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[Introduction] in fact, I really planned to go to Qingdongling during my trip. However, even if it wasn’t, when he said where his hometown was, I knew what scenic spots there were, I will certainly tell him that I just want your hometown! It’s not that I like lying. I just like talking nonsense without hurting or affecting others. I always wanted to be a woman like San Mao, who traveled through thousands of mountains and rivers and wrote down those stories I saw with my own eyes, which was more touching than novels. The first time I traveled far away, there were too many things I saw and heard, but something happened after I came back. I was too busy to record my unforgettable trip. There are too many words to say, so I don’t know where to start… people are always like this. Sometimes, things that should have been done long ago after preparing for a long time and expecting for a long time, I haven’t found a suitable opportunity to finish it, but once I have the opportunity, I can’t start. It seems that thinking is one thing for many things, and finishing is another thing. There are too many firsts in life. The first time I cry, the first time I laugh, the first time I love, the first time I feel painful …… the first time I travel far away by myself. Although I always like to play, it is usually in Guangxi, they were all relatives and friends who drove by themselves, but it was the first time for them to ride on a long journey by themselves. They had more or less expectations in their hearts. Many imaginations, of course, were more curious about the people and things they would meet. It is also the first time to take a train. I have seen it many times, but I have never experienced it in person. I am always curious about what I have never experienced and eager to try. I always feel that traveling means taking a train, and the plane flies at once, which is a waste of the experience and experience we should have in the long distance. What is the meaning of traveling! I always wanted to leave alone, carrying simple luggage and taking a train to a distance. Explore those unknown things. This time, it can be regarded as compensation! Realize a small expectation in my heart. Although I am not alone, take my sister with me, it is actually my sister who takes me! Because my younger sister always lived outside since she was young, Everything is clear, but I am curious about everything, but I don’t know anything. I don’t know how to get on the bus. I don’t know yet, I can’t buy a sleep without buying a ticket in advance. There were still people standing when there were no seats, no matter how long the journey was. I thought it was impossible to take a car without a place. I have been worrying in my heart: what should I do if there is an old man who has no place beside me? I let the old sit, and I was so reluctant to give up the scenery outside the window. If I didn’t let it, I felt that I didn’t know anything about respecting the old and loving the young, and I couldn’t help thinking about it all the time, fortunately, there were many young and middle-aged people in the car, and there were no old people. Perhaps, old people don’t often go far away! The stone in my heart was finally put down. I feel tired when sitting, thinking how good it is to sit. I can look at the flashing scenery outside the window, take out my camera, take photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the nature. It turned out that I thought too naive, everything is not as comfortable and comfortable as I thought… a carriage can be very lively, and we can chat together, no matter where you are, no matter what your status is, whether you are poor or rich, At this moment, everyone is equal, and there is no distinction between high and low. This feeling is really good. We are strangers destined by each other. We don’t know each other’s past, nor will we participate in each other’s future. We meet each other in a hurry and leave each other in a hurry, just like life, we meet each other, eventually separated. I always want to go to the end of my life by myself. They are all people from all over the world. In my mind, both my parents say that they should not talk to strangers, and in the city where I live, it does not mean that human feelings are indifferent, however, people in the South really don’t like chatting as much as Northerners do. They can chat with strangers casually and chat everywhere. Perhaps, it is also because the train provides such a place. There is really nothing to do except enjoying the scenery outside the window and reading books, so that we can travel so close and so long without chatting. Our two sisters were also affected by this atmosphere. No matter what mom and dad told me, I chatted with everyone and said, because I didn’t want to participate in it. A group of Northeasterners nearby should be together, four or five people, and an aunt, Others are all Masters, where are we guessing whether our two sisters are twins, the aunt said: they are sisters, but not twins. I was thinking that the intuition of women was more accurate. As a result, the big men kept saying that we were twins and laughed to death. Although when we went to grandma’s home when we were young, everyone always said that we were twins, I think that we two sisters, one of whom looked like father and the other like mother, are totally different from each other. In this way, we integrated into the bustle of the car. Everyone seems to be curious and interested in the distance we two sisters went by bus! I also like us very much and have been chatting with us all the time, asking where we are going and what are we doing? Although I never lie, I like to make up stories when joking. I said: my younger sister and I ran away from home. My parents didn’t agree with what we wanted to do, so we ran away from home and resisted their opinions in this way. Those uncles and aunts are very enthusiastic to educate us that parents are good. I always want to laugh in my heart. We don’t look as small and wayward as children. But I felt a little uncomfortable in my heart, cheating the kind and enthusiastic predecessors. After the train went on for a while, a policeman came to check his ID card and called him the uncle of the police, because he thought he was about the same age as my father, when we came to the side of our two sisters, I heard him say: take out the ID card and check it. If not, take it away. Anyway, we didn’t forget to wear it. Mine was in the pocket of clothes, and I took it out quickly. My sister put it in the luggage bag, which was hard to get. I said mischievously: what if not? The car had been driven, did you want to throw her out of the window? I opened my eyes and looked at him innocently. The police uncle said very seriously, then I will take her away to talk and chat. The more serious I saw him, the more I wanted to ridicule him. I don’t know why. When I met someone who was very serious, I wanted to play jokes… I added: What if someone is under 16 years old and does not have an ID card? Can’t you take the train? He said: Are you under 16? Hehe… I showed him my ID card. He looked at it and said, “Wu Wei, Nanning… isn’t that close to the airport? Why don’t you fly? I pretended to be innocent and said: Our family is very poor, and we are cheated because we have no money for train tickets. He said: What? Wu Wei is so rich. I think he is also from Nanning. I said: Actually, we ran away from home, so mom and dad didn’t give money at all, and they didn’t have any money. Although he didn’t believe it very much, he was also speechless with me. I had already laughed to death in my heart. People nearby laughed at my mischief. They really thought we were children. Hehe… the person sitting opposite me was a person from Tangshan Zunhua. When we talked later, I said I would go to Qingdongling in Zunhua. He said happily that he went to our hometown and told me many stories about Qingdongling enthusiastically. In fact, I really planned to go to Qingdongling when I was traveling. However, even if not, when he said where his hometown was, I knew what scenic spots there were, I will certainly tell him that I just want your hometown! It’s not that I like lying. I just like talking nonsense without hurting or affecting others. When I was ready to get off the bus, I gave me my business card, saying that I must call him when I wanted Qingdongling and call him to visit his home. It was really warm. I met so many enthusiastic people when walking in a foreign land, I have received so much enthusiasm, I really feel that this trip has gained too much, which is very meaningful, and there are many interesting things, what I met, what I heard, I will record it slowly in memory of my trip to Beijing… [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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