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When I prayed for the safety of all people, I suffered an accident and everything was like a dream. Many accidents were caused by temporary negligence. Most of the time I told my child to pay attention to safety, but I had such a careless idea. Fortunately, it was not the child that hurt me.Read More


Why men

Some people say that the change of a man’s mind comes from the change of a woman. I don’t agree with this sentence. There was a woman who fell in love with a man for five years. Two years later, she married a man and gave birth to a baby, but her figure was theRead More


Pang fan

[Introduction] my father often taught me that there is no hundred-day merit. It seems simple to practice calligraphy, but it is important to stick to it. If you stick to it, you will see the results. No matter what you do, kung fu is useless. He also said that the words were just like people.Read More


Wonderful work

I sat at the dormitory window all afternoon. Pick up the long-lost writing brush and spread out a piece of white paper. At this time, the heart seemed to be laid empty, so empty, which made people a little scared. Looking around, there is no one, including the air. The milky white hair beard lickedRead More



Because of work, I was a little busy at the end of the year, but I was not too busy to have time to write. I was not quiet in my heart, and the things of reading and writing naturally couldn’t be smoothly and smoothly, and I put them aside again and again. Facing theRead More