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[Introduction] words are a kind of sustenance and spiritual comfort. I said, I suddenly wanted to write our story. You said you were not good at short stories, so let me write. I forgot what it was like when I met each other for the first time. At that time, little us, little people, little world and children playing in the Ivory Tower were always looking forward to growing up quickly. At that time, we were playing and running all over the mountains with two braid. When I was a child, I always had so much time, always found so many strange ways of playing, and always laughed together without scruple. I still remember that on the way home from school every day, we dug red and yellow soil under the rocks; I still remember that we dug wild vegetables and picked wild flowers together during the holidays. I still remember that I went to fish and fish in the river together in winter; I still remember the colorful childhood when I grew up together holding hands. I always remember and understand that we grow together along the way. Gradually we grow up, gradually we are all changing, and the world in our eyes is also changing slowly. Our world is no longer so pure, and there are many more worries, A lot of things happened between us. You are a very lively girl. You like lively places. The more people you have, the better. You are afraid that you are alone, because you say that you will feel abandoned. You say that friends are very important and important in your life. However, I am a girl who likes quietness. I like independence, don’t like dependence and fetching, and like that kind of friend of a gentleman who is as light as water. There are always contradictions between us, big and small, and fetters in life. Sometimes, sensitive people will feel that it will be troublesome for you to be around me, which will make me feel that you are dragging me down. You like to rely on me and stick to me. Really, I really don’t think this is a kind of Fetter. I prefer to be independent. Maybe sometimes I don’t care about your helplessness. I said sometimes it’s OK to put something in my heart, and I won’t forget it. But you will think that something must be expressed so that you can feel it. If we don’t have such personality and are not in constant running-in, we will not become you and me today. We will always be good friends and friends who know each other best. This is the true friendship. Only when we get along with each other can we make the agreement silently and last for a long time. When I am sad, you will keep saying, “sister Ting is not worthy, you believe me, you are very good, you are really stupid, you are going to piss me off. Looking at your distressed eyes and counting my disappointing tears, I really don’t know why I am so stupid. Only in front of you can I reveal my vulnerability undisguisedly, never afraid of being seen through. When you are helpless, listening to your powerless words and haggard expressions, I will also have a lot of reasons to comfort you, love you, and also say that you are stupid. Only in front of me can you say what you want to say with ease. We keep keeping warm and growing like this. We don’t know how long we can have children. You said that words are full of spirituality, and you are constantly writing stories, because there are your thoughts and traces of your growth, and the characters in the stories will be the epitome of life. Gradually, I also like words, which are a kind of sustenance and spiritual comfort. I said, I suddenly wanted to write our story. You said you were not good at short stories, so let me write. I don’t know if you have the same feeling. This is us and we will always be good. By Tingting, when we saw the two words you gave, we suddenly had an impulse to cry. What a simple word, but how many people would use it so freely and kindly? Indeed, we have been together for so long, and I have forgotten what kind of start it was. I remember that I was young at that time, and you loved to talk, I loved to laugh, roar, it turns out that our acquaintance is so beautiful and simple! Sister Ting, we always think that pure is good, so we firmly believe in fairy tales and beauty. However, in the end, we just lick each other’s wounds and warm each other. We are always playing the role of consolers and never bored with it. Sister Ting, in fact, I have learned a lot recently. If I say that I am no longer the simple me, do you believe it? In fact, it is not pure, but when the heart grows bigger, there are many things that can be installed naturally. After all, we will grow up, even if it is scarred and devastated. However, I always believe that the world is beautiful. I always believe that no matter what people will look like in the future, our hearts will always be as clean and pure as when we first met, you know. You know my dependence, you know this is my fatal wound, and you can’t let others touch it. Of course, I also know your stubbornness, your toughness. For so many years, even if there is no case to raise a case with the same eyebrows, they are also influenced by each other. Not lovers have already had the pity and tacit understanding between lovers. Looking back, it was really long enough. Although the footprints on the long road were skew, they felt so warm. Sister Ting, with you around me, I have always been that stupid and silly girl. You have been beautiful since junior high school, you have achieved excellent grades in high school, and now you are rational and clever, it is a huge contrast with my immaturity. I like to stick to you. Although sometimes I know you will be annoyed, I still like to be shameless. To be honest, Hey Hey, thank you, accompanied me to walk so far. Recently, it seems that everyone has encountered a problem. That night, when I saw your tears, my heart was very painful. I am not a girl who can hurt people. You understand, so, what I can do is just the comfort of being at a loss. Sister Ting, I always comfort you as a regular person. I said that ambiguity will eventually turn into pink Gray. I said don’t try my best, but you don’t listen, I know you are a girl who seldom cries, so at that moment, I really want to cut all the people who hurt you to pieces. Hey hey, sister Ting, as I said, we will all be happy. I am Kiki with accurate predictions, do you believe it? If you don’t believe it, you should believe it. I will hand you over to a good man personally. You should be happy, and you should also be happy. I am dowry, please take me beside you, don’t marry me even if you dislike my quarrel and the man who treats you badly! Oh, I just wanted to express my feelings, but I couldn’t stop the car. Well, you know what the relationship between us is higher and deeper! Ps: Sister Ting, we will keep walking with each other until our teeth fall out and we can’t walk. At that time, I can laugh at you that you are older and uglier than me. Ha ha. At that time, we were still huddled together in a bed, looking back on the long road of our life together. We could walk back and forth with each other, let’s recall our naivety and arrogance when we were young. In fact, our life is very short. We need to thank those who pass us by. It is in this way that we can live more and more happily. Bread will be there, Prince will be there, future will be there, everything will be there, I am willing to accompany you to watch the long flow of water, the end of the world. By Xai Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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