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It should be his or her temperament that can stand the test of time on a person. Temperament is a very inner thing in people. She is rich and long-standing. Temperament shows its unique charm after experiencing time. For a person, temperament comes partly from nature and more from acquired acquisition. I believe that knowledge and art can change people’s temperament. In other words, the edification of knowledge and art to human beings is gradually creating the civilization temperament of human beings. In such an atmosphere, with the passage of time and training, a unique temperament gradually forms. This kind of temperament externalizes people’s conversation, attitude, behavior, aesthetic vision, ideas and so on. Sometimes, we will be deeply moved by a noble and elegant temperament, and engraved in our hearts. When we appreciate this temperament, we are often influenced by the magic of nature. This kind of temperament, whether it is a woman or a man, is the work of nature. Such wonderful works should meet beautiful eyes. This is the value of all works. Beauty will grow old and life will die. The last thing left is the unique temperament that is worth remembering. Temperament is the eternal classic of a person. 98 good habits to cultivate temperament ————– habit starts from details 1. Start with generosity 2. Cultivate confident language 3. Make your smile look like sunshine 4. Actively show your enthusiasm 5. Make expressing yourself a habit 6. Make your body language more appealing 7. Extraordinary style of speech 8. Standing and sitting should be tangible 9. Make your actions more capable 10. Arm yourself with knowledge 11. Edify yourself with music 12. Make your clothes look decent 13. Always pay attention to your image 14. Be a person who knows how to retreat. Good habits bring good mood 15. Relax at the critical moment 16. Take a deep breath when you are nervous 17. Don’t be angry about trifles 18. Learn to control your emotions 19. Let yourself calm down without mania 20. Relieve yourself in time 21. When pessimistic, carry out self-suggestion 22. Consciously remain humble 23. Life takes risks from time to time 24. Break the dilemma with flexibility 25. Enrich yourself 26. Accept others’ criticism modestly 27. The heart of suffering losses occasionally is 28. Always remind yourself to be calm 29. I often talk to myself 30. Conduct regular self-assessment 31. Each Day introspection hour 32. Carry out appropriate self-affirmation 33. Correctly understand your own shortcomings 34. Do what you are afraid of. Good habits create a good life 35. Practice for half an hour every morning 36. Develop the habit of using breakfast 37. Eat only eight points full 38. Develop the habit of eating fish 39. Eat 40 vegetables and fruits every day. Make full use of fiber food 41. Drink more water, drink a little more 42. Often drink green tea. The implication of fine tea 43. Take vitamins frequently 44. Quit smoking and drinking, quit bad habits 45. Develop the habit of working and resting on time 46. Calm down for a quarter of an hour 47. Move Your Body anytime and anywhere 48. The advantages of walking stairs are 49. Take the rope to exercise 50. Learn to use swimming to strengthen heart and lung 51. Always a runner 52. Keep walking fast 53. Climbing the mountain, sweating 54. Enter the gym regularly 55. Fall in love with bicycle slimming exercise 56. Invisible gymnastics, leisure 57. Regular physical examination to protect health 58. Frequent intimate contact with nature good habits make a good future 59. The habit of setting effective goals 60. Often carry out strategic thinking 61. Use plans to control the overall situation 62. Follow the rules and respect the rules 63. Big things become small, segmentation completed 64. Important matters first, the primary and secondary are clear 65. Manage your time 66. Move quickly. 67. Efficiency starts from the desk 68. One chart per day 69. Go all out to do things 70. Attention to detail 71. Handle small matters quickly 72. Only do one thing at a time 73. Make the phone simple 74. Develop an indomitable style 75. Perfect, achieve great things 76. Hide joys and sorrows. Good habits win good popularity 77. On time 78. Listen with eyes 79. Remember other people’s name 80. Shake hands seriously 81. Talk less about yourself and more about others 82. I would like to exchange 83. The feeling of appreciation is beyond words 84. Be a good listener 85. Encourage more and be good at encouraging 86. Win-win thinking 87. Don’t complain about others 88. Don’t always blame others 89. Learn to communicate and cooperate with others 90. Respect others’ privacy 91. Kind to others 92. Tolerance is the way to make friends 93. Manage your family carefully 94. A note full of love and gratitude 95. I love you everyday 96. Don’t take your work home 97. Warm family day 98. The cultivation of surprise temperament of small gifts 1: Calm (1) don’t show your emotions casually. (2) Don’t tell everyone about your difficulties and experiences. (3) before consulting other people’s opinions, think first, but don’t talk first. (4) Don’t nag your dissatisfaction whenever you have a chance. (5) important decisions should be discussed by others as much as possible, and it is better to release them every other day. (6) don’t feel any panic when speaking, so do walking. Second: be careful (1) always think about the causal relationship of things happening around you. (2) The fundamental crux of the implementation problems that are not in place should be explored. (3) there should be suggestions for improvement or optimization of the usual way of doing things. (4) to do anything, we should form the habit of being orderly and orderly. (5) often find some problems or disadvantages that others can’t see. (6) I have to fill the places where there are deficiencies anytime and anywhere. 3: Courage (1) don’t often use words and phrases lacking confidence (2) don’t often regret and easily overthrow the things that have been decided. (3) Don’t be independent when people argue endlessly. (4) when the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic and sunny. (5) Be careful when doing anything, because someone is watching you. (6) when things are not going well, take a break and look for a breakthrough again. The end should be clean and neat. Four: magnanimity (1) don’t deliberately turn people who may be partners into opponents. (2) don’t haggle over others’ small mistakes or mistakes. (3) be generous in money and learn three methods (financial, legal and fearless) (4) don’t have the pride of power and prejudice of knowledge. (5) any achievements and achievements should be shared with others. (6) when someone sacrifices or Dedicates, he must go ahead by himself. Five: Honesty (1) Don’t say what you can’t do. Try to do it if you say it. (2) don’t hang your mouth on empty slogans or slogans. (3) aiming at the problem of dishonesty raised by customers, come up with improvement methods. (4) Stop All immoral means. (5) play tricks, no! (6) calculate the credit Cost of products or services, which is the brand cost. Six: responsibility (1) when reviewing any fault, start to reflect on yourself or one of your own. (2) after the matter is over, first review the fault, and then list the credit. (3) admit mistakes from the superior, and start from the subordinate (4) start a plan, first define the rights and responsibilities clearly, and distribute them properly. (5) Be clear about people or organizations who are afraid of things. Classic recommendation acquire the highest level of human heart (give) others treat you in the way you treat yourself-scar experiment. Would you please kiss me too? 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