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I didn’t sleep late at night and waited for the dawn, but wrote a song “Sad Tears”. Gold renamed sad tears. Text/sad tears no one can understand how much courage it takes to break a lie, and no human body will feel what love is like in the lies one after another. Perhaps only peopleRead More


Mesh Toru

Smart how? It is explained in the dictionary that the first one is audio-visual sensitivity; The second one is smart and intelligent. If we use common language, we can still make such a statement, that is, quick thinking, developed mind, full of wisdom and high IQ. Chuang Tzu’s foreign objects said: Mu Che is Ming,Read More



In this world, all living individuals have desires, including animals and plants. Let’s talk about plants. Grass and trees all have desires. Their desire is to absorb more sunshine and rain, and then blossom and bear fruit, leaving seeds, the most primitive desire for reproduction. Besides, animals have a little more desire than plants. TheyRead More