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Open the diary, page by page. Familiar but unfamiliar words. Just like people standing in front of the mirror for a long time, they suddenly become ignorant of themselves. At that time, I was always willing to choose the most gorgeous one from many words to pile up my articles. It seems that only in this way can you feel at ease. Little imagine. The more you decorate with appearance, the more you can expose your emotional pale deficiency. I like red roses. So I painted a white rose into a fire-like red with a lot of paint. Filled with joy. But after the satisfaction, the Red gradually faded, and the rest was just endless emptiness. The red of roses, the dream that is easy to get hurt, lost in the fingers tightly in the hands, and failed again. Eason’s lyrics always hit the heart so accurately. The softest corner. I don’t know whether this metaphor is appropriate. I don’t know if anyone understands what I am talking about. But it is really the voice from the bottom of my heart.. Do you hear me. Two [I think I should learn the beauty of a person] you can’t tell why you love me. Then, if one day, leave me, there will be no reason. I have thought about many scenarios about the future. The background is sunshine, the key word is happiness, and the leading role is you. Always immersed in the fantasy of my own little daydream, sleeping beautifully and unwilling to wake up. But it is often hit by a sentence that the future is too plump and the reality is too skinny. I am a firewood girl with a sense of bone, and sometimes I feel that I can’t bear the strong wind in winter in Nanchang. Then, should I learn to accept the reality that is as vulnerable as me. In this way, is it a bit pessimistic. Perhaps, when quarrels become periodic, I should learn to find a person’s beauty. Explanations are redundant. People who understand don’t need it, and people who don’t understand don’t care. So, so, you ‘d better treat yourself better. Even if you just look up at the sky. The curtains are all the colors of sunshine. Quiet time, so beautiful. Three [we all want to be irreplaceable for each other] Recently, we have experienced some things. And friendship related. No matter in the story of the first person. Touching, warm. All are inevitable. But it is often mixed with many helpless. Sometimes I feel that I can’t walk into others’ hearts, nor become irreplaceable for each other like them around me. Maybe what I said earlier was right: there is no shortcut to happiness, only operation. No matter family affection, love or friendship. Are established. I once thought sunflower loved the sun, so I just kept its track rotating every day. But later someone told me that it was because of the photophobia of the auxin under the Sunflower disk that the huge disk must rotate all day long to keep out the sunlight. Therefore, life can not meet all our imagination. Even one does not match. If you are unable to change the environment, change yourself. I still believe in the feelings accumulated by time. Left hand hold homecoming, right hand memories long open unbeaten. You all the way there. Have you. In the name of youth. Our story. To be continued. End [everything is a little emotion] I am like an old man, talking so much. Is it depressed for too long. Hehe. Maybe. However, my willfulness and occasional unhappiness. Everything is just a small emotion. I am still Qiu Xiaoxin who likes sunshine, watermelon and jelly, and believes that happiness will always hit the Middle Head. I believe that sunflower can sing. Nothing has changed, neither does it need to change nor will it change. Strong. Brave. Smile. Addressed to myself. Wrote to each you. Annoying chatters finished. Life is still going on. The sound of cicadas has lengthened for a whole century. May all the beauty I can think of in my mind, All will be staged in this Midsummer. All I can think of mind of beauty, all in this summer performance. just be waiting. 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