那是由它的限度决定的,而这限度在这种高强度的训练下渐渐松了下来。这个连队在最近几天渐渐松垮了下来,其实,这松垮是可以理解的,这只是文字里的理解,现实是容不得的。我们还都是大一的孩子,仅仅是孩子罢了,跟那些过路的普通生没什么区别,那军队无比高尚的荣誉一瞬间就被我们分享了,而我们做的不够,分享的底气自然也就不多了。激情是会褪色的,而保持激情的活力确实是一件很令人头痛的事情。其实,对于自己的身份,我们一直都没有一个很好的定位,以至于军委给的解释都令人一头雾水。大学生还是国防生,谁包括谁?有些时候,艰难的抉择,角色的瞬间转化会令我们出现暂时的迷失自我,而时间久了也自然就习惯了下来,只是不知道可不可以做的更好。 这一晚,是我们每周惯例的班加训,是为了弥补训练中的不足,合肥夏季的夜晚最令人反感的就是蚊子太多而且很大,因为这边也算是亚热带气候了,但气候这玩意最怕的就是出于中间者,不三不四的气候时间久了就令人误了真性情,决定了性格的等级。其实,我最看好的还是北方的气候,那性格是如此之洁白。夜晚的操场上,异常的躁动,在这乘凉是个不错的选择,风吹着,叶子飘落,即使你看不见,但是可以听得到那擦擦的声音。我们一个班就八个人站在一个无人在意的角落训练,没人在意的好,你不必去强求自己,也不必盯着别人的眼睛。反反复复的队列训练,我还记得上次锋和班长吵过之后,大家都在反省,联系队列有用吗?打仗有用吗?我翻开了队列那本书,不停地琢磨,终于悟到了那里面的东西,在中国,官本位思想都极其严重,而这就容易导致大家忽视纪律,乱成一团,而这在军队里是容不得的。队列在潜移默化中将我们拧在一起,你走得快,别人走得慢,这样就会乱,所以你得注意别人,注意的久了,就了解了,团结了。 班长不厌其烦地给我们讲解动作要领,他是自愿来带我们的,没有任何酬劳,错了,有,那是精神的慰藉,他有一段时间总是恨铁不成钢地埋怨很多GFS不争气,这么多人树立起开的形象很容易在一瞬间毁于一旦。所以荣誉这玩意就是纸老虎,只可远观而不可亵玩焉。它就好比是是一个处子,你最好不要轻易和它上床,否则,当你下床的那一瞬间,它就立马贬值了。班长看到我们我们练的也很给力,但总是没多大进展,比如排面还是不齐,靠脚还是没气势,虽然我们也知道这玩意不是一天练出来的,但我还是埋怨到中国人就喜欢虚,这些假把戏没意思之类的,可什么又有意思呢?有些时候,难得糊涂真的是一件很好的事,它相比之于明哲保身就显得赞扬的多了。班长来回的走动,听得到他急促的喘息声,大家也都口干舌燥的,过路的情侣一对对,嘴里总是在叽咕什么,看得出他们也是大一的,不禁感叹道这恋爱的速度,寂寞的爱不是爱而是借来的安慰罢了。班长有点不耐烦了,我们并没有十分地配合,90后的孩子总有一点值得人喜欢,那就是叛逆,那股不服输的劲儿。而如今我却感受得到这90后也渐渐向80后靠拢了,慢慢的就会走到70后,60后,而后又出来了00后,10后。这一代终归还是对时代的过客,没有坚持下来吧。那这又怎么样呢,有人很现实,而现实还是人类自己造的,所以自己造的苦果自己吃吧。班长从第一名开始问道: 田,你是什么? 田答道: 报告!我是一名国防生,共和国的后备军官。 张答道: 报告!我是大学生里面的军人,是保卫国家,为人民服务的解放军 ,班长叫嚷起来: 你他妈的放屁,少来虚的,你算是军人吗?自己都做不好,还保卫谁?不拖后腿就好了 ,张依然站立在那儿,没有吭声,只是眼睛里湿湿的,这是事后班长跟我说的。魏答道: 我是一名中国国防生,共和国未来的军官,是新时期军事战略国家培养的人才 。 你是人才?会打仗还是会被打? 班长讥笑道。发觉怪怪的,到了我就没那么气宇轩昂地说了, 报告!中国国防生,祖国需要的人 , 行了行了,都别在这丢脸了,你们可以做不好,但是别忘了你们曾经发过的誓言,你们合格吗? 班长背对着我们说出了这些连他自己都不愿听到的话语。其实,我们一直都是不开心的,事后的一次班会上,班长说: 没有人愿意在那站着被蚊子叮咬,没有人愿意被别人当傻子一样使用,但有用吗?没有了这些人,我们永远都不会幸福下去,这些大道理你们都晓得,但是真正了解了吗?教科书上宣扬的那只是文字,不是感情,感情是你们自己来体会的。 就这样,一次次的经历,我们渐渐变得喜欢沉默了,有人说这样也就慢慢有了兵味,可毕竟我们还不是兵,我们住在的是欲望丛生的大学校园里。真渴望有一天我能坐在部队大院的草地上望着天空的星星,深呼一口气,思念远方的亲人、战友,还有那个未知的她。 更新中…… 赞 (散文编辑:江南风) 我家微信时代的年三十 前年,公公过生日时曾准备给他买个智能手机,主要目的是想教他们玩玩微信,也好让他们… 国版《解忧杂货店》观后感 每个人都是靠着自己的努力,才走向了更好的人生。 咨询信的答案,只是在鼓励一颗已有… 一个基督徒的情感日记(2018年1月14号) 2018年1月14号: 今天,吴江的气温比较温暖,不似前几天那般寒冷。昨天与今天,吴江的… 做个不停止成长的人 莉莉老师上瑜伽课时带着浓重的鼻音不停咳嗽着。可能不舒服,她今天示范动作少了很多,… 一个基督徒的情感日记(2018年1月13号) 2018年1月13号: 昨天,姐姐和外甥小大卫并没有过来我和母亲暂住的金家坝东湾村这里,… 一个基督徒的情感日记(2018年1月12号) 2018年1月12号: 前天的时候,我说:“母亲明天去昆山。”然而昨天,母亲并没有去昆山…